You Can Earn $1000 by Writing Only 3 Lines

This sounds insane, but it is real via the new Vocal Media writing challenges.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

This post is a piece of exciting news for poets on Medium and Vocal Media. I love poetry and read a few every day.

One of our editors introduced a new writing contest on Vocal Media.

Your haiku needs to relate to the color blue to qualify for the challenge. It can be about the blue sky, blue flowers, blue oceans, etc. According to Vocal, Blue symbolizes harmony, tranquillity, creativity, loyalty, and sometimes sadness. By the way, blue is my favorite color.

The first point is the entry requires only three lines. It should include 17 syllables. The first line requires five syllables. The second line should be seven syllables. And the third line should be five syllables. I didn’t know haiku was so specific and required a lot of intricate considerations.

You can submit your entry to the Poets community on Vocal media. You will see this community when you submit your piece.

You can read the details in the attached story posted to Illumination by Aiden today. You have 11 days to join this contest.

If you are new to Vocal Media and would like to join as a member, you might use his referral. It will not cost you extra similar to Medium membership.

You Can Earn $1000 by Writing Only 3 Lines.

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