$1000 Prize: A New Writing Contest for Fiction Writers on Vocal

Behind the Last Window: Write a dystopian fiction story about the last window to the outside world closing on December 30th

I read this inspiring story from Aiden, who is one of the top writers and editors contributing to my publications on Medium.

You might check his story published on Vocal Media informing about this writing contest.


The grand prize is $1,000. The second place is $250. And ten runners-up will get $25. So as a total of 12 people will get a chance to win this contest, and their stories might reach out to a new audience. I wish I could write fiction. I will try it one day.

If you are a Medium member you might check this version of the post.

If you are new to Vocal, you can join with my referral link. It will not cost you extra similar to Medium membership. As a writer, you can monetize your content. Vocal Media also pays generous bonuses to writers.

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