Six Tips to Prevent Brain Atrophy and Lower the Risks of Mental Disorders

I offer healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the risks of cerebral atrophy based on my decades of experience in the field.

This post aims to introduce brain atrophy (cerebral atrophy) and offer practical ways to lower the risks via healthy lifestyle choices.

What is brain atrophy, and why does it matter?

Brain atrophy refers to the loss of brain cells. This is a severe condition as it prevents neurons from communicating with each other. Brain atrophy is different from the expected loss of cells caused by aging.

Brain atrophy is associated with neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and cardiovascular disease such as stroke.

There are two types of this condition. The first one is generalized atrophy which impacts the entire brain. The second one is focal atrophy which affects specific brain regions.

The symptoms are loss of memory, seizures, aggravation, learning difficulties, difficulty with planning, and difficulty with speaking.

Six Tips to Prevent Brain Atrophy and Lower the Risks of Mental Disorders

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