An Invitation to Tech Writers to Join Technology Hits on Medium

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Why Technology Hits?

Over the years, I developed a large reader base in various academic, industry, and public content platforms. As a social media evangelist since its inception, my audience wants to follow my technology-related content from a single source.

I failed to create such a platform before due to a hectic professional life. Now that I am semi-retired from the corporate world, it is an opportune time for me to pursue this dream.

My audience asks me to harvest technology-related content and disseminate them in a logical and digestible way. They trust my selections for their reading needs. I desire to make them happy and satisfied.

I thought the best way to achieve this goal would be a publication focusing on all aspects of technology by inviting contributors from different backgrounds. The outcome is expected to be synergistic.

You may think there are thousands of publications about technology. And ask how would my publication be different and add value.

I checked and verified with my audience that there is no publication overlapping with my goals. Yes, there are thousands of publications, but they touch on limited and specific aspects of technology.

My aim is to bring writers with backgrounds from all aspects of technology and create eclectic stories which can offer something for everyone. I have a connection with and access to thousands of writers on Medium and other platforms.

I designed this publication by considering the requirements of my audience. I analyzed the needs and desires of my audience using the Design Thinking approach. Because of the limitations, my findings turned into seven prominent roles. We call them personas in the Design Thinking language.

The seven personas in technology domains are technicians, philosophers, entrepreneurs, entertainers, artists, storytellers, and futuristic leaders.

Since Medium allows a maximum of seven tabs in publications, I added them as the amplifiers of stories that can be conveniently consumed by these personas. Here is the implementation of these personas on the publication interface.

I turned the personas into functions because I aim to harvest and publish stories within the scope of these seven logical functional areas. Here is an overview of these functions.

Seven Functional Areas for Technology Hits

1 — Technical

Stories in this domain include technical, engineering, and scientific aspect of technology. For example, the definition and description of a technology, architecture, design constructs, security, tools, operations, processes, and procedures can be part of this section.

How do these types of stories fit into this domain? The use of technology in all scientific disciplines, such as medicine, biotechnology, neuroscience, engineering, environment, climate, and so on, can be part of technical function.

Technology professionals such as data scientists, enterprise architects, solution designers, technical specialists, software developers, and system administrators can share their stories in this section.

2 — Philosophical

This function is dedicated to philosophers and deep thinkers. Ideas reflecting the pros and cons of technology constructs can well suit this domain.

I witnessed many readers interested in the philosophical aspect of technology. For example, ethics for artificial intelligence and robotics is a popular topic.

There are undergraduate and postgraduate degrees offering courses on the philosophical aspect of technology. Students of these degrees are welcome to submit their academic yet engaging stories.

3 — Entertaining

Entertainers use technology widely.

The contributors and consumers of this function can be game enthusiasts. Computer games are widespread globally and establish an extensive industry outlook.

Service providers use technology to entertain their customers.

Social media stories, especially podcasts and YouTube, can be part of this section. Yes, you can introduce your YouTube channel and podcasts in a story.

4 — Entrepreneurial

This function can serve entrepreneurs in Startup companies and intrapreneurs in large organizations.

This section can be used by those technology leaders who plan digital ventures.

All business, economic, and financial aspects of technology can be part of this function

5 — Artistic

Technology and art are interrelated. Many artists use technology to express their artistic thoughts and feelings.

You may have heard about famous digital poems. Digital painting and digital music are widespread. You can submit stories about the use of technology for all art forms, including design work in this section.

I want to cover stories on how technology impacts poets, musicians, painters, and all other artistic people.

6 — Personal

This publication is home to storytellers writing about various aspects of technology.

You can share your personal experience with technology tools, processes, and services. You can share personal stories reflecting your thoughts and feelings about technological devices.

I read hundreds of articles about smartphones, smartwatches, security devices, cooking, gardening, and various IoT (Internet of Things) devices serving different purposes.

Readers want to be informed and read about your experience with these tools.

7 — Futuristic

This section is for thought leaders, inventors, innovators, and strategists.

You can share your wild ideas on how the future should be from the technological aspect. For example, we can offer thoughts and ideas on how we can eliminate deadly viruses such as Coronavirus and HIV using technology.

Another great topic might be the transformational effects of technology on human life. Ideas for the next generations can be discussed in stories submitted to this section.

In short, anyone writing any aspect of technology can make this publication home for their stories. Options are endless.

Benefits of writing for Technology Hits

As an Editor in Chief with a strong technology background and publishing experience, I will be orchestrating the activities for harvesting, editing, and publishing with the help of several experienced editors.


As contributors to this publication, our target audience will value your content, and our editorial team will support you in achieving your writing goals in the vast technology domain with multiple functions.


Technology Hits, as a sister publication, will leverage 65K followers of ILLUMINATION to amplify your messages. In addition, your memorable stories can be showcased to discerning readers in our impressive collection called ILLUMINATION-Curated.

You can send your application by linking your Medium Id to this webform, and we will give you writer access.

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