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Context and Background Information

Freelancing is one of the fastest-growing job groups in the current market. Writing is one of the freelance jobs. There are job roles like copywriting, ghostwriting, scriptwriting, article writing, editing, proofreading, and many more.

Even though creativity is critical, freelance writing is an entrepreneurial and business-related occupation. The main reason for choosing to freelance is freedom. Freelance writers find their clients and nurture them.

The Joy of Selling 1,000+ Books In A Month With Minimal Investment: Practical and unique marketing techniques for creative freelancers leading to profitable sales with concrete examples

If it is done correctly, freelancing brings freedom and financial benefits. However, freelancing can be as stressful or even more stressful than usual if it is done incorrectly.

The main success factor for freelancing is planning, priority management, communication, and networking.

Even though there are many freelance jobs, in this story, my focus is on the content development, marketing, and distribution aspects of freelancing. This includes various tools, techniques, and processes.

The freelance industry is overgrowing. The Pandemic expedited the growth of freelancers. The gig economy is attractive to many freelancers and is a massive economic phenomenon.

Repurposing adds tremendous economic value to freelancing jobs in content development. With minimal effort, the income can get multiplied. For example, you can repurpose your Medium stories or blogs on Vocal Media and News Break. You can learn more about repurposing in this article titled how to triple your writing income.

Participating in writing challenges such as our 100-day challenge and writing in competitions such as the ones offered by Vocal Media inspire freelancers. There is an excellent opportunity for fiction writers that I introduced in this story. They not only motivate the creators but also encourage them to repurpose their content. You can find all Vocal Media writing competitions at this link. If you are not a member of Vocal+, you can join using this link.

Repurposing helps you multiply your digital assets. As a result, you can generate passive income in the long run. One of the low-hanging repurposing for writers on Medium, Vocal Media, and NewsBreak is converting stories to e-books. I provided guidance on how to create a 30,000-word e-book in a month. This approach can create passive income from your current digital assets.

Introducing affiliate marketing to your freelance business can substantially boost your passive income. Joining affiliate programs and using your affiliate links in your articles and blogs is an easy process. As long as the links are relevant and appropriate and you do it meaningfully, you can generate substantial passive income.

On content platforms like Medium, Vocal Media, and your blogs, you need to declare affiliate links to stay compliant with platform rules and obey ethical rules of marketing. I shared a book on Medium where you can learn about affiliate marketing for content developers like freelance writers. I use the WritingPaychecks site to find freelance offerings easily in my niche, such as technical and academic writing.

Medium has thousands of writers. Over 19,000 of them contribute to ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications. So I started creating collections for these publications based on reader feedback. Our discerning readers want to obtain easily accessible curated content. Finding stories on Medium is not an easy task.

One of the prominent publications is SYNERGY bringing freelance writers to one place. However, in this post, I share insightful, engaging, and informative stories about freelancing, covering many aspects of the sector from contributors of ILLUMINATION.

I previously featured some relevant stories on SYNERGY under the writing topic. My plan is to create a special collection from SYNERGY as the freelancing topic is comprehensive, with hundreds of stories contributed by accomplished freelancers on this unique publication. I will also create another collection from ILLUMINATION-Curated soon as that publication has many high-quality stories about freelancing.

How To Triple Your Writing Income Methodically
Content development and marketing strategy for freelance writers, indie authors, and bloggers in difficult economic…

Selected stories on the freelancing topic from ILLUMINATION

If you are interested in freelance writing, editing, and blogging, I highly recommend reviewing the listed stories below and connecting with their writers who demonstrate substantial experience in these well-researched and presented pieces.

Please enjoy reading these remarkable pieces.

Here’s Why Subscribers Can Produce 50 Times Better Results Than Followers for Freelance Writers. Dr Mehmet Yildiz

How to Market Your Freelance Writing to Improve Your Earnings Cheshta Mann

A Guide to Freelance Writing For Beginners Anna Klawitter

How Not to Get Scammed as a Freelancer Alice Toneatto

Working as a Full-Time Freelance Writer Christina M. Ward

Streamline the Success of Your Freelance Writing Career With a Content Calendar Karolina Wilde

If You’re a Creative Freelancer, You Might Want to Try These 2 Apps Angelina Der Arakelian

57 Lessons I’ve Learned After 4 Years of Freelance Writing Lavender Nguyen

Why My Divorce Transformed My Freelance Career Mark Ellis

Why You Should Outsource to a Specialized Freelancer ♥ 𝑨𝒖𝒕𝒖𝒎𝒏 𝑺𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆♥

Who Pays Freelance Writers More Than Others Samra

Why I Quit a Freelance Job After 4 Days Tom Handy

Instagram Doesn’t Get the Freelance Life At All John Teehan

6 Dating Red Flags That Are Weapons In a Freelancer’s Arsenal The Maverick Files

Why Many Freelance Writers are Hand to Mouth Shahid Chap

Protect Yourself from Scammers Who Prey on Freelancers Chris Hedges

How To Gain Credibility When You’re Starting Out as a Freelancer Kristi Keller

Freelancers Will Be Important for a Quick Recovery Paul Myers MBA

Why You Should Never Write For Charity As A Freelancer Gurpreet Dhariwal

19 Steps to Freelancer Heaven Karen Madej

Freelancers: Three Simple Storytelling Steps To Win Attention And Money Taylor Foreman

How To Win Back Your Weekend As A Freelancer René Junge

Get Paid To Write: This freelance writer’s guide will help you get the right kinds of content jobs Kiran Yasmin

I Will Write For Food: Sometimes that freelance writing job you want…Claire Kelly

How Can You Use Tarot To Help Clear Writer’s Block? Miriam Slozberg

GOVERNMENT MONEY FOR FREELANCERS: How to Get a Forgivable Loan from the PPP Stephen Dalton

Dissatisfaction As An Impulse For Energy And Growth: Five Tips For Freelancers Britta Ollrogge, MBA

You Won’t Succeed on Medium (and Life) If You Keep Doing These 3 Things Sinem Günel

6 Work From Home Essentials That Increased My Productivity Kelsey Kryger

How Medium Increases Your Chance Of Winning Big Pitches And Earning More Money Matilda Swinney

Why I Stopped Pitching in 2020 and Started Writing Violet Daniels

I Made $373.16 from Writing This Year Emily Wilcox

Writing is an Under-Rated Second Income Shamar M

5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Write Irresistible Headlines Jamie Golob

The Topics My Clients Pay Me To Write About: Interesting learnings from selling $1k of articles Alex Boast

How to Create a Smooth Writing Flow and Manage Inevitable Interruptions Tonya S. Ware

How Integrating Google Calendar and ToDoIst Helped Me Manage a Stressful Workload Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

Where I Come From: Portrait of a compulsive copy writer Karen DeGroot Carter

How to Be a Successful Writer and Get Paid for Your Work Sarah Seweryniak

Keeping Your Quora Numbers Up: An unexpected side benefit William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

How To Shift Your Writing Into The Big Leagues. Tree Langdon

How My 45 Year Old Diary Started My Writing Career Iva Ursano

Beware of Scammers on the Internet Kristina Segarra

Asked to Write 80,000 Words for $1,200 I’m Rolling in Cash! Brian Lamacraft

My Journey of Becoming a Freelance Writer Mehwish Amir Lakhani

10 Ways to Be A Successful Freelance Writer In 2021 Francesco Joseph

How My 6-Figure Freelance Writing Career Murdered My Creativity Trish Sammer

Being a Freelance Writer with Ethics and Integrity Ryan M. Raiker, MBA

So I Guess I’m a Freelance Writer Now? Amy Cubbon

I Quit The 9–5 To Freelance Julie van Maanen

25 Freelance Writing Business Ideas for 2020 Tina Morlock

Why the Future of Work is Freelance Sid Khaitan

The Three Primary Ingredients of a Successful Freelance Content Writer Wajeeh Khan

Freelance Writers, These 2 Sentences Make No Sense in Your Sales Copy Erin Singh

5 Freelance Writing Income Streams — and Why You Need Them Anne Varvel

The Blue Ocean Strategy For Freelance Writers Julie Anne Eason

5 Lessons I Learned From My Worst Freelance Client Jon Upshaw

How I Pamper My Freelance Clients To Receive 91% Repeat Business Vijay S Paul

Jennifer Nelson: From Dog Groomer to Freelance Writer Jennifer Nelson

4 Simple Tips to Freelance Copywriting Success Zee Praise

Do your freelance writing skills meet demand? Dawn Moyer

5 Ways to not Make it as a Freelancer Tochukwu E. Okoro

Freelance Copywriters: Here’s What NOT To Do P.S.P. French

3 Strategic Roles a Freelancer Wants to Play in their Business to Succeed Gladys Carmina

Three Deceptive Moves to Take Advantage of Fellow Freelancers George Bakoulis

Making the Hard Turn from Employee to Freelancer Shudeep Chandrasekhar

How did I spend my summer at the sea being a broke freelancer Aila Bogasieru

How I Stay Sane and Productive While Being a Work-At-Home Freelancer Paolo Defraia

Five Things to Say to Get the Job You Want ML Sadler

Opportunities and Obstacles in the World of Freelancing JJ Sum

How to Survive as a Creative: Freelance like you mean it. Mandy Capehart

The ancient “Japanese Secret” to being less frustrated with Making Money Online freelancing Jude C. Ifeanyi

Best Way To Learn Marketing — For Beginners : No founder or freelancer got time for a full-time MBA. Nishant Modi

Why Are Millennials Skipping Corporate -America?: The rise of a young freelancer economy post covid-19 Tiffany Moya

3 Simple Tips That Anyone Can Use To Avoid Creating Digital Stress YL Yeong

5 Reasons You Should Be Using LinkedIn to Build Your Brand Aria Dailee

What I Like and Dislike About Being Self-Employed Sergio Guardiola Herrador

4 Takeaways From Someone Who Tried Freelancing Too Soon Westbrook Ocampo

The Almighty Golden Handcuffs: They are Still Handcuffs, Only Prettier Andrew Youngker, RN

1 Valuable Lesson Doing Free Work Has Taught Me Temitope C. Samuel

Focus and Determination Are Key Elements of Your Future Success Justiss Goode

To Make More Money Freelancing, Avoid These Mistakes Carly Barrett

Tackling The Freelancing Slump of Self-Doubt Kay T.

Steal My Plan for Cutting out These 5 Toxic Clients From Your Life U-Ming Lee

5 Best Side Hustles You Can Start Now Johnathan Reeper

4 Things I Learned After Consistently Publishing Viral Content Sira Mas

This Is What Will Make or Break Your Story Alyssa Atkinson

How a Non-Native English Speaking Writer Made $10,000 on Upwork? Sal Writes

4 Tips For Becoming a Relevant and Relatable Writer Maria Angel Ferrero

This 1 Book Will Transform Your Writing Business Megan Holstein

6 Profitable Canva Digital Products to Sell Online in 2021 Nia Simone McLeod

The Power of Synergy on Medium Kim Petersen

I Work at Home and I Haven’t Gone Mad Yet Marcel Badia

How I’m Busting My Butt Off Working 50+ Hours a Week, Earning 3K a Month Burk

An Alternative Motivation Mike Alexander

How To Make Writing More Fun and Less Stressful Betsy Ramser Jaime

Some Bonus Writing Lessons I Have Imported From 2020 Into 2021 Boateng Sekyere

How to Start a Dropshipping Business Ugur Akinci, Ph.D.

How I Earned $1,000+ Per Article Every Week for a Year N2RAC

25 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Computer User Should Know Maryam

7 Quotes I Remind Myself of When I Fear My Writing Will be Inadequate Ashley Broadwater

Want To Become Rich? How I TRIPLED My Income by Learning This 1 Concept Haneen AbuFarha ✍🏼🇵🇸

How Not To Deal With Writer’s Block Tosin Sanusi

How Important is Social Media for Writers? Emme Beckett

5 Ways to Generate Unique Writing Content Ideas Jessie Vee

7 Reasons to Quit Multitasking and Get Things Done Erica Martin

My Upwork Client Signed an Ongoing $800 a Month Contract Taylor Foreman

The Simple Truth About Writing Quality Content Joshua Idegbere

18 Social Networks & Platforms I’ve Been Experimenting with David Andrew Wiebe

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Deal With Writer’s Block Adam J. Cheshier

Creativity in a Time of Contagion Sheldon Clay

7 Magazine That Can Pay You $500 Per Article Dr Sachin pandit

Start Your Side-Hustle as Soon as Possible Ryan Porter

I Started Writing as a Hobby but Suddenly Found a Passion Instead Walid AO

Hоw To Build A Successful Career in Photography Buѕіnеѕѕ Elvie Lins

How To Keep Your Readers Engaged With Your Writing Nicole Sudjono

I’m a New Writer and I Just Learned a Valuable Lesson Aymes Sarah

Work From Home Depression and How I Had To Overcome It? Thakur Rahul Singh

How To Make Money Writing Taylor Foreman

Be That Annoying Fly That Gets Into Your Room Tom Matsuda

5 Ways I Make an Income at Home Polly Clover

The Complete Guide To Successful Pitching Using The NABC Model Nora

8 Ways to Monetize Your Writing Gary Westfal

Do This Before Your First Blog Sean Peck

3 Things to Know Before You Start a Blog Diana Epureanu

Why Full-Time Blogging is About So Much More than Writing Mark Campbell

Feng Shui for Writers — Even If You Think It’s Hooey Katie Grant

5 Key Aspects Of A Succesful Blogger Johnathan Reeper

Yes, You Can Enjoy Your Annoying Client or Boss Khalil Gdoura

Jobs of the Future Philip Lee

Things to Do When You Don’t Have a Job During the Pandemic Dina Megid

The Artist’s Way to Curate Your Own Life Reylia Slaby

The United States of Blogging Rebecca Cullen

Please Don’t Make Me Write About Writing. Bre Venanzio

It’s Good to Fire Bad Clients Luis Aguirre

I Had an Easy and Comfortable Job. That’s Why I Knew I Had to Quit Jade Revell

Are You Pursuing Success or Greatness? Simon Hamelin

The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Proposals Are Not Landing You a Job on Upwork Wajeeh Khan

Never Make Emotional Decisions In Business Rina Zhubi

What’s In The Chasm Between Risk & Stability? Sophia CN

Four Vital Factors You Must Know About Your Client Greg Frankson

How startups should think about money Ricky Tan

From Broke to Smart Virginia Villari

Editing Uncomfortable Nonfiction On Fiverr Shelby Sullivan

How I Started My Writing Business in $250 and 10 Days Naba K.

6 Reasons to Not Quit Your 9–5 Job Lindsey Moore

3 Reasons I Fucking Hate Transcription Work Delilah Brass

Our Lives Are Filled With Junk Libby Mitchell

The Spreadsheet of Liberation Megan Preston Meyer

Write More With Snack Writing helenaknows

New Entrepreneurs, Stop Wasting Precious Time On These 3 Mistakes Julia Iurean

These Are the Productivity Tools and Tips I Use Every Day Sergio Guardiola Herrador

How Your Typing Posture Affects Writing Quality Michelle Aarons

How to Make Money on Three Different Platforms naddine luci

Accumulate Rejection Slips E.P. Hasan

Find Your Black Hole and Jump Into the Unknown Geoff Lane

Youtube is making people millionaires! Jordan Munson

What Exactly Is A Niche? KerlyFries

101 Real World Tips on Writing for Money Tony Gizer

Why Skill And Talent Are Not Enough To Get Ahead In Life Tammy Shoo

You Should Want More Out of Life Than A Desk Selali Onuoha

6 Distraction-Destroying Hacks To Be More Productive And Still Enjoy Your Life Pauline Orr

It’s 11:06 pm and I Don’t Know What To Write About Humaira Iqbal

Images Can Make or Break Your Content as a Creator Konadu Akwasi Akuoko (CodedKaa)

8 Websites That Pay 50–1000$ Per Article Sharique Kamal


As a writer, editor, or blogger, freelancing is a rewarding career. If you do it right, it brings desired income but also can make your life more balanced. Adding affiliate marketing can substantially contribute to your passive income goals.

Investing in your education and especially learning from the experience of others can give you insights and prevent you from making mistakes others have already made. This growth mindset can save you plenty of time.

I hope you learn great tips from these well-articulated pieces touching on various aspects of freelancing, especially as a writer and editor.

Please connect with these writers and engage with their content meaningfully. Collaboration is essential for becoming a successful freelance writer.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

Please leave comments on your favorite stories from this list.


If you are a new reader and find this article valuable, you might check my holistic health and well-being stories reflecting on my reviews, observations, and decades of sensible experiments.

Sample Health Improvement Articles for New Readers

I write about various hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, GABA, acetylcholine, norepinephrine, adrenaline, glutamate, and histamine.

One of my goals as a writer is to raise awareness about the causes and risk factors of prevalent diseases that can lead to suffering and death for a large portion of the population.

To raise awareness about health issues, I have written several articles that present my holistic health findings from research, personal observations, and unique experiences. Below are links to these articles for easy access.

Metabolic Syndrome, Type II Diabetes, Fatty Liver Disease, Heart Disease, Strokes, Obesity, Liver Cancer, Autoimmune Disorders, Homocysteine, Lungs Health, Pancreas Health, Kidneys Health, NCDs, Infectious Diseases, Brain Health, Dementia, Depression, Brain Atrophy, Neonatal Disorders, Skin Health, Dental Health, Bone Health, Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain, Brain Fog, Chronic Inflammation, Insulin Resistance, Elevated Cortisol, Leptin Resistance, Anabolic Resistance, Cholesterol, High Triglycerides, Metabolic Disorders, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Thyroid Disorders, Anemia, Dysautonomia,cardiac output, and major disorders.

I also wrote about valuable nutrients. Here are the links for easy access:

Lutein/Zeaxanthin,Phosphatidylserine, Boron, Urolithin, taurine, citrulline malate, biotin, lithium orotate, alpha-lipoic acid, n-acetyl-cysteine, acetyl-l-carnitine, CoQ10, PQQ, NADH, TMG, creatine, choline, digestive enzymes, magnesium, zinc, hydrolyzed collagen, nootropics, pure nicotine, activated charcoal, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B1, Vitamin D, Vitamin K2, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Cod Liver Oil, and other nutrients to improve metabolism and mental health.

Disclaimer: Please note that my posts do not include professional or health advice. I document my reviews, observations, experience, and perspectives only to provide information and create awareness.

I publish my lifestyle, health, and well-being stories on EUPHORIA. My focus is on metabolic, cellular, mitochondrial, and mental health. Here is my collection of Insightful Life Lessons from Personal Stories.

If you enjoy writing and storytelling, you can join Medium, NewsBreak, and Vocal as a creator to find your voice, reach out to a broad audience, and monetize your content.

You may also check my blog posts about my articles and articles of other writers contributing to my publications on Medium. I share them on my website Here is my professional bio. You can contact me via weblink.

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