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Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Melissa Raise

Finding My Place: Right Alongside Everything Else
Moving past self-centeredness is the cornerstone of human

Matt Stevenson

Why Elon Musk is Creating a Global Internet Service
Starlink’s much greater purpose than just providing

Jeff Herring

My Dad & Uncles All Served
All saw action, all made it home…

Vee Goldman

Ginger Is The New Black
Oh to be Ginger. The

Brylin Phillips

Important Life Lessons to Learn Early on in Life
I wish I had learned very many things when I was young enough to understand them and execute them. The thing about…

Brandon Keith Brown

Managing Racism
During classical music’s Black Lives Matter movement, Artist management companies are going bankrupt. Here’s

ElMehdi El Azhary

4 Lessons We Can All Learn from Michelle Obama
The wisdom that got Michelle Obama through

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

Top Ten Reasons I’m a Winner At Life
The glass is half full

Alyssa Nicole Maaño

Dealing With Imposter Syndrome and Self-Defeating Behaviors
How to appreciate yourself a little bit

Brylin Phillips

UI/UX Trends you Need to Look Out For in 2021
Over time, all businesses change. Yet the architecture industry is the one that is discussed a lot. Design is one field…

EP McKnight, MEd

Happy Veterans Day 2020-God Bless the USA
A short story to honor the many sacrifices in protecting the

Amanze Collins

Free Yourself From Guilt And Get The Results You Deserve
You may think these two aspects are not related, but you are

Eric Peterson

Building High Performance
Engaging others on their


Drop Out
Law school drop

Simon Spichak

Why Do We Enjoy Being Scared?
And why our sense of fear provides us

Eugenio Cibruscola

3 Lessons I Learned After 1 Month Writing on Medium
Writing is a messy journey to be savoured one sentence at a

Abhishek Verma


Floyd Mori

COVID-19 Is Killing People Who Did Not Get The Virus
A father’s sad

Jacopo Pagni, MSc.

Tackle the monkey first: start with the hardest task
How at Google X people start with the hardest task to solve a

Janice Arenofsky

See, No Evil, Speak No Evil
Monkeying around with my

Larry Nowicki

A Leader

Aurellia T. Elisha

The Spacebar Is the Secret to a Solid Relationship
How much space is enough space?

Suvi Helena

It’s Not Only About U (S.A)
The presidency of the U.S is a global

Mabvuto Zulu

Nietzsche And The Path To Self Discovery
Friedrich Nietzsche considered himself the first psychologist among the philosophers. This he clearly echoed in his…

Sujani Hansanali

Why am I Getting too many Facebook Friend Requests from Strangers?
Facebook don’t seem to care to stop strangers treating and abusing

Henner Townlove

These Are Uncertain Times, Find Whatever Sources of Income You Can
Our parents and grandparents have been through their fair share, it’s our turn

Joe Luca

How Do We Get Past This?

Robert Bacal

How To Establish Credibility and Reduce Resistance in Presentations
Present your most persuasive speech or presentation ever with these ten

Derek Oxley

The Two Faces of Pride Authentic and Hubristic
Pride can drive you towards success or off a

Chad Raybourne

Thank God For My Faults
Without them, I never would have seen the

Stuart Grant

A Good News Story about Social Media
Reconnecting across continents and

Brian Dickens Barrabee

Nature Comes Calling On The New Jersey Turnpike
After enduring a number of tasteless comments by yours truly about his penis being so small the cop couldn’t see it…

Viki Hines

Four Methods I Use To Control Panic Attacks
Tricks I’ve learned to keep them at bay — with the help of my therapy

Shamar M

Writing is an Under-Rated Second Income
Or whatever number income you want!

John Ross

True Love Feels

Charlene Marron

An extended haiku about

Sharon Brandon (Readywriter59)

Decisions, Decisions
A serious

Alice Toneatto

How to Find in Which Topics Your Medium Story Is Distributed
It’s easier than you

Louis Petrik

I Made My First 1000$ Through Writing Online
And I am not going to tell you how I did

Terry Trueman

At Poker Last Night…
It’s okay GOP, I’m not a particularly good sport about losing either . .

Jessica Lynn

Compound Interest Applies Everywhere in Life
Make short-term decisions with long-term goals in

John Green

Do you feel both fearless and fearful sometimes?

Tree Langdon

Dreaming of Harvest
Red runners

Jeff Herring

The Beginner’s Guide to Endless High Quality Free Traffic (Start Here)
Plus a great source of evergreen traffic…

Klaus Wagner

No, I don´t want to tell my younger self what mistakes he should avoid
Because that´s

Valerie King

Dating While Working Class
My experiences dating rich people and 3 action items for avoiding

Kae Smith

My Parents Sold Our House and Moved Us Across the Country
A lesson in

T. Mark Mangum

Mr. Mason and the Carions
I awoke to a pounding headache. My vision was blurry, I was thirsty, and a bit sick to my stomach. Apparently, I had…

Melinda Van Fleet

Despair And Devastation Made Me Stronger
Tips On How To Own Your Power By Stepping Into Your

Neil Pavitt

Be More Creative. Think Like Goldilocks
“Creativity comes from conscious facts planted in the unconscious and allowed to germinate.”
 Bertrand Russell

Sachin Mishra

Best Niche For Blogging in 2021
Write with your Passion and Earn with Your Hard

Justin Phillips

No. Here’s Why.
The exact reasons I’ll reject anyone for anything, including my best

The Dozen

I Believe in Miracles, So Should You!
The day I reconnected with my childhood

Maria Barros

Mirrored Windows
Burning candles
Hours and hours of loving you and yet 
you’re still away.

John Hendry

Social Media Is Not Our Friend
And Parler is proving that

Matan Valdman

Why empty Bleachers will Change the Psychology of Sports
Since we got the sports back but no crowd, it might squelch the home-field advantage — and the emotion that drives…

Michael Joslin

Still Aimless At 40 Years Old
Figuring out how to find a purpose and follow

Joanna Myles

Setting Creative Intentions
I’d wager most of us have probably overestimated what we could achieve in 2020 so

Emily Wilcox

The School of Thought
A poem about

Abhishek Verma


ElMehdi El Azhary

How Living by This Simple Google Spreadsheets Rule Changed My Life
This is a story of how much of a spreadsheets nerd I must be that I thought of something like

Veronica Georgieva

11 Things to Write About When Out of Ideas
Wanting to write while being completely out of ideas is always frustrating on at least a couple of levels — I waste…

Zach Goreczny

How to Track Your Internship and Job Applications
A Valuable Tool for Both Students and

Shivendra Misra

Do You Know the Hidden Motivation Behind Steve Jobs’s Success?
How Paramahansa Yogananda changed his life and thousands of

Javier Ortega-Araiza

How to Play The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship
Which game do we really want to play?

Pach Deng

4 Ways Stoicism Can Help — Ease Your Anxiety
“The greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach.” —

Jo Ann Harris

My Angels Helped Me . . . Twice.
How do you explain this?

Maeve Macrae

How to live with Radical Self-Acceptance
And Why This is So Hard in


An American Crisis, the

Kate Cohen

How Can I Tell If My Crush Is Watching Me On Zoom?
4 Signs to Watch On Your Next

Aldric Chen

This Is Why Voting Is Amazing (even in high school)!
Beyond politics and into the

R. Scott

Standing Next to a Father as He Tells His Son Goodbye
We took his son to jail for committing murder, it was heartbreaking talking with him as we

Dr John Rose

The Cushion
Pesky Beast, It’s cute and supposed to be

Neha Sandhir S

Surface Yourself
A haiku to surface your

Richard Landeau

Every In N Out Secret You’ll Ever Need to Know
As told by a former In N Out

Zen Michael

Be Calmer — Your Life Is About to Have a Dramatic Change
And it’s all your

Alison Tennent

All About Sex, The First PodCast from a Garrulous Glaswegian
PS — does anybody know about about Vocal+?

conny manero

If the American Presidency Was A Job Application
Let me start by stating that I am neither a democrat nor a republican, in fact, I’m not even an American. Nevertheless…

Ivette Cruz

The Sun Always Rises

Erin King

In Your Face In Crowd —  It’s The Loners Who Really Count When Times Get Tough
If you’ve always thought you were unimportant because you’re antisocial, think

Riku Arikiri

What Is The Reason To Why Boys Never Become Kind Gentlemen
And How can you change this outcome?

Zac Malik

The Top 5 Most Loved Colors
Is Your Favorite Color One Of Them ?

Modern Messy

Are You an Overly Authentic Person?
The Authenticity — Transparency Matrix Helps You Find

Elisenda Vargas

What is Living With Endometriosis
We do not fake being sick, we fake being

Jim McAulay🍁

We Are Going To Be Okay
I see it in the painted

Emmanuel A. Anderson

Why You Need Self-Improvement in Your Life More Than Ever
Because it’s the cheat code to

Cristo Lopez, PhD

7 Powerful & Life-Changing Ways To Live Your Life With Intention
Become the sculptor of your experience and turn your life into a work of

Caitlin Jill Anders

5 Things That Happen When You Stop Gossiping
There’s a whole world beyond talking about other

Corina Oana

How to Recognize White Supremacy, and Why It Is So Hard to Help White Friends Face It
An old friend came by for a backyard fire last week — actually an ex-lover. We sorted out how the distance between us…

Anne Varvel

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs an Email Subscription Form
Regardless of how popular your blog gets, you may eagerly check your site’s stats regularly to see how many readers you…

Matteo Licata

Goodbye Twitter
Twitter used to be my favorite social media… Until I deleted

Megan R. Clark

The Irony of the Land of the Free
People want freedom even if it means a death

Nick Keehler

It’s Time for the Night Owl Counterculture to Revolt
No longer should we live in the shadow of the

Sevgi Ikinci

Neglected Fish — A Short Story
How much of your personality is visible?

Caroline de Braganza

Bragging Rights — South Africa Has the Best National Anthem in the World
A powerful prayer that brings all races

Zahra Ali

The Fascinating Power of Putting Your Forehead on The Ground
It can bring you remarkable healing spiritually and

Jennifer Friebely

While Eyes Were On The Election — Women’s Rights Were Eroded
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed the “Geneva Consensus Declaration” an anti-abortion declaration with many…

Liv Mello

How to Drop Everything and Travel Post-Covid
7 Realistic and Affordable Ways to Become a

Bambzi Ellis

Abrams Deserves Her Flowers Now, Not Later
Stacey Abrams: The push behind the Georgia

Patricia Koller Sisson

A Life Described in Cars
Farewell My

Tom Handy

How to Lead When You Really Don’t Want to
7 Basic requirements you need to know when you run a

Sam Eckman

Who not What
What do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

Michael Joslin

Putting Myself First Is Not Selfish
I have decided to take care of myself first from now

Trista Ainsworth

Happiness Bubbles Over
When you feel joyful for all that you

Akash Nair M S

I Didn’t Like the Movie Pulp Fiction
and it helped me find my true

Chris Carter

Forward Motion
You are happy,

Josh “υя_ωιѕємαη* “ Lessie

Technology Literacy In The Age Of Advanced Technology
Learning to use better the technology we have can encourage and inspire our


The Latest 113 Ways to Make Money Fast Online
Clearly, making extra money can truly change your life. Despite what people might say, money can earn you ease in a…

Derick David

How This Joe Rogan Episode Completely Changed My Perspective On Life And Entrepreneurship
How I became more productive and driven as an entrepreneur and as a human after listening to this

Heidi Malone

Find You
I am more convinced than ever that finding out who you are is the most relevant enigma that a person can ever treasure…

jude folly

A Dark Night, I Staggered
beneath the weight of a 
dark night, i staggered past
the remains of dead dreams

Ahmad Mukhtar

How Successful CEO’s Motivate Their Employees
Motivate People, Influence them, Take Control, and change the

Modern Messy

The Relationship Interest — Investment Matrix
Relationships aren’t an exact science. How do you know whether you’re over-investing in a professional or personal…

Neera Mahajan

How I Created A Vision For Next Three Years
Last week I stumbled upon Cameron Herold’s work by quite an accident. I listened to a YouTube video just before going…

Ruchi Thalwal

Love Is The Foundation, Love All-Around
A poem on ever-flowing, ever-present

Giorgos Pantsios

Your Life Is a Train — Here’s How to Not Ride It
And find out which part keeps you


The 5 Categories of Things I Only Buy From Second Hand Sources
II first started to buy second hand items out of necessity. When four years ago, I moved to Amsterdam to start my…

Anton Peter

The Biggest Black Friday EVER!
You will never be ready for this!

Fareeha Arshad

One Lesson I Learnt From Katharine Hepburn
To take is human, to give is

Samantha Scott

Disconnecting and recharging as a remote worker
Have you found your flow of productivity?

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