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ILLUMINATION completed the fifth milestone with 50,000 followers yesterday. We are grateful to our readers for their support of our writers.

Celebrating 50,000 Followers
ILLUMINATION writers attracted 50,000+ readers in 9 months and manifested it in the top 100 list out of 14,414…medium.com

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Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Inviting Storytellers From All Aspects of Technology
Join a unique publication aiming to bring writers penning about technology. Reach out to a broad audience using the…medium.com

Emily Jennings

Why the Ultimate ‘Self Care’ is to Eliminate the Self
Letting go of the ego is the key to happiness, not an app.medium.com

Tree Langdon

The Universe Wants To Have Sex With You
Seducing Alivenessmedium.com

Deena Thomson

Poppies -Chapter 13-
A novelmedium.com

T.A. Pace

Dopamine: You’re Soaking in It
The key to short-circuiting unhealthy desiresmedium.com

Nkeonye Judith Izuka

My 5 Do’s for a Successful Beauty Collection.
“Beauty is not caused. It is.” Emily Dickinsonmedium.com

Floyd Mori

A Vaccine Is Coming
Hopefully, things will improvemedium.com

Bryce Godfrey

Why Tips & Tricks Don’t Work
And What To Do Insteadmedium.com

Laine Kaleja

How The Phrase “I Will Try” Keeps Us Away From Achieving Our Goals
And what words to use instead when talking about our goals.medium.com

Ivette Cruz

A haikumedium.com

Brian Dickens Barrabee

PhotoHow Did That Red Thing Get Into That Olive
This was a question that I asked myself as a kid. As an adult,after extensive research,I’ve found the answer. I’ll…medium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

A free sonnet for my musemedium.com

Aldric Chen

What Is the Value of $80?
I oscillate between frugality and stupidity.medium.com

Matt Ray

Blow-out Preventers & Deathtraps
A Roughneck’s Storymedium.com

Janice Arenofsky

Testing for Alzheimer’s
Not on your life!medium.com

Mario Lopez-Goicoechea

Living in a Multilingual World
The one about taking the plungemedium.com

Sana Hashmi

The Power of Storytelling
The Meaning of Mariah Carey highlights the power of writing— its ability to capture difficult moments, enigmas and the…medium.com

Charlene Marron

Java Script
An acrostic poem about what’s brewingmedium.com

Trista Ainsworth

3 Ways to Stop Hiding and Start Allowing
Abundance is yours when you show upmedium.com

Nancy Ann

A Drift
A Poem about being lostmedium.com

Drew Wardle

Faded War
A Poemmedium.com

EP McKnight, MEd

A 16 Word Story
Lessons appear when the student is readymedium.com

Kevin Alexander

Do This, Not That
Just do itmedium.com


This Is A Breakdown Of My First $1000 Story
An unplanned and unexpected winmedium.com

Kyle Davison Bair

Biden Says It’s Over, Trump Still Says It’s Not
Fighting back against the death of our nationmedium.com

ZyAnn Paul

Gravitational Waves & Vibes
Gravity is a two-way street!medium.com

Rebecca Sealfon

Here’s some more very interesting advice from Tim Denning about how to grow your following on…
It’s quite a bit of stuff to mull over.medium.com

Randy Shingler

Fresh Morning Air
Fresh smelling air in cold of morning
Breathing in deeply to savor its smell
Free from frequently noxious fumes,

Aaron Vaserman

Curbing Your Anger in 2020
What a year. Or speaking for the majority of the entire world, quite the opposite. 2020 has been a circus sideshow of a…medium.com

Aaron Jacques

5 Ways You Can Learn To Code and Master Your Life In 2021.
A guide to mastering the skill of programming.medium.com

Jennifer Dale

Awareness, Do You Have It?
You don’t need to attach yourself to your experience, you can just simply observe it.medium.com

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

An Empty Shell
My twitter role modelmedium.com

Phil Truman

Three Guys Walk into a Bar
So What?medium.com

Violet Daniels

4 Months on Medium: A Review
66 stories, 650 followers, 17 publications and $1133 later, what do I think of the platform?medium.com

Stuart Englander

The Turn of a Phrase
The catchphrase challenge for Illuminatimedium.com

Dew Langrial

Editor’s Choice — Top 10: Your Life and Hopes Are the GPS of Your Writing
Read the stories of these top 10 writers and imagine their writing GPSmedium.com

Shudeep Chandrasekhar

Making the Hard Turn from Employee to Freelancer
Lots of articles will tell you how to become a freelancer and gain financial freedom and time-independence while…medium.com

Josh Balerite Acol

My Writing Solace
Many seek illumination by lighting up a lamp, when the true light is within. — Master Cheng Yenmedium.com

Lori Lamothe

Climate Cubism
To save one soft thingmedium.com

Stephen J. Lalla, LMNOP

You Can’t Know Everything
But You Can Learn Somethingmedium.com

Karthik Rajan

What an African Tribe Can Teach Us About Minding our Language and Nurturing our Children
Many of us do not consider this and we shouldmedium.com

Sajiv Shah

Why a Tennis Racket Led Russians to Believe the Earth Was Going to Flip
The basic physics behind the Intermediate axis theorem.medium.com

EP McKnight, MEd

18 Word Story for Clarity
Sometimes what we see, is not what is or reality, the truth will set you freemedium.com

Vee Goldman

Words Can Lift
And words can crushmedium.com

Thom Gallet

3 Reasons Why Our System is Working Against Black-Owned Businesses
Why it’s important to spread the love as a consumermedium.com

Annick Batamuliza

The Present
The one and only that is granted: the Nowmedium.com

David Rudder

In a language I’ve not heard of.medium.com


5 Reasons Why Constantly Looking At Your Stats Will Kill Your Motivation
And What You Can Do To Avoid Itmedium.com

Jessica Donahue, PHR

What Do You Want Your Legacy To Be?
Newly minted entrepreneurs are told to focus on building a business around a problem they’re passionate about solving…medium.com

Denise G

A poem of personal journeymedium.com

Sammy Wan

Change is Inevitable
And Here’s How I Managedmedium.com

Liam Ireland

Caught In The Act
Be in no doubt, plagiarism IS theftmedium.com

Dr. Fatima Imam

If I Were You
A poemmedium.com

Kylie Craft

Valuable Tips On Being A Disappointment From An Expert
But things usually work out for me anywaymedium.com

Markus Scorelius

Biography of a Scapegoat
It’s the little things family does. They add up.medium.com

Roger Himes Esq.

Street Lawyer Street Smarts #1
“How to Get the Most Out of the Best You Have to Offer”medium.com

Nathan White

What Tearing up my Knee Taught Me About Life
Sometimes, we learn lessons in strange ways.medium.com

Emily Wilcox

The Perspective of the Night
A poem about helpfulnessmedium.com

Tree Langdon

Tim Maudlin Shows You How to Build Rapport With Readers
Back in early June, it feels like years ago, Tim Maudlin proposed a way to build rapport with readers by using his…medium.com

Rebecca Sealfon

Medium has a new, easy-to-publish format for monetizable short-form posts.
This post is an example of one.medium.com

Ivette Cruz

Couplet poetrymedium.com

Ellen Clardy, PhD

Consumer Reaction to the Pandemic Shutdown Shock
A Discussion “Initial Impacts of the Pandemic on Consumer Behavior”medium.com

Terry Trueman

A Pair of New (or maybe not so new) Thoughts
I hope appropriate to our new times and to the truth that nothing ever changes and nothing stays the same . . .medium.com

Shourya Agarwal

Nothing Really Changes When All Nuclear Bombs Blow Up
How human self-centeredness has distorted the reality of a nuclear catastrophemedium.com

Bill Forman

Bonobos keep swinging
Peter Gabriel’s simian keyboardist Kanzi turns 40medium.com

Flex Mauto

Lessons from a novice stock investor
What I have learnt in my 5-years of investingmedium.com

Neil Pavitt

How A 102-Year-Old Coronavirus Survivor Can Help You Write Better Headlines.
The job of a headline is simple, it has to grab people’s attention and make them read on. It doesn’t have to be…medium.com

Jazz Parks

Seven Of The Most Inspiring Self-Help Books Of All Times
I make sure to read each of these books at least once per yearmedium.com

Alex Markham

Your Ultimate Guide to English Grammar. Or Maybe Not
Confused by grammar rules? You will bemedium.com

Amy Culberg

Grab Your Readers by the…title
5 reasons your title matters most!medium.com

Dr. Shiza Mumtaz

Royalty In Disguise: Chapter 8
I’m literally having an existential crisis feet away from my brother and he is staring into a cat’s eyes.medium.com

Jeff Herring

Get Started Building Your Highly Responsive List of Gold
I could make this harder, but why…jeffherring.medium.com

Sujani Hansanali

What will happen if I Eat only Fruits in Lunch?
Being a fruitarian is amazingmedium.com

Emmy Chamberlain

How to boost your productivity and achieve more.
Get the job done!medium.com

Aldric Chen

This Is Why Our Calendar Is The New Hell.
This is the ultimate question. Do you love what you do?medium.com

Maria Rattray

A Life Well-Lived…A Tribute To Mothers
Money doesn’t buy happiness…mothers give it for free..medium.com

Blair Abee

Reinvention. My Hero’s Journey or
Reinvention 101. Challenge and Triumph or Gotta Reinvent Yourself. One Path.medium.com

Agnes Laurens

Joshua In The Tree
Episode #6medium.com

Mayank Pamnani

My First Day Of Making $10 In One Day Writing On Medium
A new thing learned.medium.com


Trump Won Because Math Simply Tells Us So!
And Still, Some People Will Even Argue When Math Is Against Them…medium.com

Kimberly Thomas

Dave Chappelle and the Power of Celebrity
Why we pay attention to the rich and famousmedium.com

Eden Kunter

How Major Depressive Disorder Has Changed My Life Forever For Good
A wake-up call for a new “me.”medium.com

Remy Awika

The 3 States That Make Us Intelligent Beings
We’ve been neglecting the extent of our human potentialmedium.com


Soft Pink Lips Just In 3 Days Naturally
Reasons Remedies Tips For Lipsmedium.com

Ankit Singh

Why You Should Start Building Your Tribe Right Now
Even if you have no plans on making money online.medium.com

Zach Klebaner

It Varies
A poem of life’s dualitymedium.com

Emmy Chamberlain

How Writing Makes You A Better Person.
How I improved myself after I started writing.medium.com

Akash Nair M S

Confessions From a Writer Who Stopped Writing
It is important to get back.medium.com

Asanka Danushka

One soul can change your entire life
Find hearts, love people if you do correct way ,One soul , enough to change your entire lifemedium.com

Emily Lane

In Sane
How do you ask for help when you don’t know what you need?medium.com

Emel Bayramoglu

Do You Have Any of These 5 Early Signs of Mental Burnout?
And how to prevent overload before it is too latemedium.com

Zen Michael

7 Things You Lose if You Don’t Learn to Really Listen to Others
Active listening is essentiall to understand the messagemedium.com

Michele Grieve

Change Is Coming…
Mother Nature’s Magick, Just When We Need Itmedium.com

Randy Wolken

Are You Able To Pay Attention?
In The Distraction Economy, We Can Lose Our Focusmedium.com

Dianna Carney

Demi Lovato’s Alien Encounter
Could her strange social media post indicate another relapse?medium.com

Britni Pepper

Check out the new shortform story model!

Larry Nowicki

Giving Myself to Hope
And the groupmedium.com

Alexis Behrend

My Snow White Kiss.
The night I was brought back yo LIFE by my Asperger prince.medium.com

Luqman Abdi

Can Cognitive Dissonance Hold You Back While Investing?
Taking control when your plan and the reality differmedium.com

Vixen Lea

Now What?!? (Parenting without the manual)
Spoiler alert: You will probably get it wrongmedium.com

Brenda Abigail, MSc

The Most Empowering Question You Can Ask Yourself
Take responsibility for your own life.medium.com

Eden Kunter

Comparing Pandemic Strategies Between Turkey, the United States, and England
Questions continue and our new enemy becomes even more challengingmedium.com

Najwa Helyer

Accepting My Mother As A Human Being
She wasn’t just my mother, she was her own person toomedium.com

Agnes Laurens

Packing It All
What is a package?medium.com

Brian Dickens Barrabee

What Would You Say If You Could Write Your Own Recommendation
It’s surprising how acurately and articulately people write their own recommendation letters if given the chance.medium.com

Lucy The Eggcademic (she/her)

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business — Review
Rating: 9/10medium.com

Fahim Chughtai

The psychology of compulsive behaviour
How compulsions are different from addictions and habitsmedium.com

Blair Abee

Ride the Wave
We were reasoning. 
“Ride the wave”, she said.
“Surf the wave,” I said.
Full moon pulsing,
Country suffering.

Bill Abbate

How to Find Freedom in Your Life
The one true source of freedommedium.com

Tim Maudlin

De-grinch a GRINCH With Gratitude
6 steps to de-grinch the grinchiest of Grinchesmedium.com

Pene Hodge

The Angel I Knew
We lived in a patriarchal world! Women mostly belonged to men. That’s how it was. It was a different time and space.medium.com

I. Trudie Palmer

Asking the Why
Keep the reader interested, that is your only taskmedium.com

Jim McAulay🍁

Route Canal
The moviemedium.com

Louis Dennis

A Year Painted In Grey
A poemmedium.com

Sabana Grande

Good Times DON’T Exist
TIMES are always good or bad in retrospect. And it doesn’t matter anyway!medium.com

AJ Krow

How Apple’s AR Glasses Can Benefit the Blind
Current technologies can provide many benefits for the visually impaired if Apple develops it furthermedium.com

Paul Myers MBA

A Leader Who Believed in People First
Leadership lessons that we can learn from Tony Hsiehmedium.com

James Frank Sanders

The Carwash Man
My expert advice to him.medium.com

Maria Rattray

A Mock Wedding, A Jilted Bride, And A Wedding Dress In Ruin
Honesty is a very expensive gift, but it’s a price worth paying…medium.com

Terry Mansfield

Bessie Smith, Empress of the Blues
One of the giants of America’s Jazz Agemedium.com

Freda Savahl

Failing to Fight the Demon of Resentment.
An Admired Community Man Turned Killer.medium.com

Terry Mansfield

My Time in a Boy Rock Band
As a teenager, I was a member of a boy rock band in the mid-1960s. Alas, fame and fortune eluded us, but we still had…medium.com

Rob Cyrier

A Christmas Gift Giving Tradition That Will Melt Your Heart
How to start a creative holiday tradition that will strengthen your family bonds and bring your family closer together.medium.com

Nicole Maharaj

A Space Opera
Otherwise known as Star Warsmedium.com

Christopher Harvey

A Review of Some of My Favorite Top Selling PS4 Games
A suggested list and review of several PS4 games just in case you missed them.medium.com

Markus Scorelius

Political Doublespeak, Truth, the Trumpism Phenomena and Our American Families
Our language, communications, and debates broken, the tyranny of the minority continues.medium.com

Wendy Scott

How I Found Love by Narrowing my Dating Criteria
Find a match by being clear about prioritiesmedium.com

Bhavna Narula

When My Eyes Spoke
Their revelation made me crymedium.com

Sam Writes Security

Computer Age
We’ve gone digitalmedium.com

Joseph Mills

Why I Listen to and Watch Classics
….And you should tomedium.com

Sylvia Emokpae

When You Can’t Sleep, Try This
A 3-step process that helped me battle anxiety at nightmedium.com

John Ross

Long Distance Lovers
Poetry — Lovemedium.com

Aldric Chen

How To Think About Money Matters — Spend It Or Save It?
It depends on how we think.medium.com

Vaijayanti M

For the love of God, get that Corona vaccine already.
The Covid-19 vaccine gamble: where the bets have been placed and why.medium.com

Manas Bhardwaj

What Makes Our Mother’s So Special? 4 Life Learnings —
People will never forget, how you made them feelmedium.com

K Ann

My Dog Chased Me With a Steak Knife
A couple stories about raising a Golden Retrievermedium.com


Creative Confrontation
In this marriage, actions spoke louder than words.medium.com

Rebecca Sealfon

Being a recipient of an Israel-Palestine peace grant
It means I’m giving a talk about the project tomorrow. Exciting.medium.com

Kevin Lee

The Muted Joy of Frugality
Conscious trade offs determine how I spend my money, time and resourcesmedium.com

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