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Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Dew Langrial

Editor’s Choice — Top 10: Stay Faithful to the Stories in Your Head
Follow these top 10 writers, they are going to be big names in the near

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

How About Templates and Wizards?
Two easy profile improvement ideas for Medium. We need urgent

Ntathu Allen

Editor’s Choice #1: Top 5 Stories You May Have Missed This Week
and wished you had

Randy Wolken

Leaders Surrender, Sacrifice, And Serve
Challenging times demand leaders do even

The Maverick Files

Contrarian View — Why Now Is the “Worst” Time to Quit Medium
I won’t be jumping ship to Vocal or News

Michael Patanella

6 Months And 50 Pounds Later
A story of health, wellness, and weight

Tree Langdon

The Elastic Band Between Exile and Home
A ritual of

Annelise Lords

Dreams Don’t Walk Straight
A story on the path dreams

Trista Ainsworth

Heartfelt & Genuine Messages of Love From An Animated Series
We learned the magic of love through this TV

Susannah MacKinnie

Flowers Are My Friends
I love to see them in the


Editor’s Pick: Introducing Another of Illumination’s Poets
The Poetry of Tony Young

Rita Duponty

Flattened Edge in Time

Janice Arenofsky

Lopsided Love
Seesaws and

Gal Mux

The World Is Round

Jay Tarzwell

Are the 1950s the New Normal?
How the suburb will better our post-COVID

Terry Trueman

Holding-up Pretty Well
The poem below, written in 2015 and published then, has held-up pretty well I think (graphics added for this posting)

Floyd Mori

People Keep Saying That Medium Has Changed
Some people can earn

Nasar Karim

The thing that I am
A poem about who we we’re supposed to

Ryan Porter

Utah Officials Found a Strange Object in a Remote Desert Last Week
Then it disappeared and no one knows who put it


Tricks In The Medium Editor You Didn’t Know About
Build-in word count, emoticons, “TK”, and many more

EP McKnight, MEd

Time and Energy
A poem of lost and

Dr. Shiza Mumtaz

How to Disengage the Writer’s Block
Fake it, till you make

Kevin Alexander

What I’ve found About Being Lost
Writer’s Block Can be a Good Thing…

Bill Abbate

The 4 Types of People in the World
How to better understand people by their behavioral

Phil Rossi

The MAGA Conundrum
Trumpism and MAGA are here to

Patrick M. Ohana


Hannah Altagracia

2021 Is Not Going to Fix All Your Problems
Sorry, not sorry!

Aristoteles Finda

6 Things to Do to Be Truly Happy
All truly happy people do these

Janice Arenofsky

Dementia Turned Me into an Elder Abuser
I wasn’t

Jennifer Friebely

Manifesting Money — What Do You Desire This Holiday Season?
If you have the faith of but a mustard

Obsidian Eagle

Obsidian Eagle: META-Fiction Aficionado
Pioneering the limits of a wild

Christine Macdonald

Gay Pride, Straight Sex and Bloody Marys
1992–24 years

Katherine G. MacRae

Lost Friendships
Letting Go to be a Better Friend to

Jeff Herring

How to Avoid 3 Really Bad Blogging Mistakes in Social Media
And what to do instead…

Charles Risen

What Photography Taught Me About Life, Love & Gratitude
Sometimes we don’t appreciate the beauty that surrounds

Amelia Devall

21 Useful Things I Learned From F.R.I.E.N.D.S
The TV series that I grew up with has shaped my humor. And it is still giving me comfort in hard

Katrina Wolf

Is Writing About Mundane Life Worth It?
I wanted to make breakfast but wrote this

Eizza Misa

Why You Should Read ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain
You don’t have to be an introvert to enjoy

Anshuman Gupta

Some of the Biggest Regrets in Life
To achieve something big, we leave many things

Emily Wilcox

What Never Saying “Fuck” Taught Me About Life
Principles maketh person. Or some shit like

Dr. Fatima Imam

Eagerly Awaited

Dr John Rose

Seven Ways of Putting on a Shirt.
Improve Productivity and Efficiency by Taking Less Time to

Jennifer Dale

Gratitude, The Power Behind Being Thankful
When you’re grateful, you act out of a sense of enough instead of a sense of

The Maverick Files

5 Modern Lessons from Mythology’s Crafty Statesman — Lord Krishna
The relevance of his teachings in contemporary

Christopher Harvey

To Suffer

Agnes Laurens

Jumping In The Mud
Haiku about jumping in the mud

Mimi Bordeaux

Creator of Calvarium

Aurellia T. Elisha

How to Love Yourself —  1 Astoundingly Simple Mind Shift
You don’t have to literally love yourself to love

Eric Sutherland

The future of micro-mobility
Electric Bicycles, Scooters and

Yousuf Rafi

Cursing Won’t Give You Anything But Following These Post-COVID Marketing Strategies Will Help
Get ahead of your competition with these post-COVID marketing

Neil Pavitt

Brainhacking For Beginners
In today’s fast moving business world, how you use your brain is more important than ever. Here are ten tips from my…

Vrunda Nagpal

What IS my Native-Tongue???
My experience with ‘First Language Attrition’

Piyush Kamal🎖

Embarrassing Grammar Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Content
29 Tips to Shine Your

Boateng Sekyere

How This Ambitious Pizza Place Attracts Chains of Large Crowds As Others Contract
The power of a simple talk

Emmy Chamberlain

Use LinkedIn To Become A Marketing Master.
LinkedIn is the best social media platform for

Adriana Sim

6 Peculiar Lessons From My 6th Month on Medium
Plus stats, monthly earnings and all kinds of


5 easy ways to develop your career at home
It’s difficult to develop your career whilst being at home, so I have come up with 5 easy tips to help build your…

Eden Kunter

Being A Cat Person Might Be Linked With A Disease: Toxoplasmosis
Could a disease be the reason so many people love cats and keep them as pets? The answer is yes!

Darren Richardson

Where We Go When We Go to Sleep

Giorgos Pantsios

Writing Online Feels Like an Idle Game
A strategy to make you progress

Ruchi Shah

This One Quote Can Transform the Way You Look at Life.
A single sticker can do wonders for

Ozge Kantas, Ph.D.

Psychological First Aid is Not Rocket Science
Though, learning how to do so can incredibly fuel your “rocket” in


What is Mehandi Or Henna?
Mehendi is the most important part of the wedding for all Asian bride. In fact, it is one of the occasions in the…

Zahra Ali

Your Real Competition Isn’t Other People
It’s the enemy

Abishaik Mohan

Five Ways Reading Books can Transform your Lives
It instills calmness and drives away negative

Mike Marolla

39 Lessons On My 39th Birthday
As I start my last year before the big 4–

Dean Middleburgh

The 5 Biggest Misconceptions of Coaching
Life coaching is an extremely misunderstood subject. I aim to give you the inside track of what life coaching is and…

Mackenzie Andersen

Dialing Up Free Enterprise & Dialing Back the Command Economy
Under Maine’s Progressive Governors, Creeping Corporatism Grew the Wealth

Kimberly Thomas

Quarantine, COVID-19, and the Spaces In-Between
Where we call “home” can definitely make situations better or

Chad Raybourne

Why Jeff Bezos Loves the Coronavirus
He’s not the only one. Let’s look at the

Steve QJ

Monsters, Birthday Cake, and Jordan Peterson’s New Book
The view from Jordan Peterson’s latest

Estelle Bardon (MyLibook)

10 Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for Early Readers
Are you looking for inspiration for presents? MyLibook has compiled a list with original ideas around the theme of…

Alan Lew

To Truly Know Another Requires Suspending Judgement
The ability to observe without judgement s the highest form of

Tiago Miranda

Meeting an‘Old friend’ called Pain
Sometimes you just have to

Alexandre Porto

The Principles of Charisma
Charming your way to the

Mayank Pamnani

My Third Month Earnings on Medium and 8 Tips for New Writers
Progress is

Sam Eckman

I Convinced 5 Fortune 100 CEO’s To Be My Mentor
— and 6 tips to make it to the

Andriani Carolina

With The Right Question, We Can Find The Answer to How We Want To Live Our lives.
It’s the

Matt Stevenson

Try This Secret Japanese Hangover Cure
Ukon No Chikara might be the homemade hangover cure you’ve been looking

Kirsty Armstrong

Feeling stuck? 4 ways to make change happen
Let go of your fears and create a life of positive

Josh Balerite Acol

The Mesmerizing Mexican Mint
Spreading wonders to each needy soul, this one’s my fave among all herbs’

Carrie Tawil

I Bullied My Child For Two Years
Making a change in behavior is never too

Christopher Harvey

20 Strange But True Facts That Will Shock You
I’m sure you have heard some strange facts in your life, but here I have put together a list of something really crazy!

Steve B Howard

The Saint of the Busted Writers

Steven Anthony

They Almost Got Me…
Two well-played

Deepak Sethi

9 Quotes by Chanakaya That Make Amazing Life Lessons.
When practiced they will make your life

Mimi Bordeaux

Wind and Fire
Oh my Lord what have I done. Maketh the pain go away holding hands with vista pleasure beyond my expression I am…

Alice Toneatto

Can You Make Money on Redbubble With No External Traffic?
How to get sales without a social media


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