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Dear Followers and Readers,

We started a new series featuring stories submitted to ILLUMINATION. We present our second issue today.

We selected a small number of engaging stories from a broad range of topics for your enjoyment today.

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Please enjoy these engaging and inspiring stories.

Holly Kellums

Editors Pick of Readers Choice — Top 7 Most-Loved Stories: Meaningful Engagement Matters
The 7 stories people loved the most and whymedium.com

Dew Langrial

Editor’s Choice — Top 10: How To Be Creative in a Way That Transforms Your Whole Life
Let’s have a look at our Top 10 stories todaymedium.com
A Successful Writer’s 25 Tips for Writing Online
Stop and think why Tim Denning says these thingsmedium.com

Dr. Preeti Singh

The Significance of Flowers to Our Lives
Flowers spread happiness and have an aura of peace and contentmentmedium.com

The Maverick Files

Potato Head Loses the “Mr.” in Move Towards Equality -Masterstroke or Overkill?
Why should toys have all the fun?medium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

How To Be An Emotionally Mature Leader
Integrating emotional intelligence with reasoningmedium.com
Why Or Why Not Grand Theft Auto 5 Banned
The dichotomy between lovers and haters is massive. I provide neutral insights.medium.com

Noorain Hassan, BMS

What Is So Weird About Donald Trump’s Height?
But, you’re not going to like it.medium.com


More Stories Chosen for Distribution
Less money earnedmedium.com

Michela Pasquali

Getting to Always
How to open up to a flowing energy of joy and peacemedium.com

Judson Vereen

The Moon Illuminates Through My Cigarette Smoke,
a poem by Judson Vereenmedium.com

Nasar Karim

Your Thinking Errors and The Tree that Explains Everything!
The tricks that are changing my thinking (and my life).medium.com

Shiraz Zafar Hussain

How Reading Saved my Life
A book is a device to light the imaginationmedium.com

Andy Dumitrescu

How To Overcome Your Weaknesses And Learn From Them
Your weakness can truly put you forwardmedium.com

Chinyere Okoh

FOCUS is a Key Ingredient for Success…ELIMINATE All Distractions!medium.com


This Is How A Diary Helped Me Develop Better Emotional Intelligence (Newsletter)
Give it a go! You’ll be pleasantly surprised (you trust me, right?)medium.com

Rosa Diaz

Precious Moments
This week, I finished reading “Chasing Daylight” by Eugene O’Kelly, where he ultimately chronicled the last leg of his…medium.com

Rahul Anand

5 Bizarre Questions That Help You Find Your True Calling
Can you embarrass yourself today?medium.com

Stuart Englander

The Films That Award Ceremonies Forget
Are some of cinema’s finest works of artmedium.com

Jessica Stan

Three Simple Things That Will Make Your Day 10x Better
Escape the winter (and Covid-19) bluesmedium.com

Alberto Guerrero

3 Ways to Be Wrong… the Right Way
The more you fail, the more you succeedmedium.com

Pat Austin Becker

Six Things I Learned from a Snow Storm in the South
Probably also true in the northmedium.com

Simona Cazanescu

One Book That Helped Me Recover My Motivation
Great things happen to those stepping out of their comfort zonemedium.com

Sandra Di Francesco

This is How to Properly Deal with Your Insecurities
To be human is to have insecurities but they can wreak a lot of havoc in our lives.medium.com

Adam Hendrix

Dreams and Goals Are Overrated. Focus On This Instead
The process you engage with determines the person you become.medium.com

Susan Foster

Have You Met Libby?
I’ve fallen a little in love. When you meet her, you might, too (Spoiler alert: Libby is a library app)medium.com

Ivette Cruz

From your heartmedium.com

Noah Nelson

Majoring In Journalism Was One of My Best Decisions
How I chose to do so and never looked back.medium.com

Dylan Deckard

5 Reasons How Adulthood Taught Me To Hate Snow
I have to step in it.medium.com

Holly Kellums

Great Successes Who Died Failures
They shaped our world without our permission — never let rejection stop you from writing, painting, thinking and…medium.com

Sheila Musgrove

2 Easy Questions To Ask To See If A Job Offer Can Be STRETCHED.
But, not too far — you don’t want to have it smack you in the head.medium.com
Job Searching Over 50?
3 silly mistakes that give away your agemedium.com

Trapper Sherwood

Conviction Helps Entrepreneurs Become Successful Leaders
How every entrepreneur can use conviction to be a great leadermedium.com

Bill Abbate

Why Learning to Negotiate Is One of the Most Important Skills in Life
How to negotiate your way to a better lifemedium.com

Regina Clarke

Aliens Among Us
Alien spacecraft have been documented for over fifty years in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York, where I live…medium.com

Tyana Wolff

You Are the Most Important Person In the World
You just don’t know it yetmedium.com

David Spero Rn

Don’t Dismiss Trump Supporters
Many could become class alliesmedium.com

Rosy Gee

Village Life: A Profound Discovery Made Me a Better Person
“Things are not always the way we want them to be, but we can learn to understand them”.medium.com

Terry Trueman

There is a difference between misspeaking about something and flat out lyingmedium.com

Joe Luca

Can’t Stop Moving
24 February 2021 Wednesday Prose Poem Prompt: moving expressionsmedium.com

Hilda Carroll

How to Work with the Natural Elements in Feng Shui
A Feng Shui Primer for Westerners, part 2.medium.com

Jair Ribeiro

How to reframe a gap on your CV as an opportunity
Because every experience counts to your next jobmedium.com

Louis Petrik

I Have Read a Ton of Books on Writing, so You Don’t Have To
3 helpful tips for better writing I foundmedium.com

Crystal Jackson

Our Stories Become Rabbit Holes — and Self-Fulfilling Prophesies
There’s a reason the past repeats itselfmedium.com

Lori Lamothe

Blue Jays
The light is on its waymedium.com

Jimmy Meyer

How To Become A Better Listener
Use Your Heart Before Your Earsmedium.com

Wanita Isaacs

When understanding beckons
A poemmedium.com
Who wins a war?
A poemmedium.com

Tülay Circir

4 Common Misconceptions About Negotiation in the Professional World
Let’s wipe them out and make successful deals.medium.com

Paco Cantero

The Golden Question That Will Make You Achieve All Your Goals
An easy-to-implement 3-step process that never fails to set your priorities in lifemedium.com

Floyd Mori

Is Segregation In Schools Gone?
It does not appear so in some areasmedium.com

Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

The One Thing Teens Want Parents to Change
A poemmedium.com

Pakang Senosha

Mr Beast’s 20 million trees not enough
Nature needs more trees.medium.com

Shauna Christina

A Good Argument for Sleeping in the Nip
One small change can make a huge difference.medium.com

Francesca Gabrielle Bavaro

Land’s End

Jaivir Hans

Discounting Numbers May Nurture Your True Writing Potential
Exploring an untethered relationship between pen and paper may reap longer-term returns.medium.com

Karen Madej

True Friendships Weather All Storms
Lifelong vs passing friendships and when it’s time to walk away.medium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

Cryssarina’s First Visit — Part 4
Athena is in lovemedium.com

Simon Doherty

‘Returning to the Music Festival Where My Daughter Died’
I got a lot out of itmedium.com

Brooke Ramey Nelson

What Would William Golding Say?
A Poemmedium.com

Maria Rattray

Was It Love At First Sight?
Or just pure lust…a need that only he could fulfill? I’ll let you be the judge.medium.com

Dr. Fatima Imam

Decision Making Process
A poemmedium.com


Odd Days Changing Lanes!
The “Odd Days” (cough) column presents a piece all the odd-numbered days, by a preferably unknown writer. Unless one…medium.com
Another Side to the Bitcoin
A comment found in “Everyone Wants to Get Rich, and It’s Driving Us Crazy.”medium.com

Talya Adams

I Gained My First Internet Troll
It’s a good thing I grew up with a bully.medium.com

Iva Hotko

Letting Go
Words that we have to livemedium.com

Alfonso Guerrero

It’s Time for Your Team to Implement Virtual Office Hours
Reserving up to an hour a week will reduce miscommunication and unlock productive timemedium.com

Samantha Drobac

You Are Broken.
What do you do about it? Just put a band-aid?medium.com

Dayton Parks

Becoming a Writer: You Will Not End Up Where You Started
Being an influential writer is a never-ending process.medium.com

Sheryll James

Feeling Hopeless From the Hypocrisy of Our Leaders?
News Flash: Jesus Disapproves and Demands Self-Examination From All Offendersmedium.com

Ivette Cruz

My Muse
Poetry about my muse and Imedium.com

Taylor Haught

Red Queen
A Poemmedium.com

Simon Dillon

Why the Best Tragedies Are Funny
Comedic counterpoint is a vital tool for crafting convincing tales of sorrow and lossmedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

How Can Writers Supplement Medium Income?
One my purpose is to create awareness on services and tools for writers to supplement their incomes.medium.com

Maria Rattray

Truth, Honesty, And Respect: The Building Blocks Of A Life Well-Lived
Is honesty always the best policy? And does it really pay?medium.com

Nikola Ojdanić, Ph.M.

Covid-19 vs. Freedom
An opinion you are probably not going to like!medium.com

Terry Mansfield

Easily check a whole range of your Medium statistics using the Medium Enhanced Stats tool.
It’s a Chrome extension to be used on your laptop or desktop computer. It’s easy to download and comes in very handy if…medium.com

Matthew P. Lodge

If I Was Donald Trump’s Lawyer
This outline is in defense of our former President, Donald Trump.medium.com

Chloe Chia

You Might Feel Ready for Love, But Are You Prepared?
Unsolicited dating advice from a single personmedium.com

Linda Erskine

The Messy Middle
I’m in the throes of an evolution — from Linda of yesterday to new Linda of the future. I have no issue with either one…medium.com

Carole Olsen

Studies Show That Walking Can Increase Creativity by 60%
The best solution to get your writing juices flowing is to walk.medium.com

Anna K

Are You Losing Your Hair?
I am losing my hair. The hairs fly off my head like little snowflakes on a calm winter morning: soft, light, and…medium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Number of Curated Stories Dramatically Increased
And I am very happy about itmedium.com

Noorain Hassan, BMS

5 Reasons Why Braces Were a Sign of Royalty and Why the Trend Is Gone for Good
#1 Were Braces a Fortune Dictator?medium.com

Noah Nelson

Medium Is Like Playing Temple Run
How to make goals on Medium and achieve them.medium.com

julian Harcourt

Middle Aged Man Walking
As someone who usually is physically active and playing sport three or four times a week, it has been very frustrating…medium.com

Randy Wolken

Are Your Ready To Get Your Freedom Back?
It’s time to prepare to be vaccinatedmedium.com

Breneth Edwards

Why Being Single for Long Periods Increases Your Chance of Finding True Love
How can you expect someone else to love you if you don’t?medium.com

Natalie Frank, Ph.D.

Can You Still Spread COVID-19 If You’ve Been Vaccinated
Scientists urge caution as they don’t know if vaccinated people can still carry the virusmedium.com

Mike Marolla

How to Apply Amazon’s Leadership Principles to Your Life
Some highlights from the listmedium.com

Paco Cantero

4 Effortless Hacks to Overcome Anxiety and Guilt Feelings When You Have an Unproductive Day
I’ve tried all of them on myself, and they always work!medium.com

Kyle Chastain

6 of Nietzsche’s Best Quotes That Will Help You Say Yes to Life
Find freedom, trust your gut, and do not become a monster.medium.com

Melanys Figueredo

A Milestones Journey Into Hacker’s Culture
Explore the most revolutionary milestones about hackers’ culture, movies and games.medium.com

Esse Letters

Mom and Dad
I guess the logical place to start would be my parents. I mean, in a lot of ways, they really got the ball rolling on…medium.com

Elena Emma

My Future TED Talk: Rainbows-N-Out
Could it be that Gen Y, as a generation, is the product of all the battles that our ancestors have fought? Could it be…medium.com

Domagoj Patrick Vidovic

The Dark Side Of Meditations
Nobody talks about itmedium.com

Harsh Agrawal

The Evolving Role of HR in the Gig Economy
“Today, the role of HR in an organization is no longer functional, it is transformational.”medium.com

Tosin Sanusi

Don’t Work Against Your Short Attention Span, Work With It
You might believe it’s your biggest weakness but if used correctly, it may improve your results.medium.com

Farhan Ashiq

6 Signs That You Are Falling Out of Love
And the science behind itmedium.com

Malin Curry

How To Prepare For A Virtual Interview
3 practical tips to help you ace your next virtual interviewmedium.com

Keith R Wilson

How to Talk to a Kid
My Uncle Jacques is one of those people who knows how to talk to a kid. I once was a kid he could talk to, even though…medium.com

Ro Laberee

Mondays with Myrtle
A Dementia Diary, Part 2medium.com

Nada Chehade

The Women In Caliphate
A quick reviewmedium.com

Eric Fermon™

Need for Leads [Mars]
Tracking Down the Hijackersmedium.com

Hailey Chantalle

5 Ways to Maintain Independence in a Relationship
It’s about more than just spending time apartmedium.com

Elias Niepötter

Creativity & Productivity Tools for students
Which tools should you use to boost your workflow?medium.com


How Our Stories Can Bring Us Illumination
Story-telling is in our genesmedium.com

Juliano Righetto

The Framing That Compromised my Entire Actor Career
In a single scene, I missed the opportunity to become a successful actor.medium.com

Kit Campoy

How To Fail at Something New and Still Succeed
Snowboarding, the 90’s, and a valuable lesson.medium.com

K. B. Cottrill

Why Finding Your Passion is Like Digging for Fools Gold
You don’t have to strike career gold to find fulfillmentmedium.com

Rodney Daut

Why Clients Balk At Our Offers
And How The Motivating Problem Gets Them To Say Yesmedium.com

Kelsey Ogbewe

Attention Social Media Companies, We Demand More Transparency!
…and an accessible hub for privacy information.medium.com

Jaivir Hans

The Quirky Habit I’ve Used To Memorize All The Countries On Earth
You don’t need an airplane to travel the world.medium.com


Shield and Baton
Why “Acab” should be the motto of every thinking person.medium.com

Francesco Rizzuto

Managing The Unmanageable
The COVID-19 crisis in schools is destroying teachersmedium.com

I. Trudie Palmer

Did You Know the Butterflies are Magicians?
Nature is Supernaturalmedium.com

Cory Rer

Do You Feel Like You Can’t Win In Life?
If you’re an owl you hoot. You probably are trying to defend your territory or some shit, or maybe your looking for…medium.com


5 Walt Disney Quotes That Can Actually Help Make You a Better Writer
Inspirational quotes from a man who made it huge with no education and no knack for businessmedium.com

Brian Abbey

Interpreting My Recurring Dreams of Christina Aguilera
Understanding the pop star’s residency in my subconscious.medium.com

Obinna Uruakpa

The Secret Of A Healthy Long Life
As told by a man who found it and seems to be living itmedium.com

Carla Woody

A Home in the World
A case for wandering to find solid groundmedium.com

Yvonne Vávra

You Want to Be Successful in Life? You Better Not Try
Ancient Chinese philosophy explains why we give our best sometimes to no success when other times life lies at our feet…medium.com

Midori by the Sea

Let Go of Planning the Nitty Gritty
See the big picture, draw a rough timeline, then let everything falls into placemedium.com

Clive Wilson MCIM

A bit about Clive Wilson
From school dunce to Mission Impossible and beyondmedium.com

Rosy Gee

Why QWERTY and Does it Really Matter Which Order the Keys are In?
The clicketty-clacking-dinging sounds of a room full of typists bring back memories from the early days of my career…medium.com

João V Souza

How To Fire Someone And Be Guilt-Free
A fable about making hard callsmedium.com

Michelle Loucadoux, MBA

How to Do a Monthly Self-assessment
And plan to make incremental improvements the next monthmedium.com

Shaista Malik

One-Lined Poem: Happiness (#7)
A phrase about one simple pleasure in lifemedium.com

Randy Shingler

Soulful Explorations
Plunging into soulful explorations
Surveying inner feelings lying there
Influences they have on actions taken…

America Zed

Mini Insights
Why paying attention improves your life experiencemedium.com

Tree Langdon

China is building huge infrastructure projects to access new world markets.
Go West Young Man, and North, and South……..medium.com

MJ Adia

When Beautiful People Say Beauty is Within
Female pop vocalists who tell us beauty is within are always so beautiful!medium.com

Angelina Der Arakelian

Pupil Magic
Another poem about the eyesmedium.com

G Correia

Fitting Someone Else’s Narrative Should Never Define You
No, I am not a basketball player nor do I have a criminal record.medium.com

Selina Hajarat

The One Hack to Remembering Everything You Read
Play it smart not hardmedium.com

Bob Jasper

A Funny Thing Happened…
Can’t find anything to laugh about? Laugh anyway!medium.com

Dr. Anshul Mishra

Ace any language exam!!
Introducing the 3 P’s strategy: Pedal, Preview, and Present.medium.com

Francesca Gabrielle Bavaro

An Existential Crisis Masquerading As A Poem

Jimmy Meyer

Working For Starbucks: Pros & Cons
What it’s like working at Starbucksmedium.com

Marcel Badia

Digital Technology a Must-Have Tool to Boost Entrepreneurship
After disruptive breakthroughs, powerful digital technology, platforms, and infrastructure have transformed…medium.com

Tom Handy

How I Earned More Money on News Break Than Medium in Less Time
Earning money on two platforms is better than one.medium.com

Tania Juricevic

8 Tiny Things You Should Do in the Morning for a Great, Productive Day
Aside from killing dust mitesmedium.com

Josh “υя_ωιѕємαη* “ Lessie

How I started writing in Medium
My little storymedium.com

Carole Olsen

Paranoia on Social Media.
How I crave to be liked on Facebookmedium.com

Teresa Kuhl

3 Ugly Myths About LGBTQ Allies
You Really Can be an Ally and Still be Yourselfmedium.com

David Gerken

Taking Life Too Seriously? Consider Amping Up The Silliness

RJ Harrigan

Old Wives’ Tales
And why I’m addicted to Googlemedium.com

Michaela Grek

Fastest & Simplest Breakfast of Champions
No, coffee doesn’t count, Michaela…medium.com

Joan Kent, PhD

3 Somethings About Serotonin That Are Good
We know serotonin boosts mood, but it does these other things, toomedium.com


Aristotle Owned Slaves,
 and Why it Matters

There was an article in the NYT Magazine about Dan-el Padilla Peralta, He is a professor in the Classics Department at…medium.com

Katherine Sullivan

A Story of Longing
What my childhood self taught me about holding on and letting go.medium.com

Jake Meiss

The Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism
How Evolutionary theory undermines Atheismmedium.com

Sid Khaitan

Making Feedback Your Superpower as a Writer
How to get more gentle rinses and fewer teeth pulledmedium.com

Linda Kowalchek

Have you ever considered writing on News Break?
News Break is a platform similar to Medium in that, like Medium, it is also an online publishing platform. News Break…medium.com

Trudy Horsting

What I learned Flying to Japan with Two Strangers
It was one of the most terrifying but most pivotal moments of my lifemedium.com

Jeffrey Flesch

Creative Beings
Is a wondrous
Part of the human
Art form.

La Dolce Vita Diary 🎉

9/11 Business (B2B) Lessons Learned For Now
That Businesses (and Marketers) Could Do Now in COVID Timesmedium.com

Danell teNyenhuis Black

Top 10 Online Dating Profiles
Dating profiles can be very entertaining!medium.com

Aldric Chen

The 3 Topics We Should Not Write In 2021.
We are sick and tired of hearing and reading about them.medium.com

Francesco Joseph

Walt Disney: The Failures of an Early Entrepreneur
“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” — Walt Disneymedium.com

Kaylan Mah

Simple Ways to Bless Your Boss (Because Generosity is Not Just for Those in “Need”)
Appreciating those we often take for grantedmedium.com

Ines Lee

3 Misconceptions about Data Privacy
Is data privacy just for people with something to hide?medium.com

Markus Hatvan

How To Improve Your Hair Quality With the Natural and Environmentally Friendly “No Poo” Method
It only takes three simple stepsmedium.com

Shivangi Patel

A Poemmedium.com

Chris McQueen

4 Things Not To Say in a Relationship
#2 I told you somedium.com

Elvie Lins

Can A Photographer Still Make Money Today?
A photographer still can make money today if you are creative in such a way that no one can produce that image the way…medium.com

Kira Dawn

I’m A White Supremest?
Whatever Makes You Feel Better.medium.com

Sophie F.

Meditating On Thoughts Is Worth It When You Can Learn How to Live Your Life better
But you have to mobilise those thoughts to make shit happenmedium.com

M. Nuri Kara

The Importance of Production
Seven titles explaining the importance of productionmedium.com

Dean J Murphy

How to Sell Your Product in 10 Easy Steps
Use these 10 easy steps to gain interest, present and sell your productsmedium.com

Carolyn Broadfield

Now I Understand the Struggles of Family Inevitability
All I wanted was to be different.medium.com

Terry L. Cooper

My Turn To Piss People Off
Don’t say you haven’t been warnedmedium.com
2 Top Selections for February 2021
Dr Mehmet Yildiz asked his editors this week for each of us to compile our own lists. He asked for 5 or 10. Yes; I have…medium.com

Akarsh Nalawade

Your Monthly Book Recommendations
4 Books To Buy, Read, Share And Shout Aboutmedium.com

Jacquelyn Lynn

My Medium Weekly Roundup
Here’s what I published this week and a few stories by others that I enjoyedmedium.com

Katrina Bos

Is Medium My New Drug Pusher?
Watching where I’m getting my new serotonin fixmedium.com

Nathan White

And Just Like That, I Was a Light Rod Guy
I’ve been bad at blogging. My goal after football season was to publish once a week, and I had done well since…medium.com

Raj Bhatia

My life’s earning has left my family at war
And it’s all my faultmedium.com

Jesús Vila

Ideas Are Technology
If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it; for it is hard to be sought out and difficult. — Heraclitus…medium.com

Kenny Rivaldi

Will the Coffee Shop Culture Survive in the Post-Pandemic Era?
You might have to say goodbye to your favorite coffee shops.medium.com

Melanie J.

One-Lined Poem: Happiness (#12)
A phrase about one simple pleasure in lifemedium.com

Brad Creech

When Everything’s Broken
A personal poem about a time of lossmedium.com

Pat Austin Becker

Stop Sending Email and Get out the Stationery
The handwritten letter is a dying artmedium.com

Emma Comeaux

8 Financial Habits That Keep You Poor
Stop Sabotaging Your Financesmedium.com

Paul Coogan

Fiction is a Path to World Peace
Books change our brains in some surprising waysmedium.com

Sharon Turnoy

Triumph Over Toxic Love
How to Leave Him While You Still Love Himmedium.com

Josh Balerite Acol

I Will Hang On Until I Win
My quest into Ars Poetica formmedium.com


You Can Profit When The Big Banks Make Huge Profits
Own Bank Stocks and Receive Dividendsmedium.com

Travis Hubbard

Please Read
You’ll thank me later.medium.com

Kristina Coggins

The Power of Creative Connectionsmedium.com

Camille Allard

How Masturbation Is the Best Way To Clear Your Head
Clinicians and psychologists recommend masturbation as a therapymedium.com

Michael Ranjitsingh

The Game of Life
What decisions would you make?medium.com

Jade Augustine

A Lesson in Eating Compassionately
Eating disorder treatment challenged and changed my views on being compassionate and eating compassionately.medium.com

Adam Hendrix

I Learned About Awareness When An Old Man Nearly Hit Me With His Car
From being a zombie, to staying on your toesmedium.com

Tobi Olabode

Digital Public Spaces an alternative to social media
Is it possible to produce a non-profit alternative to social media?medium.com

Arunn Thevapalan

The Checklists Strategy: How to Reduce Stress and Calm Your Mind
Don’t underestimate this simple, effortless, yet powerful technique.medium.com

Louis Petrik

How To Cure Your Smartphone Addiction in 4 Steps
And gain back your focus.medium.com
Why Emotional Writing Might Ruin Your Text
And how to use your passion in a healthy waymedium.com

Bjorn Rudolfsson

Walking down MMORPG memory lane
A look at how multiplayer gaming has changed, and yet remained the same from one generation to the next.medium.com

Melanie Elsa

Break Your Addiction to Facebook Fighting Once and For All
Your Guide to Freedom from that Nasty Habitmedium.com

Albert Ming

My First Months on Medium
A reflection of my experience writing on this platformmedium.com

Brooklyn Chastain

No Notice
P o e t r ymedium.com


Filter Coffee, Favorite of Generation Z!
In the assemblies where there are several generations from grandchildren to grandchildren, Turkish coffee, water and…medium.com

Babette Devereux

Matches Made In Hell
Quarantined and Dating Onlinemedium.com

Deepak Sethi

A Loving Couple United Two Feuding Villages.
They went through pain to destroy hatred and unite people.medium.com

Cat Baklarz

Crazy Socks, the Unconventional Style Choice that Connects Tech Geniuses, the British Prime…
Swear to the stars — never scorn your socksmedium.com

The Bumble Life

How to Successfully Write a Medium Article on Your Phone
It’s a lot of hassle but it’s possiblemedium.com

Ahmar Shah

Seven Strategic Lessons That Helped Me Get Over 500% Growth in My Third Month on Medium
time-tested strategic tips that work outside medium, now applied to medium journey; don’t decide to write, decide to be…medium.com

Claudia Stack

Booker T. Washington’s Legacy in Wilmington, NC
How the “Wizard of Tuskegee” Greatly Influenced Communities in Wilmington, NC and across the Southmedium.com

Stephen Dalton

Confessions of a Los Angeles County, CA Court Clerk
I helped the State of California pick your pocket for $1.4 billion in traffic ticket revenue last year (2020).medium.com

Hudson Rennie

23 Ways to Create an Obsessive Writing Practice
Why is diving in the hardest step?medium.com

Shashi Sastry

Book: Philosophy of Life Instinct: Chapter 12: Emotions
Agents of our mindmedium.com

Sushma Sampath

Kashmir, the face of Universe’s craftmanship
The crown of India that will let you be the king… Let’s explore.medium.com

Sumesh P

I relocated to Germany during COVID. What I saw explains why Europe struggles to contain it.
The stark differences in handling of the pandemic between a developing nation and developed countries.medium.com

Verbieann Hardy

Words of Passage
Writing created by every place, phase, and person in my Lifemedium.com

Shivendra Misra

Why You Need Fight for Your Energy and Consciousness to Thrive
Ignore your energy on your own perilmedium.com

Emma Comeaux

7 Places Your Money Needs To Go When You Get Paid
How To Start Savingmedium.com

Kembang Langit

Today Is My Birthday and This Is a Little Gift for You
A few reflections that can help you.medium.com


Holistic Methods To Prevent Acne Scars Using Effective Simple Skincare Tactics
Acne has now become more common than ever. If you have acne-prone skin, there is an increased chance you may develop…medium.com

Chris Mooney-Singh

Can’t Go to Bali? Build a Virtual Beach
Filmmaking, Poetry, Virtual Worldsmedium.com

Jim Ryan

Trump: How A Sexual Predator Became President — Twice!
An oversized ego, a combative style, and the MSM created a battleground that led to the presidencymedium.com

Lucas R. Marmor

Brain Chatter
When you can’t think because of the little asshole in your head.medium.com

Paul Douglas

How To Win £1000’s In Competitions Prizes
& You Don’t Have To Spend A Penny To Entermedium.com

Annick Batamuliza

Take The Risk to LIVE
While most only existmedium.com

Nikhil Shukla

How Much I Earned on Medium Without Distribution?
I have to be honest here, I am a bad writermedium.com

Eleri Denham

Sailboats and Swallows: Loss, Grief, and Meaning in “Nomadland”
For many of us, this film arrives just when we needed it.medium.com

Jeffrey Flesch

Tanka #6
Vast sand dunes at sea,
Such a juxtaposition
Underneath? The same.
Pondering the truth of life,
Watching for the nexus…

Geetika Sethi

Untold Stories
The Stories That My Eyes Tellmedium.com

Richelle Délia, PhD

The Harsh Truth About Real Estate Investing That No One Talks About
It can be a form of insanity…medium.com

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