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A Quick Taste to Book Chapters
ILLUMINATION Book Chapters is growing with lightening speedmedium.com

Karen Madej

Weekly Wisdom from Karen
#empowerment #historyofart #lifelessons #nature #collaborationmedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

A New Venture and A New Servicemedium.com

Carolyn F. Chryst, Ph.D.

Birth of the Beltway aka 495
Tysons Corner, Northern Virginia 1952–1968.medium.com

Mike Goldberg

Want an Incredibly Powerful Technique to Combat Self-Deception?
Become aware of this pattern, then redirect it with a simple shiftmedium.com

Dhanaraj Natesan

The secret of Quick Learners You Should Know
You have to be able to implement a thing by learning it that is called learningmedium.com

Chandrani Anantharaman

Rejoice it’s the Season of the Daffodils: Four Simple Lessons
Celebrate the spring season with some sun-kissed daffodils, and don’t forget the simple lessons they bring to us.medium.com

T. Mark Mangum

Can you really earn money writing on Medium?
The answer will surprise youmedium.com

Gary Buzzard

Five Ways To Control the Voices in Your Head — With Positive Self-Talk
Whether you think you can or think you can’t — you’re right.medium.com

Jeff Herring

3 Profit Sucking Chunk Templates Mistakes
…and what to do insteadmedium.com

Ashish Nishad

How Carbon Emission Effects On Human Health
It will take time but this is necessary to save our environment.medium.com

Hammad A. Khalid

3 Lessons I Learned From Starting A Business at 17
And how you can apply these lessons to starting your first (online writing) businessmedium.com

Harry Hogg

I Miss The Strangers
Walking the town of Sausalitomedium.com

Angelina Der Arakelian

On Digital Existentialism
Why an Overload of Information Isn’t the Gateway to Freedommedium.com

Shiv Peshwa

Being Nice: The Wrong and Right Way
How to practice doing it rightmedium.com


Six Legendary Skills You Need To Master To Succeed In Entrepreneurship
#6: Embrace Failuremedium.com

◦•●Christina M. Ward ●•◦

I Took a 30-Day Pub Challenge and This is How It Went
Yes, a challenge.medium.com


Excellent article.
Shout-outs — that’s claptrap
Egos love their attachments
but fear engagements
Share your views and thoughts with me…

Stuart Englander

My Inspiration For Daily Trips Through History
With the undying support of ILLUMINATION Integrated Publicationsmedium.com

Tracey Folly

Are Relationship Breaks a Good Idea?
Relationship breaks are just a trial run for the real thingmedium.com

Ms Fischer

The Covid-19 vaccines
My experience with the first and second dosesmedium.com

Floyd Mori

Helping Other People Deal With Their Trauma
Lots of people are sufferingmedium.com

Warren Brown

When the Pottery Cracks and Breaks
Does the Potter mend the broken pot?medium.com

Tom Handy

Simple and Easy Ways to Plan For Your Next Trip to Disneyland You Need to Know
Find out what Disneyland rides and events are open.medium.com

Aaron Kemp

020 — Free Form — Big, Little, Hot, and Cold
A sense of the sensesmedium.com

Rugare Maruzani

Springtime Fatigue: Why You May Be Feeling More Tired as Winter Comes to an End
The little-understood phenomenon of springtime fatigue and how you can overcome itmedium.com

Gurpreet Dhariwal

The True Cost Of The American Dream
The grass is not always greener on the other side because you haven’t seen the other side yet.medium.com

Terry L. Cooper

When you have so much fluid in your head that you have to take a deep breath and chug coffee.

Nuno Fabiao

Why Suffering Anxiety Affects Your Writing Process
A journey to transform anxiety into mindful writing.medium.com

Nazlican Kurt

7 Phrases You Need to Promise Yourself to Get Your Life in Order
Don’t we fix it when things go wrong with ourselves?medium.com

Victoria Ponte

The Leftovers
A Poemmedium.com

Michele Thill

I’m someone who can be by your side.
The support that comes from someone who has walked the path.medium.com

Bill Abbate

How Does Publishing 400 Articles on Medium Affect Your Life?
From a writing experiment to a life-changing experiencemedium.com

Tracey Folly

I Didn’t Want to Save Him
In becoming his rescuer, I ceased to be his partnermedium.com

Melinda Crow

Macular Hole: The Sudden Age-related Blindness You Didn’t Know You Needed to Worry About
I lost almost half my vision last week. Here’s how that’s working out.medium.com

Tyler Piteo-Tarpy

Are You MAD or NUTS?
The Dilemma of Nuclear Strategymedium.com

Terry Trueman

I know, I know… When you read that title You thought of your home didn’t you?medium.com

Amy Culberg

Dear Mask,
One day, I’m gonna rip you off my facemedium.com

Zachary Kerman

Do I have anything else to say about autism?
Just the same old spectrum, nothing’s changed.
But I kinda like it like…

Sapna M

7 Life Lessons We Should Teach Our Daughters
No matter what life throws your way, you have what it takes and more, to make it through.medium.com

Paul Douglas

The Terrapin – A Short Story
A night I will always remembermedium.com

Karen Madej

Excitement Thrilled Through My Veins the Moment I Spoke the Words Aloud for the First Time
“I am a full-time freelance writer,” I said to my neighbour.medium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: April 3
The Good, The Bad, and The Suffragettesmedium.com

Krishna V Chaudhary

What Does a Woman Want?
“Bonds of love never make the wearer weaker -they gave him greater strength!”— Wonder Womanmedium.com

Lilian Poon

When Offered A Seat At The Table, I Hope You Accept
The biggest lesson I learned from the boss ladies at my corporate jobmedium.com

Todd Williams

The law is called the Rehabilitation Act, and it was enacted in the ’80s. Federal law {29 U.S. Code § 701 to 29 U.S…medium.com

Eric Fermon™

Moon Base Lunar25
Another Trip to Oberonmedium.com

Sandi Parsons

Break the Cycle: Reducing Bedtime Worry for Children
An easy parenting hack that also promotes a growth mindsetmedium.com

Britni Pepper

A few whacks with my ice-axe and I’m onto the ridge.
Above, the ridgeline flattens, then rises to the summit.medium.com

Macey Malone

India’s Dangerous New Curriculum To Rewrite History
While pursuing dominance, the nation is harboring ignorancemedium.com

Esther George

If They Don’t Deserve You, Stop Wasting Your Time
It’s time to slay the time vampiresmedium.com

Aldric Chen

Another Weekend Of Animal Crossing (Part 2). A Time Portal Back To 1950s and 2013.
A recent conversation with Maria Rattray ignited the spark for this story.medium.com

Kyle Chastain

Use This Mindset Shift to Avoid Feeling Behind in Life
Learn to appreciate the gap.medium.com

Mike Goldberg

How I am Manifesting Convergence in my Life
Holding myself accountable is correlating to other seemingly unrelated areas of my life.medium.com

Terry Mansfield

Obsessed With Sex?
A poem that poses a provocative questionmedium.com

Dr Sachin pandit

How can we get more views on the medium?
ways to get more views on the mediummedium.com

Jeanne Yacoubou, MS

Helping Kids Find Their “Why” During the Covid Pandemic
Ways to cope with child and teen depression and suicidal ideationmedium.com

Camille Grady

Balancing Mind and Heart
Learning a new dancemedium.com


On learning to reject conformity from a special book from my childhoodmedium.com


“More important than sharing our highpoints, I want to share the mundane, and each other’s pain.
That is from my rather lengthy smorgasbordmedium.com

Jo Ann Harris

A Presence or Two
A Ghost Storymedium.com

Adam J Bell

Is it Finally Too Late to Start a Successful YouTube Channel?
My own channel answered this question just recentlymedium.com

Sarah Seweryniak

The Top 5 Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes That Will Improve Your Productivity
Here are 5 quotes Gary Vaynerchuk has shared that motivate, especially in periods where productivity is lacking.medium.com

Jan Vajda

My Last 4 Articles Were Chosen for Further Distribution
Was there any blueprint?medium.com

David Gerken

Ever Wonder Why We All Think So Many Useless, Involuntary Thoughts?
Hint: our brains are obsolete.medium.com

America Zed

Poetry of remembrancemedium.com

Maryam Ismail

I Won!
My battle against Covid19medium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

Final Pause
A reply to a poetry promptmedium.com

Alexa Baczak

Does Intelligence Really Cause Unhappiness?
Before answering this question, we need to discuss what intelligence ismedium.com

Biswanath Datta

Can You Ever Be Debt-Free?
All of us want to be debt free and it is possible. Yet, we accumulate some debts which can never be repaid or closed.medium.com

Carole Olsen

How Many Friends Do Women Have?
Here are survey results. Are friends necessary for our happiness ? You may be surprised by what I found out.medium.com

Andrew Okri

What if the earth flipped upside down
And we walk around with our arms
Learning to do ordinary things with our feet…

Darren Richardson

The Brief, Tragic Story of Overnight Meat Thaw and Gizmo Wahoo
“Some people get rich and others eat sh** and die.”-Hunter S. Thompsonmedium.com

Claire Kelly

Tick-Tock says your Clock.medium.com

G Correia

Using Racial Epithets as Weapons of Division is the Default for Many
When emotions run high, the true self comes out to play.medium.com

Liliana Nakamura

All Forms of Racism Must Be Eradicated
#StopAsianHate and #BlackLivesMatter are just starting points to end racismmedium.com

Yaqoob ahmad

You Want To Be a Better Person? Try the Marriage Technique.
Pretending to be married can give you massive perspective.medium.com

Mike Goldberg

What is Self-Awareness and Why Does it Matter?
Understanding Self-Awareness can bring new possibilities to your lifemedium.com

Melanie J.

Lucid Love


A Reader Who Enjoys Reading Illumination Publication’s Stories
My review of some storiesmedium.com

Jeff Herring

How to Turn Every Article into an Evergreen Residual Content Income Stream
The “Chunk Challenge”medium.com

Holly Kellums

To All Who Have Lost Someone to Covid-19
An open letter sent with great reverencemedium.com

Floyd Mori

Peter Wang Was A High School Hero
Richard Lui mentioned him in his new bookmedium.com

Corina Oana

The art of being understoodmedium.com


Quotes That Teach II
There is a quote for every life seasonmedium.com

Ray Cheng

Trevor Noah: A Fine Touch of Humor in Humorless Times
After reading Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime, I found a vague sense of loss as I grappled with his presence as a…medium.com

Brooke Ramey Nelson

The Disneyfication of Life
When two roads diverge — don’t take the one everyone else is onmedium.com

Jay Toran

The Book for the Last Horse Race
Put ’em all in the starting gate, and I’ll pick the winner ahead of time!medium.com

Katie Sheps

Can Alcohol Consumption Impact On Vaccine Effectiveness?
A science-backed article exploring claims that we should temporarily abstain from alcohol pre and post-vaccination.medium.com

Elio D’Anna

Absence of gratitude is the absence of love, absence of life
The Healing Power of Illnessmedium.com

Gippolito Ndp

One Reason Why America Will Not Be Solving Prejudice and Discrimination Issues Anytime Soon
A recent article involving statements made by a GOP candidate in Texas for a seat in the House of Representatives got…medium.com


How To Make Your Own Home Gym Routine
Make A Lifestyle Fit During These Trying Timesmedium.com

Jacquelyn Lynn

My Medium Weekly Roundup
Here’s what I published this week and a few stories by others that I enjoyedmedium.com

Hammad A. Khalid

How to Spell “Gourmet” (and Other Lessons From a Spelling Bee Champ)
Incorporate what I’ve learned into your life todaymedium.com

João V Souza

What Are All the Trophies You Have in your Life?
Pay attention to what you have achieved so farmedium.com

Tavian Jean-Pierre

5 Experiences That Shaped My Philosophy for Life
Life lessons from 21 years on earthmedium.com

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image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com
image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com

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