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How Can Published Authors Create Visibility?
A sample and guiding introduction to book chapters.medium.com


Welcome New Writers
Onboarding new contributors joining ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR, ILLUMINATION Book…medium.com


A Quick Taste to Book Chapters
ILLUMINATION Book Chapters is growing with lightning speedmedium.com


Is Medium a Malignant Narcissist?
Are member-owned and operated publications and their editors suffering through an abusive relationship?medium.com

Remington Write

I’m Better at This Than I Thought
So are youmedium.com

Khadejah Jones

Do You Have to Be “Demented” to Make Amazing Art? Yes and No.
Here’s why.medium.com

George Lamptey

If I pause…will you listen?
Poetry Prompt day:-20medium.com

Ayu Johari

A Boy In Love With A Firebird
A poem about a boy falling in love with a girl who he feels is out of this worldmedium.com

MJ Adia

Put It in the Background
How to keep racism from ruining the movie-viewing experiencemedium.com

Josh Balerite Acol

Is Medium Truly A Medium?
We ought to communicate with each other, heed each other and discuss how we see the world, and for me, Medium is the…medium.com

W. Cahraman

Distant Stars

Bob Jasper

Else We Wither
An engineer
Seeing the word

Jacquelyn Lynn

Happy Easter!
Whether you celebrate Easter or not, I’d like to wish you a happy Eastermedium.com

Azadehruh Alam

Woman as Witness
Woman’s Wordsmedium.com

Kristy Lynn

I Wrote on Medium for One Year, And This Is What I Learned
Does money matter the most in life?medium.com

Harry Hogg

Short Back and Sides
But I wanted a trimmedium.com

Noorain Hassan, BMS

The Arabs Denied My Birth
You never truly know yourself, until you know your birth.medium.com

Zachary Seda

Normal Green Door
A Short Storymedium.com

Shaista Malik

Taming My Words
A poemmedium.com

Alice Toneatto

I Haven’t Written for a Month on Medium
This is how much I’ve made, and my statsmedium.com

Dr. Fatima Imam

Me, Myself, and I
One-line poetry promptmedium.com

Blaine Coleman

The Waterfall
June 1992medium.com

Gary Westfal

A Spirit of Gratitude
Life is a gift. Are you grateful for it?medium.com

Susan Foster

Costco shopping on a Saturday makes me grumpy, but today a brief encounter lightened my mood.
Cars packed the parking lot and crowds of people poured in and out of the store. Walking toward the entrance, I watched…medium.com

Bill Abbate

Ensure Your Success 99% of the Time by Using Two Common Qualities
How to use two well-known qualities to gain success in your lifemedium.com

Tree Langdon

Bentonville Arkansas Makes the Semi-Finals
They’ve come a long way since the first sixteenmedium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: April 4
The DREAM did NOT DIE heremedium.com

Ntathu Allen

Pause — Haiku poem
Poetry prompt day: — 20medium.com

Shashi Sastry

Book: Philosophy of Life Instinct: Chapter 16: Learning and Education
Levers of mind powermedium.com


The Significant Advantages of Being Silly Around Your Partner
Being Playful With Your Partner has Great Benefitsmedium.com

Annelise Lords

Cause Of Death: Sagging
He was walking across the street, his pants almost to his knees. A taxi trying to beat the red light, speeds up. The…medium.com

Prince Verma

Step By Step Guide To Cultivate Self-Confidence
Everything is possible if you believe in yourself.medium.com

Gippolito Ndp

Finally, an Explanation of How Congress Got to be Crazytown — and Apparently It Was Not All the…
Now all we have to do is figure out how to get the inmates back in their seats so Congress can do what it’s there formedium.com

Dee Adams

The Crown Act — An Anti-Discrimination Hair Law
Is Ethnic Hair More Costly Than European Hair?medium.com

Dr Mudassir Hussain

Complexity and Error in Medicine
How medical errors are mademedium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

Hiding from the Moon
A dark storymedium.com


The Last Time I Saw Bruce
I grew up that eveningmedium.com

Bob Wuest

Life Hacks Are A Distraction From The Real Reasons You’re Not Successful
Confessions of a Former Life Hack Junkiemedium.com
My Self-Created Privilege
As a retired American living overseasmedium.com

Cynthia Marinakos

Your Depression Isn’t Your Fault
A poemmedium.com

Lucas Vilsen

31 Business Tips From The Top 4 Business Books
I believe I can change the way you do business. Do you have 5 minutes?medium.com

Alberto Guerrero

7 Reasons To Stop Playing Safe
If you want to win, that ismedium.com

Tochukwu Okoro E.

You’re Not Doing as Bad as You Think
You’ve heard all of these before.medium.com

Nishi Kashyap

My Parents Are Literally Gonna Freak Out, Like Really Freak Out, When I’ll Tell Them What I’d Done
“You’re kidding, right?” is exactly how they’re going to respondmedium.com

Fernando Doglio

Careful If You Hear Any of These Phrases from the Company You Work For
If you hear one of these it’s perfectly fine to say “no”medium.com

Liberty Ann

Buying Marijuana From a Dispensary vs. a Dealer
Is there a difference? Here’s my take.medium.com

pst tomowo

Happy Easter…
Celebrating CHRIST… The Reason for the Season…medium.com

Elle How

See How I Can Colour My World Green-Eyed Monster
Do you get jealousmedium.com

Subashini Nachimuthu

Mom, me, and the seashellsmedium.com

Sudipto Chanda

How to Recharge Yourself At Lightning Speed
Feeling tired? get energized in minutesmedium.com

Abdullah Nadeem

The Feynman Learning Technique
How to remember anything and improve your memorymedium.com

Dave Smith

Making Sense of the Easter Story
Dads’ survival guide: proclaiming our beliefsmedium.com

Fahri Karakas

Imagine You Own A Historical Building At The Heart of Manhattan
What will you do with it?medium.com

Mariza Mentzou

Want To Be Happier? Start Tracking Your Mood Daily
A step-by-step process to help you stop feeling drained and start smiling againmedium.com


The World of K-Pop: When ‘Love’ Becomes A Money-Making Machine
In 2012, the world of K-Pop fans were outraged when it was published that a female fan wrote a love note to her idol…medium.com

Warren Brown

The Writer’s Way and Life Mission
Every writer’s journey starts with the first literary piece writtemedium.com

Brooke Ramey Nelson

May the Circle Be Unbroken
A Poemmedium.com

Ashish Nishad

How Does Deforestation Affects Wildlife
A horrifying 50,000 species are lost each year from wildlifemedium.com

S.W. Lauden

Book Chapters by S.W. Lauden
Rock ‘n’ roll, rare guitars, vintage vinyl and criminal mayhemmedium.com

Dr Sachin pandit

Why Every girl is rejecting My proposal
I Don’t Know Why Everyone Is Rejecting Memedium.com


Five Ways Anxiety Can Negatively Affect Your Work Performance (and How to Prevent It)
Stress, Depression, and Anxietymedium.com

Alessandro Capraro

What remains
A certain idea of poetrymedium.com

Ayu Johari

Absent on Monday Mornings
I am one of those absent on Monday mornings
No, I am not sick
My body’s present but my mind isn’t
I need caffeine in my…

Alessandro Capraro

About Happiness
The true sixth sensemedium.com

Jeff Herring

3 Profitable, Amazing Chunk Template Insider Secrets
Create * Repurpose * Profitmedium.com

Selina Hajarat

Sufferings in the Pursuit of Power
how to find the power you have been looking formedium.com

Floyd Mori

When Will Washington, D.C. Be Safe To Visit Again?
There has been so much turmoil theremedium.com

Dhanaraj Natesan

Everyone Have A Jealous So How To Handle It
This is the problem that most people in the world have In this story we will see the harms caused by this and how to…medium.com

Nathan White

It’s Camping and Wheeling Season!
Muti-Club Run, March 25–27, 2021medium.com

Liv Mello

My Article About Farting Went Viral and This Is What I Learned
Do I wish I wrote something more eloquent? Nah.medium.com


5 Things That Miserable People Do Because They Are Unbearably Jealous Of You
Learn to spot jealousy and appreciate it for what it truly is — recognition of your awesomeness.medium.com

Claudia Stack

Road names point to the Cape Fear region’s plantation past
Large plantations lined the banks of the lower Cape Fear Rivermedium.com

Todd Williams

Impartial due process hearing for Vocational Rehabilitation Services — Department of Rehabilitation
What you can do to Win!medium.com

Gippolito Ndp

An Interesting Legal Aphorism That Has Impact on the Restrictive Election Laws Coming at Us
Anglo-American Jurisprudence is replete with many sayings that have developed over time. It turns out that lawyers and…medium.com

Terry L. Cooper

What is a Kicker?
The ins and outs of Kicking it on Mediummedium.com

Andy Dumitrescu

Do You Want to Be a Better Writer? Understand the Curse of Being One
Something that nobody is teaching you about writing and society.medium.com

Josh Balerite Acol

Happy Easter One And All!
This day reminds us that life is precious even after deathmedium.com

Terry Mansfield

Subway Concert
Individuals can shine but sometimes teamwork works out best.medium.com

Nuno Fabiao

An Apparently Stupid Comparison Between a Famous Guy and a Known Platform
9 great strategies about writing through MJ’s inspirational life.medium.com

Benazir San

khalifa/caretaker of the Earthmedium.com

Kaylan Mah

Forgetting is Not the End of the World
An exercise in the power of reflectionmedium.com

Ann Marie Steele

They Ask Me What I Remember
You and Bradshaw’s lists, like prepping for the Zombie Apocalypsemedium.com

Naba K.

I Was Once a Fearless Woman
I have questions that only WE can answer.medium.com

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image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com
image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com

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