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What is the purpose of ILLUMINATION?

In this post, I introduce ILLUMINATION to potential contributors.


ILLUMINATION aims to create a novel collaborative content culture with cross-pollination among the writers. We aim to bring writers, editors, and readers to create a social circle of content development, dissemination, and consumption with joint effort.

Our aim is to empower our writers to improve their skills and connections which can enable them to gain visibility to their content. Our publication aims to amplify the messages of our writers. Our focus is on the success of our writers and giving an excellent reading experience to our readers.

Anything you want to know about ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications

How to read bios of writers contributing to ILLUMINATION?

What is editorial standard for ILLUMINATION publication on Medium?

Writers follow a check list before submitting their articles to ILLUMINATION.

Guidelines for article photos in this policy document.

Publication Conduct Guidelines

Rules of engagement and cross-pollination at three levels

Other useful articles to get you started with ILLUMINATION

Useful Resources for Writers

The stories listed below can provide guidance on the use of publication and interaction with others.

Please start with our blog where we keep all our resources.

This publication holds all stories related to ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, and ILLUMINATION’S

Process and Procedures for ILLUMINATION

ILLUMINATION Process & Procedures
Answers to frequently asked question for writers and editors of ILLUMINATION

A Practical Guide for Writers

A Practical Guide for Writers
My collection for writing and writer performance on


References about ILLUMINATION-Curated can be accessed from this single story.Learn About ILLUMINATION-Curated
Essential articles about ILLUMINATION-Curated

Writer bios from their pen

We recommend you submit a story about yourself.

You can find samples from this story.Discover ILLUMINATION Writers
BIOs of writers from their

Six Reasons Writers Need Bios

Six Reasons Writers Need Bios
The most compelling one is

Interviews with writers

Interviews with Writers
Featuring inspiring writers of

Invitation to ILLUMINATION YouTube Channel

Invitation to ILLUMINATION YouTube Channel
Writers need

Meet Top Writers on ILLUMINATION

Meet Top Writers on ILLUMINATION
Featuring writers with top writer status writing for

Meet Editors of ILLUMINATION

Meet Editors of ILLUMINATION
The powerful minds & leaders behind the success of a large publication on

Link Your Twitter Handle to Your Medium Account

How to Link Your Twitter Handle to Your Medium Account
An easy, step by step guide with reasons to link your Twitter to your Medium

How to earn good money on Medium

How to earn good money on Medium
Answering a frequently asked question by new writers with realistic findings articulated in 10 proven and critical…

How to create viral stories on Medium

How to Create Viral Stories on Medium
Patterns and Lessons learned from the content of successful writers on ILLUMINATION. How to increase the chance of your…

Can you make $10,000 on Medium in a month?

Can you make $10,000 on Medium in a month?
Yes, it is possible but you must have a clear strategy, persistence, and

How To Make Six-Figure Income On Medium

How To Make Six-Figure Income On Medium
A quick taste from my realistic perspectives and editorial

Writers Invited to Promote Their Publications

A give back and collaboration initiative of ILLUMINATION to support visibility of

Publications Owned by Illumination Writers

Introducing eclectic and specialized publications created by writers contributing to

Testimonials about ILLUMINATION

Testimonials for ILLUMINATION
Thoughts and sentiments of ILLUMINATION

Storybooks and publication indexing

Storybooks and Indexing Publications
They work. Here is the

Good News

Medium paid $500 bonus to 1,000 most engaging writers. I hope you engage with other writers and post meaningful stories for such future awards.An Unexpected Move From Medium
A game changing approach to keep

Collaboration With Other Writers

Then we have three virtual clubs for your engagement. These clubs are fun and run on our Slack Workspace. 7,500+ Medium Writers are collaborating in our Slack group.

Here is essential information about our Slack WorkspaceAn Introduction to ILLUMINATION Slack Workspace
No more solo riding: Join Slack group, collaborate with your fellow writers and enjoy the vitality of our joyful…



Technology Hits — The TSEE Club

Fiction and Poetry Bios of ILLUMINATION Writers

Collection of recently featured stories

Collection of Featured Stories
Easy access to daily selected stories from engaging writers of

For ILLUMINATION-Curated we create daily volumes.

Here is one of the latest post.Outstanding Stories — Volume 83
Selected stories from top writers of

We keep a link to all volumes in this story.Stories on ILLUMINATION-Curated — All Volumes
Easy access to curated and outstanding


We blog the daily digests and also replicate all stories to our blog site using Medium RSS service.Dr Mehmet Yildiz
Let’s collaborate and amplify our stories on social media I started…

Social Media

Editors tweet your stories after reviewing and publishing them.

Twitter: @llum_official


We have two Facebook pages and a Facebook group. We automatically post your stories. However, you can supplement your posts. Instructions to participate are in this story.Amplify Your Medium Stories with Facebook Pages and Groups
Use ILLUMINATION Facebook pages and group to create visibility for your Medium

We have a new private FaceBook group just for our writers. It is called SYNERGY. This will be our main external social network.

Facebook Groups
SYNERGY has 157


Quora is important for our writers. We share your stories but you can also share your stories in two Quora spaces. Details in this story:


We automatically post your stories to our Linked page and groups.


Another creative distribution is using Pinterest.


We automatically post your stories to Flipboard magazines.ILLUMINATION on Medium
This magazine includes links to all articles created on ILLUMINATION publication on Medium 5000+ writers. Articles can…
Outstanding and curated stories from ILLUMINATION-Curated publication writers on Medium. See more stories about UK…

We have started replicating stories of SYNERGY.SYNERGY
Articles from SYNERGY publication on Medium. See more stories about Writing, Science, Science


Do you want to increase the chance of your stories going viral on the Internet?
Now, you have an opportunity to join our Reddit community designed for contributors of

How To Become A Writer For ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications on Medium

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