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Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Ephraim Champion

“Find Your Passion”
But what if it’s not that easy?

Jennifer Friebely

At Work: You Are Not A Victim — You Are A Target Of A Bully
Reframe how you perceive yourself and you will

Jo Ann Harris

Trying To Like You, But You Won’t Let Me.
A Poem — Why people (and male ducks) do

Mark Bowser

The Miracle That Saved Three Future American Presidents
Be Inspired By the Extraordinary Story of Faith, Dedication, and

Matt Stevenson

8 Things Civilized People Do
Anton Chekhov’s insightful rules for

Charlotte Kingsbury- Fink

I’ve Been So Sad, but Self-Soothing is Helping
It’s just getting a little expensive!


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Stories selected from 5,450+ writers supporting 44,000+ readers on

Paul Myers MBA

Innovative Leaders Only Get What They Deserve
A story about leadership and

Mayank Pamnani

10 Marketing Strategies For Medium Writers To Generate More Views
Writing articles alone is not

Midori Writes

Why I Support BTS Even Though I Don’t Like Their Music
How This South Korean Boy Band Changes the Presentation of Asian Men and General

Patrick M. Ohana

Please AI
An unhackneyed

Mike Marolla

What I Don’t Want My Writing To Be
Inspired by Lloyd

Jeff Herring

A Match Made in Heaven Just for Content Marketers
Your first or next info-products…

Tree Langdon

A Day To Live In The Moment


Welcome New Writers
Confirmation of new contributors joined to ILLUMINATION and ILLUMINATION-Curated

Trista Ainsworth

Connection with a Pumpkin Pie
The love you put into your work


Easy Access to Stories of ILLUMINATION-Curated
Links to daily distribution

Floyd Mori

Trump Is Considering Pardoning Himself
He has been asking about it since

Kate Lynch

How to Weather a Meltdown
Kids aren’t the only ones who have emotional storms. I had one yesterday!

Jordan Mendiola

3 Quotes from Tom Brady That Will Inspire You to Be Great
The odds were stacked against this man, and he’s accomplished more than anyone could have

Jess Tam

A Law of Attraction Self-Guided Meditation
Take your time and step into the clarity of creating the life you dream

David Rudder

I cannot live without

Amy Culberg

5 ways to improve your memory
If you told anyone, who knows me, that I was writing a piece on memory, you could knock them over with a feather…

Mac Daniels

Tales of Nāgārjuna

Lee Nicholson

Handling Anger: Ten Steps
What should I do about it when I am angry?

Aparna Priyadarshi

Deconstructing Joe Biden’s Victory Speech — Line by Line
As the entire world breathed a sigh of relief in watching the 46th President-elect’s deliver his 15-minute long victory…

Max Klein

Why Parents Need to Let Their Kids Be Bored
Constant mental stimulation from screens is dulling their creativity and

Kevin Alexander

Going Home
You can go back

Jesse M. Gonzalez

Essence of a Vision
Essence of a

Gregory Reece-Smith

The Revelations Of Your Truth Are Waiting To Be Revealed
Imbalance in your life is created by absorbing the energies of others as well as their

Bill Abbate

How to Be Content in Life
The secret to finding contentment in your life

Renee Rose

What I’ve Recently Realized About Success on Medium
It’s been a week full of epiphanies and it’s starting to pay

Floyd Mori

Be Grateful For Your Blessings
It’s time for

Jeff Langley

Over 20 Years Gone
Alternatively “The Brawny Son”

Liam Ireland

5 Reasons Why Illumination Works For Writers
How Illumination helps writers to

Tree Langdon

Welcome new writers!
Join us on Slack and Quora to connect and

Agnes Laurens

The Magic Of Harry
Watching Harry Potter with my daughters, this poem came through my

Tim Maudlin

Conversations With Memes
Say adiós to boring stories once and for

Abhishek Verma


Markus Scorelius

Donald Trump has done a great service for our country
Let’s focus on what we have learned from his

Arthur G. Hernandez

The Essence of Endeavor
A Practical

Tca Venkatesan PhD

This Wall
My friend, my

John Ross

I’ve Been Writing It My Whole Life
The stories we tell have already been

Annelise Lords

Bad Habits Will Show the Difference Between Life and Death
A Story on the dangers of bad

Corrine Roberts

How a Life Must Change Out of Necessity
My Re-Introduction to Illumination — to

Emily Wilcox

Light-Year Lovers
A tale of cosmic

Zahra Ali

17 Advice I Would Tell My Self In My 20’s
#1. Be grateful. Where your focus goes is where your energy goes. You’ll have heartbreaks and feel lost but remember…

Jim McAulay🍁

Voter Fraud In Pennsylvania

Lera Nakshun

Borat and the cultural legacy of the Cold War
Due to the release of the highly-publicized film Borat 2 or Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to…

Lori Lamothe

The Blue Tree
shines through the window, 
each branch weighted with a universe 
of dollar-store stars. 
In all honesty it’s nothing…


Reflection Political, or The Lion’s Tent
An opposite

Nada Chehade

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Khadeeja?
She’s a darling! She’s a demon! She’s a lamb!

Lynda Coker

Writing Idea of The Day Challenge
Idea #7 — What would you write in a — Little Black

John Emmerling

7 Ways Democrats Could Sing a Sweet Song in the Senate
All eyes are on the two Georgia senate runoff races—and some high-profile Dems will have boots on the

Aldric Chen

How To Write When You Have No Time To.
A topic close to my

Karen Madej

We Have to be Selfish, Don’t We?
If we want to achieve our

Ravyne Hawke

The Universe doesn’t give up so

Ivette Cruz

Making Mistakes


The Struggles of Being Bilingual
Having the ability to speak more than one language comes with its own set of

Giorgos Pantsios

How To Invest In Yourself And Get 338 Hours of Free Time In Return — In A Year
Start today because time is more valuable than

Sara Taki

Biden Presidency Will Be Trumped
Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this

Chad Raybourne

Why God Is My Biggest Medium Supporter
Not only just helping in life, but here

Sylvia Emokpae

The Rules of Success Are Easy to Follow if You Master These
How you can be the

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

The Greatest Generation and My Uncle Bill
Boyhood memories of tales from the WWII

Enne Cruzin

The Philippines is sinking right now.
Please help us share the

The Dozen

Focus on Your Strengths
We are raised to focus on our

Oskar Tokarski

How to Deal with Emotions?
If you feel like having issues with them, this is for

Ryan Morris

After Life: A Beautifully Imperfect Show
It’s not a perfect show but neither is the bitter life it’s trying to

Adelia Ritchie

She wasn’t young
She wasn’t young, she knew the score.
She’d like, she’d lust, she’d feel the heat
but she’d never been in love before.

Harry Seitz

The Division of America is a False Equivalency
Two plus two doesn’t equal four and a

Lily Dune

The hottest compliment a man ever gave me
Men-take notes. You can thank me

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