Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Writers on Medium

Compiled by Dr Mehmet Yildiz, Editor of ILLUMINATION

Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Lindsay Brown

How To Love Your Introvert
Sometimes a quiet night is just what the doctor

Bebe Nicholson

Life Flies By Faster Than You Think

Jacquelyn Lynn

Natural Ways to Manage Anxiety, Worry, and Fear
A review of Healing Anxiety by Dominga Nunez, ND,

Ann K Frailey

Fun and Writing Science Fiction
Humility and humor dispatch dark

Jeff Herring

Bring In The Most Qualified Members Ready To Buy When You Ask
in 5 simple & repeatable steps…

René Junge

My Home Office Is My Castle
Every morning from my desk, I observe the exodus of the working

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

One Core Leadership Capability To Empower Writers
How three essential points can get you started, increase your confidence, and sustain your motivation for any…

Allen D

Why Donald Trump Won The US 2020 Elections?
Here are the reasons why 250k COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. did not prevent Donald Trump from getting re-elected as the…

Subashini Nachimuthu

Diwali Dreams
Indian festival of

Dawn Moyer

Parler — When all speech is uncensored and equal, truth is a murky concept
My B.S. alarms went off before I read my first ‘Parley’..this startup is in

Ema Dumitru

24/7 Sylvia Plath

Harry Seitz

The Problem With Gender Studies
It’s an

Shakthi and Sanjay

McDonald’s — The Growth of One of The Biggest Franchises The World Has Ever Seen
It is a compelling story like no other, switching hands from cofounders to Ray

Naf Beltran

The Sex Bubble Nobody Wants to Admit Is Happening
Sex during COVID-19 for single gay


Was This a Personality Mismatch or Something Much Darker?-Part 2
The world is not a static place. People change, evolve. — Mahesh


Ways to Make $1000 a Day
Is there an expectation that you can make money with little effort, and the faster the better? Don’t worry it’s easy to…

Vinita Ramtri

A Little Warm Fuzzy Tale
Positivity is immensely powerful and here’s a story with some creative ideas to help you spread the

Josh “υя_ωιѕємαη* “ Lessie

Small Business/SME vs Startup

Renee Rose

Yes, You Can Love Someone and Still Think About Breaking Up With Them
Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is say “goodbye”

Molly Jo Triplett: The Wonder Compass

Take a Mindful Seat Meditation
“Your true purpose is always right where you are” — Xie

Maeve Macrae

Your Life Partner: Why You Should Double Down, and Never Sell
Good relationships are like 401ks that build compound interest over

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

A Man’s View of Tinder Photos
The girls are

Bob Jasper

October Thank You Note To Readers
With Sincere

Amanze Collins

How Sleep Helps Us Solve Problems
Looking for a solution? “Sleep on it”

Nabil Alouani

To Be the Hero in Your Story, You Have to Face Your Dragons
Ignore your life problems and they’ll turn into deadly

Matt Stevenson

Why You’re Always Tired
How to solve your chronic tiredness by revisiting the

Mayank Pamnani

8 Things I Love Writing On Medium
A place for us to grow

Charlotte Kingsbury- Fink

Helen Keller Quotes that Made My Day
Things can always turn around for the

Floyd Mori

Democrats Lost Seats In The Election
Although Biden and Harris

Tree Langdon

My Fiction Biography – Tree Langdon
Illumination Fiction

America Zed


David Rudder

Carpe Diem
“Carpe diem” is a Latin aphorism, usually translated “Seize the day”, taken from Book 1 of the Roman poet Horace’s work…

Trista Ainsworth

Refreshing Your Home
Constant change creates an

Patricia Koller Sisson

The Day I Met The Fonz
Happy Days was the number one show in America the day I met the

Denise G

Cosmic Lovers
A poem of everlasting

Madoc Maduka

The True Meaning of Fear And Why Inaction Isn’t An Option
Understand why it is overly important to write your fears

Geetika Sethi

25 Tips To Live A Beautiful Life
Been there and done that, thus sharing with you with


Free Membership
Another mask moment…

Phil Matthew

A Cup of Coffee is The Gateway To Simple Living
There is no greater sense of comfort than a hot, steaming, cup of coffee in my hands. It is the Start of Living

Kevin Lee

I Accidentally Started Journaling and It’s Been a Game Changer
I just wanted to make money and I still

Michael Patanella

Our Values In Recovery And Sobriety
I have started to learn, as times goes on, that my life will end up being counter productive if I don’t have my mind…

Liam Ireland

How To Survive A Divorce
The sun also

R. Rangan PhD

How to Break Down the Barriers to Writing.
A SMART approach to

Patrick M. Ohana

One word is

Charlene Marron

Release Form
An extended haiku about twilight

Rachel Avery Conley

This Election is Helping Me Understand my Trauma Better
How Hypervigilance can take the Joy from

Hunter Eskew

How to Slay the Trolls Under the Rainbow Bridge
A short story of

Aldric Chen

Do You Hate The One Who Wins Everything?
It is highly

Annine Teresa Raffaella Massaro

Purity of

Adelia Ritchie

Hi! My Name Is Adelia Ritchie
and I’m a writer too!

Zen Michael

How to Write Faster (and Better) if English Is Not Your Native Language — a Call for Help and…
Looking for ways to improve the writing

Janice Arenofsky

I Am a Fu**ing Computer Genius, Part 2
When things go

Ahmad Mukhtar

Pakistan’s Most Beautiful Places, One Must Explore
Pakistan, where your journey

Moreno Zugaro

How to Stop Procrastinating in 15 Minutes
What my high-school physics lessons can teach you about getting

Daniel Skram

This One Thing Catapulted My Capital Gains
Trading Stock Options: Ultimate

Ken Green

How to Shatter These 3 Self-Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back
Your belief system will impact the results you

Vee Goldman

Time For You To Go

Jennifer MacDonald

Invisible Companion
A poem about the frustration of living with chronic

Terry Trueman

Not Long Ago
This writing, from only a few years back, 2018, feels like forever ago, but really, it’s not long ago . .

conny manero

I Will Never Wear A Mask She Said
She should be charged with reckless

Lynda Coker

Writing Idea of The Day Challenge
Idea #6 — What constitutes a big story to

Dayton Parks

4 Things You Can Never Get Back
Wouldn’t it nice if life had a delete key?

Rebecca Sealfon

Unity is Strength — Recorded Events
Recorded events featuring participants in the Israel-Palestine discussion forum Unity is

Eshan Samaranayake

Bacteria in Our Gut Can Generate Electricity
Creating opportunities for bacteria-based energy-generating


Exploring Stories About Relationships by Illumination Writers
Will You Find the Answer to Your Dilemma Here?

Jim McAulay🍁

Why I Follow Heather Osterman-Davis
She believes that the turkey should pardon himself this

Daniel Skram

I Make $400 a Day from Home
Generate Passive Income — Affiliate Marketing (2020)

Harry Hogg

Nowhere Man 2
It’s a lonely

Rajesh Ramachander

My Meeting With The Man Who Inspired ‘The Terminal’
It was late October of 1997 that I traveled to the USA on a business trip. In fact, that was my very first…

Ivette Cruz

Someone Better
Poetry about being

Rose Bak

You Need to Create Your Own Family
The family you make is often better than the family you were born

Terry Mansfield

The Drunk Monk
What happened when a monk got very drunk at a

David Cenicola, M.Ed.

The Fix
Thoughts From a Dream …

Zahra Ali

My Mental Rehearsal With The Undefeated UFC Champion Khabib
When you kneel to God, You Can Stand Up And Crush Any

FP Bardrick

Santa Claus Is In Danger
What your family can do to keep Father Christmas safe this holiday

Thomas Dylan Daniel

I Appeared On A Podcast To Talk About Politics. It Didn’t Go How You’d Think.
We had a good time together and I discovered that we have a lot more in common with one another than I’d have

Dean J Murphy

How to Handle a Passive-Aggressive Situation
– and come away being a

Brian Lamacraft

America has Become Pottersville it Needs More Bedford Falls
Mr. Potter is holding you

Jennifer Friebely

How I Have To Cut My Cat’s Nails Because He’s Terrifying
I’ve tried the soft and gentle

Roger Himes Esq.

Lord, What is it that You Want Me to Do With This Now?
Especially After the Events of the Last Few Days, and the Anxiety, Fear, and Stress it Has Produced, Many People Ask…

KP Hartman

It Ends Like This
“Now honey, if the world’s going to fall apart around me, then I might as well enjoy my coffee.”

Piyush Kamal🎖

The Best Dreams happen When You Are Awake — A Short Story.
Once in a while, I indulge in writing a short story to pull something interesting out of my

Louie Rahil, MBA

6 Types of Working Genius
Is Patrick Lencioni correct with the six working genius model?

Evgeny Kim

3 Motivational Quotes from Ancient Monks You Need Right Now
Love and happiness are closer than you

Ankit Singh

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Email List
Finding it hard to convert your leads?

Sonam Lama

What Is Passion?
Passion is about yearning for something so deeply that you lose yourself in it. It’s beautiful. It’s messy. It’s…

Atze Lourens

Someone is looking for you — It’s You.
“How are you?” — On a good day, we laugh it off with a cheeky smile. On a bad day, we laugh it off with a cheeky smile…

Shamar M

Why I Started To Write
“Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia” — E.L

Phil Matthew

I Tried 7 New Hobbies During Quarantine. Here’s What Stuck.
There’s only a few I still do today. I tried anything that sounded good when things were going so bad outside. I’m glad…

Jessica Cote

The Inside Scoop
We All Are Story

Bahar Pancaroğlu

Negotiating with the devil
Being a Renaissance person in the 21st

Amy Culberg

Are you 100% in tune with yourself?
When your piano is out of tune, you call a piano tuner. She sidles up to your piano and starts tinkering around. You…

Audacious Women

To Little Girls
What does it mean to be a rebel?

Gerardo Moyano

13 Psychological Tricks To Get What You Want
Blessed are the curious ones for they shall have

Rob Cyrier

In a World Full of Turmoil — Good Human Beings Do Still Exist
A model of how you too can be a guardian angel for those you encounter on this road we call

Anton Peter

Freaky Friday the 13th!! Of 2020 YIKES!
Shit gets no stranger!!!!

America Zed

Free Of The Earth
Poetry ~ lyrics and original song, with a light airy

Serge Prengel

Polarization, Myth & Tribal Consciousness
Can we legitimately say that polarization has cleaved the country into roughly two halves, one of which is delusional?

JustAnnet 👑

Trump Reminds Me of an African Politician. Here’s Why.
Observations from an

Kavya Janani. U

I Am Free

Filip Van Roy

Why You Have to Face The Emptiness
Just a poem. But it will catch up with you anyway. Better come

Nishith Goyal

Recognizing the Abilities You Have and Don’t Have — Both are Moment of Self-Awareness.
Be proud of both these awarenesses and keep

Kyle Chastain

Do You Apologize Too Much?
This is why you can’t stop apologizing — even when you’ve done nothing

Dan Darnell

How To Break Loose of the Cookie Farmer Ball & Chain
Life, death, and the rise of a homeless

Tee, Conscious Creative

Why I Voted For An Accountable Administration — Not Candidates
When people fail — values

Michael Alvey

Climate Change Is One of the Greatest Challenges of Our Time, So Why Isn’t the U.S. Acting Quicker?
So Why Isn’t the U.S. Acting Quicker?

Shajedul Karim

Nicolas Cole or Whoever Says He Writes 10,000 Words Per Day Wants You to Fail
I love Nicolas Cole even though I freak out at the fact that he does self-promotion everywhere, especially right before…

Jalyn Folston

3 Tips to Control your Emotions and State of Being
Has it ever been a point in your life where you’ve felt emotionally out of control — how many times have you…

The Dozen

Replace BUT With AND
2020 is a special year. It’s a year full of readily available

Yewande Adeleke

There is Still Time to Achieve Your 2020 Medium Writing Goals
Here’s how to go about it…

Lanu Pitan

What Do You Know About Friday The Thirteen?
The exact origin of Friday the thirteen being unlucky is still

Nasar Karim

All your life a sideshow
A poem about misplaced

Jennifer Marie

I Used to Know You
Some friends you lose along the

Christopher Madsen

The Hidden Works of Marvin Poppins
Chronicles of a relatively unknown magical

Vee Goldman

An Old House
A keeper of

EP McKnight, MEd

Why Soft Drinks are Bad for Your Health
“The First Wealth is Health” Ralph Waldo

Clint Perez

A Balanced Life is a Happy Life
Tom Krause, Leadership Coach, Five

Louis Dennis

For No Apparent Reason

Alexandre Porto

Covid-19’s Impact On Social Structure
The Biggest Damage of a Worldwide

Emily Wilcox

A Version Update
A poem about

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