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Please enjoy these informative, engaging, and inspiring stories.

Tim Denning

29 Cut to the Chase Lessons About Money You Can Use Right Away
A summary of my research to date. Follow me down the rabbit hole.medium.com

Jessica Lynn

The Best Piece of Financial Advice My Dad Gave Me was in the Parking Lot That Sold Used Cars
That one sentence shaped the way I look at money.medium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Learn And Earn -Significance of Viral Stories on Medium
Let’s take a quick look at the stories gaining massive views on ILLUMINATIONmedium.com
Why do we choose not to innovate?
When Not To Innovatemedium.com

James Goydos, MD

Insights From An Ice Storm 25 Years Ago & Random Acts of Kindness
James Goydos — “Few things have given me as much satisfaction as giving out 50 cheap blankets to cold people in a…medium.com

Tom Handy

15‌ ‌Unique‌ ‌Ways‌ ‌You‌ ‌Can‌ ‌Use‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Stimulus‌ ‌to‌ ‌Come‌ ‌Out‌ ‌a‌ ‌Winner‌
Sometimes you have to think outside of the box.medium.com

Hailey Chantalle

My Relationship With Sleep (or Lack Thereof)
How I fought my insomnia and wonmedium.com

Josh Balerite Acol

Drowning Me Crazy
My muse and my sleepy eyesmedium.com

Richard Armstrong

Are you stumbling through your days?
There is hope, don’t give up.medium.com

Wanita Isaacs

An Anthology Of Meaning
Poetry in motionmedium.com

Harshit Ahuja

7 Simple yet Powerful Financial Lessons to Prepare Teens Before They Leave Home
The best conversation you would ever have with your kid.medium.com

Lori Lamothe

Spring and Et Cetera
Write a sonnet about radiancemedium.com

Terry L. Cooper

An Open Letter
To the traitor among usmedium.com

Stuart Englander

There’s No Point In Sugarcoating It
This is a shameless plugmedium.com

T.J. Batts

Do You Argue For Your Limitations?
“When you give up the arguments for your limitations you gain the momentum in the positive.” — Abraham Hicksmedium.com

Linda Kowalchek

Are you and Medium incompatible?
Writing on Medium has turned out to be very different than what I expected. I’ve experienced pleasant surprises. I’ve…medium.com

Alana Rister, Ph.D.

10 Great Publications for Beginners
How to become a writer and get stories accepted by themmedium.com

Max Skipper Griffiths

How Deep Learning Can Track Animals in the Wild
And be used to protect endangered speciesmedium.com

Rebecca Ruth Gould

*A Poem by Jahan Malek Khatun
A new poem by a medieval Persian princess, recently discovered in the archivemedium.com

Riad Kherdeen

When It Comes to Human Rights, the US Has No Leg to Stand On
Human rights discourse is mainly used as a rhetorical sleight of hand.medium.com

Sumera Rizwan

A Business Born in the Depths of the Pandemic
Addressing the need of the hourmedium.com


Here are two stories from two very different voices speaking in two very different styles that…
And a story of mine with your message that society must remove the stigma attached to addiction in order to treat itmedium.com

Brian Dickens Barrabee

Careful What You Wish For
Sitting in my aunt’s kitchen, I listened to her ticking off what she wanted to see or do before she died. A bucket list…medium.com

Amy Culberg

My Parents Vaccinations and My Son’s Return to School
Life is imitating drugsmedium.com

Frankie Calkins

Experiencing a Financial Crisis? Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing…
“Sometimes you need to get knocked down to know what your fight is.” -Chadwick Bosemanmedium.com

Aigner Loren Wilson

A Year in Quarantine; A Year in Pictures
A collection of personal pictures from my year in quarantine.medium.com

Tom ‘Vulture Writer’ McLaughlin

Four Things I Have Learned From Our Dog
Meet Sammiemedium.com

Nishi Kashyap

3 Scary Ways Social Media Is Destroying You — How To Overcome It
You are being controlled and you don’t even know it…medium.com

Terry Mansfield

Don’t Worry About Getting Curated
If you get curated on Medium, that’s nice. If you don’t, it’s not that big a deal.medium.com

The Bumble Life

This Awkward Human is Surprising her Partner with Dance
Why awkward people should learn to dancemedium.com

Clive Wilson MCIM

SCAM ALERT: Domain Name Renewals and Quarantined Messages Pending
Scammers will try every angle and every trick in the bookmedium.com

Jacquelyn Lynn

Brief, Powerful Life Management Tips that Work Like Magic
A new spin on old time management ideasmedium.com

Mariojose Palma

Will AI Pets Replace Our Furry Friends?
AI pets. How does having an AI dog compare with a real one, and will AI pets replace our beloved furry friends for…medium.com

Hammad Khalid

One Tip Successful Writers Use — and How You Can, Too
Take Roald Dahl’s advice and never miss out on a good idea againmedium.com

Greg Prince

First Sign of A Highly Intelligent Person
Sizing up people’s mental acuity is pretentious, condescending, and belittling as well as self-serving, even though…medium.com

Steve C

Meditation Simplified…
…no need to make it difficult to understand, just breathe and take it a day at a time.medium.com

Kira Dawn

Broken Bones
Throw More Stonesmedium.com

Bill Abbate

The 3 Fundamental Types of Wealth and How to Best Understand Them
Discovering the most important kind of wealth in the worldmedium.com

Ivette Cruz

Do Your Best
You are already perfectmedium.com

Claire Kelly

What My Card Playing, Tea Drinking, Sassy Grandma Taught Me About Life
With age comes wisdom, serious gin rummy skills, love, and a little spice.medium.com

Deepak Sethi

The Billionaire and his Spiritual Guru.
A Guru can show the right path to his disciple.medium.com

Jordan Mendiola

My Brother’s Extravagant Time in the 2012 Little League World Series
And how I had the best time supporting his awesome experiencemedium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: March 12
Nothing more agreeable than Coke and cookiesmedium.com

Carolyn Hastings

I Choose You
A prose poem for Rosiemedium.com

Melanie J.

Forgiveness — Path to Love
GiaB ‘Dear Genie’ prompt #2: Forgivenessmedium.com

Miss Handie

Twenty Years on the Job and This Is It?
Truthful Tales of An Underwhelming Work Milestonemedium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

Monkey Puzzle Tree
Tree for rope in the time of COVIDmedium.com

M. R. Clark

What I Wish I Knew About Interviewing For My Dream Job
An interview is just phase one. Waiting for a call back after is the hard partmedium.com

Lyle Grossi

Life is Easier Than We Make it.
Second-guessing only leads to drawbacks, and all it takes is a push.medium.com

Kelsey Kryger

6 Foolproof Ways to Generate Content Ideas When You Have Writer’s Block
Come up with great ideas — even when you think have nonemedium.com

Ali Qutmiera

Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst
Slaves to our vicesmedium.com

Matt Davis Motivation

3 Power Moves To Start Your Day Like a Champion
No “Eating the frog” BS here.medium.com

Jano le Roux

No Snake Ain’t Stopping This 81-Year-Old Grandma From Having A BBQ
You wouldn’t believe how this incredible grandma catches a snake with her bare hands.medium.com

Arup Roy

Shiv-Ratri (The night when Shiva was born)
The Philosophy behind the Mythologymedium.com

Eric Fermon™

Venus Departure
Material Requisitionmedium.com

Danell teNyenhuis Black

Saying Goodbye to My Wedding Ring
How could I lose something that can never be replaced?medium.com

Rahul Anand

How To Put It All Together When Life Seems To Be Falling Apart
So, how could one put things back to sanity when it all goes haywire.medium.com


Life is very much like a well-played hand of gin rummy.
Those who have paid close attention to the topics I cover know that I believe that 12-step programs leave much to be…medium.com

Clive Wilson MCIM

Running. Can It Really Be That Difficult?
Running may not be for everyone, but don’t be the judge of that until you’ve tried it.medium.com


Is There a Sabateur at Work Today?
Medium is suffering an unprecedented problemmedium.com

Terry L. Cooper

Illumination May Be “Missing”
But writers still have optionsmedium.com

Tree Langdon

Three Big Guns Hanging Out
I wonder what the Martians think?medium.com
Elephants Have a Lot To Teach Us
Leaving Time is a magical read.medium.com

Noorain Hassan, BMS

Think to the Point of “Perfectionism,” & Write to the Point of “Satisfaction”
(Hint: it doesn’t involve willpower)medium.com

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