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Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Editorial Bulletin #5 — Let’s Meet New Contributorsmedium.com

Karen Madej

48 Hours Following Vaccination
Too tired to do anythingmedium.com

Jay Toran

Sunday’s Best #1 — 03/28/21
The Average Joe’s Weekly Roundup of the Best of the Best.medium.com

Ashley Tavares

The Science of Decision-Making
6 decision-making framework strategies that will help you make better decisions in your life.medium.com

Mariojose Palma

Curling Robot Beats Top-Ranked Human Teams
The sport of curling has a new champion, marking a big win in the world of AI machines. Curly the robot is an AI robot…medium.com

Brenda Mahler

It’s Time Overachievers Became the Cool Kids
How to rebuff the myths, discover the truth and become coolmedium.com

Nuno Fabiao

Persuasive Attributes That Captivate Your Readers Attention
Is laughter more powerful than melancholy?medium.com

Yana Bostongirl

3 Signs Your Relationship Lacks Emotional Reciprocity
Emotional reciprocity is necessary for building healthy relationships.medium.com

Noah Nelson

“Don’t be proud of your college; make your college proud of you.”
I don’t know where I heard or read this quote, but it speaks volume as a college student.medium.com

Groupe Intellex

Keeping An Easter Message Alive
We rise to play a greater partmedium.com

Samedra Carter

What I Personally Love About Being an INFJ Personality Type
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall who is the rarest of them all.medium.com

Tavian Jean-Pierre

My Single Parent Household Drove Me to Toxic Masculinity
Defining Masculinity Without a Father Figuremedium.com

Michael Patanella

The Lessons Of Our Nightly Dreams
They can spotlight darker timesmedium.com

Tree Langdon

When someone says “give me your money”, what do you do?
One option is to run away.medium.com

Terry Mansfield

The demands of lifemedium.com

Brooke Ramey Nelson

All Trends Start with Immigrants
A Poemmedium.com

Adam Borowski

We Can’t All Be Celebrities
Having ten YouTube subscribers doesn’t make you a celebrity chased by the paparazzimedium.com

Dr. Fatima Imam

Evocative Nuances
Poetry prompt day:-13medium.com

Ulf Wolf

Ulf Wolf Bio
Some Bits and Piecesmedium.com

Sydney Koel

4 Things To Minimize In Your Bedroom For Better Quality Sleep
Limit these things to enhance better Z’s during the night.medium.com

Luciana Lambert

Clubhouse Is The New House Party
Who invited me here, again?medium.com

Samantha Scott

The Hidden Powers of Walking
Why walking every day has become a lifelong goal of mine.medium.com

Charlie Lukas

Why is Mental Illness so Common in 2021?
Private suffering in the modern era.medium.com


What Multicultural Relationship Taught Me About Unconditional Love
If you are dating a foreigner your life will never be boring.medium.com

Adebayo Adeniran

Why ‘Sleepy Joe Biden’ Is The Most Radical President Of Modern Times
The strange paradox of Joe Biden’s presidency.medium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: March 28
Mayhem, Missed Opportunities, and Meltdownsmedium.com

Deepak Sethi

Thinking of Quitting, Just Think Again.
Your persistence can become your pathway to success.medium.com


I Need You, I Love You
A Haikumedium.com

Gippolito Ndp

So, it Turns Out There Really is a Right (White?) Way and a Wong Way. Damn.
James Wong, Chairman of the West Chester, Ohio Township Board of Trustees (not the James Wong of X-files fame) has…medium.com

Kenan Kolday

A Northern Star To Help You Reach Your Best Self
We all need a list of a target to better ourselves. Why shouldn`t it be a list of what makes a personality the best?medium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

A rhymed acrosticmedium.com

Remy Awika

Why the First and Most Important Lesson in Wisdom Is To Master the Silence
“Pythagoras taught nothing to his disciples before silence”medium.com

Kathy Lum

Do You Suffer From Extreme Fatigue?
These steps will control fatigue so you can take back your life todaymedium.com

S M Mamunur Rahman

10 Must-Read Articles to Discover the Beauty of the Natural World
Read and come closer to the natural world around youmedium.com

Michelle Middleton

5 Quotes To Get You Through A Tough Day
From Dita Von Teese to Seneca, here are some quotes and thoughts for when the going gets tough.medium.com


I am shocked that interfaith published this twisted piece of dogmatic self-righteous religious…
This is my 17,043rd cycle being a spirit learning from human incarnation — probably many thousands short of reaching…medium.com

The Maverick Files

5 Money Habits That Make Worthy Pandemic Memorabilia
They will sure leave you thousands of dollars richer every yearmedium.com

Andrew Youngker, RN

5 Ways to Tell You are Ready for a New Job
Changing your environment may be just the thing you need to keep a happy, healthy, productive life. Making that…medium.com

Sarah Caitríona Chrisp

Here Is How Money Saved My Life
I just wanted to share this story to show you how having access to money can drastically change your life.medium.com

Sandeep Ganju

5 Powerful Ways of Finding Meaning in your Existence.
Looking at the big picture and keeping things simplemedium.com

Adam J. Cheshier

“We are undeniably in the middle of a psychedelic renaissance.”
How the healing powers of these drugs are becoming more accessible.medium.com

Mia Verita

What Poetry Means to me
A poem and a reflectionmedium.com

Benazir San

The soul, have a moment pleasemedium.com

Gaby Spadaro

Easy and Fun Ways to Spice Your Day Up
Life doesn’t have to be so serious all the timemedium.com

Nasar Karim

Take the shots
A poem about self disciplinemedium.com

Drashti Buch

How I purchased my first home in under 30 days?
How focus and clarity helped me make the biggest decision of my lifemedium.com

Matteo Licata

How I’ve become a writer
Don’t let anybody get in the way of something you love.medium.com

Georgia Dimitrious

The Real Chains of Nicotine Addiction
Pharmaceuticalization & Nicotine Sustainment for Lifemedium.com


Medium Dating
Who’s in your tunnel?medium.com

Dr. Preeti Singh

Dynamics Of Colours Of Joy
How a color tag adds or deducts and affects our livesmedium.com

Khadejah Jones

3 Sad Truths About People Who Don’t Believe in You
They don’t believe in themselves.medium.com

Agnes Laurens

Move Forward To Grow
When was the last time you chased your dreams?medium.com

Shaista Malik

Can I Call Myself a Writer
Poetry promptmedium.com

Floyd Mori

A Young Chinese American Man Was Brutally Murdered
The killers thought he was Japanesemedium.com

Warren Brown

Write Original, Fresh Content Always
Make your writing interesting and entertaining every timemedium.com

Jay Toran

The Book on a 6-Horse Race
Put ’em all in the starting gate, and I’ll pick the winner ahead of time!medium.com

Sarah Cords

Rethink the Definitions That Rule Your Life
All of them.medium.com

Jeff Herring

3 Cash Sucking Free Traffic Mistakes
And a virtual buffet of more free traffic tips insidemedium.com

Alberto Guerrero

8 Reasons Why You Are Still Broke
And how to fix it nowmedium.com

Carel Kolchinski

City Lights Runaway
Searching for a loved one…medium.com

Joe Luca

The Streets of LA
27 March 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: processional narrativemedium.com

Josh Balerite Acol

I Miss You
A poetry prompt for day 10medium.com

Sahil Patel

Dear Possibilities
Poetry prompt day:-15medium.com

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Thank you for reading stories of outstanding writers compiled by ILLUMINATION-CuratedILLUMINATION and Editor of Technology Hits

image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com
image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com

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