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I posted several articles related to IoT (Internet of Things).

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Speed to market with high quality is vital for IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. After the architecture and design phases, the next critical phase is development. Unfortunately, in conventional system development using waterfall methods, developing software products took a very long time, many months and even several years in the past.

However, the digital economy changed this situation. Consumers cannot wait very long. They expect products and services faster. So IoT products and services are transformed to meet new consumer demands.

To address the speed requirements, IoT projects are required to use agile methods. An agile approach to development was adopted by IoT service providers including architecture, design, development, implementation, operation, and service support phases.

There used to be a massive gap between development and operations. To close the gap, an agile discipline called DevOps emerged. A new concept of continuous integration has become the core of this method.

DevOps has multiple continuous components. It includes coding, building, testing, packaging, releasing, configuring, and monitoring.

There are many DevOps tools such as source code management, continuous build integration tools, artifact repository, release automation, infrastructure configuration, and application performance monitoring tools.

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Integrated Design Of Cloud, Edge, & Fog Computing For Sustainable IoT Business Solutions

Importance of Methodical Approach & Architectural Strategy for IoT Solutions

Dealing With Connectivity And Interoperability Challenges of IoT Solutions Proactively

Managing Complexity Of IoT Sensors, Endpoints, Gateways, And Network Bottlenecks In An Ecosystem

Rapid Development And Integrated Automation With DevOps For Accelerated IoT Solutions

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