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About Chief Editor

I am the founder and chief editor of Illumination Integrated Publications.

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Readers Hope
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Illumination Gaming

I established these significant publications supporting 15,000+ writers on Medium. You are welcome to subscribe to my 100K+ mailing list, collaborate, enhance your network, and receive technology and leadership newsletters reflecting my industry experience. You can show your interest in supporting my publications as an editor. My free content strategy and marketing newsletter can be accessed from Substack. I also write for News Break and Vocal Media. You can subscribe to my Medium profile to receive whenever I post an article.

I post my lifestyle, health, and well-being stories on EUPHORIA. I write experimental articles on preventing significant diseases and valuable nutrients for health. My focus is cellular, metabolic, and mental health.

If you are new to Medium, you can join by following this link. Opportunities for writers and readers are endless on Medium.


ILLUMINATION is a unique and significant publication contributed by 15,000+ writers growing rapidly on Medium. We are delighted to add new writers bringing different perspectives each day. Our editorial team embraces diversity, values our writers, and helps them find their writing voice in a collaborative platform. You are welcome to join our diverse team engaging in a Slack channel. We value diversity, freshness, originality, and authenticity from new voices. We strive to empower our writers and support our readers.

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Affiliate Marketing Education, Partnership, and Earning Passive Income

If you are into affiliate marketing, you can explore opportunities for freelance writers published on Medium.

If you plan to write for NewsBreak, you can apply using this link.

You can download NewsBreak app to read local news and articles free.

To repurpose your Medium articles, you can join Vocal Media free and publish your articles. Your content can earn passive income from Internet readers.

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Dr Mehmet Yildiz conduct interviews with ILLUMINATION writers to feature their creativity and great stories on Medium and many social media platforms. If you are a current writer with ILLUMINATION, you can request your interest in participating in an interview from this form.

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