Effective Solutions Combining IoT, Big Data, and Cloud

IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, and Cloud Computing are three distinct technology domains with overlapping use cases. Each technology has its own merits; however, the combination of three creates a synergy and the golden opportunity for businesses to reap the exponential benefits. This combination can create technological magic for innovation when adequately architected, designed, implemented, and operated.

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We can start with a high-level view of these technologies, defining them from architectural perspectives and provide an overview of their relationships in creating the synergies and potential benefits for business.

To identify the relationships among these three technologies, we can start with the IoT and Big Data relationship. IoT is the primary input and source data for Big Data solutions. Big Data includes many types of data sets; however, the IoT data is essential to create innovations, new insights, and new business opportunities.

Cloud Computing presents enabling and empowering capabilities, not only as a hosting platform for the IoT generated Big Data but also providing advanced processing and analytics in an economical, scalable, reliable and agile manner.

Another view for identifying relationships can be obtained by looking at the IoT an enriching factor for Big Data and Cloud as an empowering medium. With the contributions from IoT and Cloud, the Big Data can achieve unprecedented results for creating new businesses and growing the existing ones.

IoT generated Big Data solutions without Cloud can be costly and complicated due to upfront infrastructure requirements for storage, process, and analytics. Not only the enormous volume of the IoT based Big Data but also other vital characteristics such as a variety of data sources, velocity, veracity, and value of data in motion makes it a very complicated situation.

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