How to create viral stories on Medium

I posted an article on Medium providing guidance on creating trending and viral stories to reach out to a broader audience.

The purpose of this article is to describe the key components and elements of successful content reaching viral state. I focus on the following points:

introduce common patterns,

provide samples from our top writers whose stories have already reached viral state and some stories which are trending for the potential viral state, and

make recommendations based on my observations and findings via engagement with writers and readers.

My primary focus is to share my observations, findings, and interactions with writers whose stories trended and went viral recently. Based on these points, I aim to give practical guidance and make some tangible recommendations to our writers.

In this story, I introduce our successful writers briefly and provide some sample articles which are trending and going to viral state.

I provide supplemental materials based on my previous analysis of specific viral stories under some sample profiles. Therefore I did not go into details for each component. Some details are captured in previous stories.

You can read the article from the attached story on Medium.

I am founder and leader of ILLUMINATION publication on Medium. If you are a Medium member and want to join this rapidly growing publication enriched over 3,000 writers and 27,000 readers, please leave a message on this link requesting your participation providing your Medium account ID. I’d be delighted to provide you writer access.

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