Writing for Vocal Media

Let’s collaborate and amplify our stories on social media


I started writing for Vocal Media and shared my initial experience in this Medium story. If you are a writer for Vocal, I’d like to obtain your feedback. We can collaborate to amplify stories on social media. I created two collaboration sites for Vocal writers.

1 – A Quora Space where you can submit your story links. I can make you a moderator so that you can post your stories at your convenience. https://www.quora.com/q/hupsrbcsxzugolse

2 – A LinkedIn group where you can interact with other writers and share you links. Please join the group and share your stories. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13923566/

Please enjoy and share my stories.

How Did I Get Rid of Loose Skin?
In this story, I want to share my personal experience for removing loose skin naturally by leveraging autophagy…vocal.media

How to Become an Ethical Hacker
Throughout the years, I received many questions on how to become an ethical hacker. Based on my experience, in this…vocal.media

Critical Traits of Distinguished Leaders
In this story, I want to share 12 critical traits of outstanding leaders. The story reflects research findings from a…vocal.media

10 Critical Leadership Traits
In this story, based on my practical experience as a leader over three decades and methodical studies on leadership, I…vocal.media

Amplify Your Vocal Stories In a Quora Space
I am a new writer on Vocal. Precisely, this is my third story. It is fun to write on this platform. I have a strong…vocal.media

Design Thinking for Writers
This is my first story for the Vocal. I am excited to join this community and share my experience in technical and…vocal.media

A Technical Overview of Internet of Things (IoT)
The purpose of this article is to introduce IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem based on a model that I developed as…vocal.media

Digital Twins
In this article, I want to introduce Digital Twin concept, which is considered as an emerging technology used in…vocal.media

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