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The Science + Tech community on Vocal Media has three sub-communities: 01 Media, Chain, and Futurism. These communities attracted my attention and hosted several of my stories in technology, science, and future topics.

My most viewed and read story was on the 01 Media community. According to Vocal, the “01 Media keeps a finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest in tech trends; technology news coming from large corporations and startups around the world”.

The title of the article is A Technical Overview of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Even though this story found a reasonable number of readers from this community, the key success factor was the discovery of the story on Reddit. It took only one enthusiast to share it and feature this story on Reddit. I am not an expert on Reddit with a new account but it is a platform which can trigger stories to go viral.

Why do I mention the success of this specific story?

Three key reasons increased my confidence in Vocal Media.

The first one is the discovery of my story by a particular community called 01 Media and its enthusiastic readers.

The second reason is boosting my views and readers from social media readers who are not even member of Vocal.

The third reason is the generation of new contacts for technology mailing-list and new readers for the recent publication that I set up on Medium, the Technology Hits.

The way Vocal Media moderators allocate the stories to communities is unique. Even though I selected specific topics when submitting my stories, the moderators changed them and found better fits for my stories.

Initially, I was doubtful about the intervention of the moderators, but the performance of stories transformed my doubts into trust in moderators. They knew where my stories could perform better, and I am grateful for their help.

Here is a summary of performance gained from the next six technology-related stories that I submitted to Vocal Media and included in the 01 Media community.

Apart from the previously mentioned story, my first best performing story is titled “How to Become an Ethical Hacker”. In this story, I provide a set of criteria and practical guidance to aspiring cybersecurity professionals. Moderators placed this story in the Hackers topic. My story hit the top of the topic. The purpose of this topic is to “explore the anonymous world of criminal hackers, hacktivists and playful attention-seekers”.

My second best-performing technology story was Technical Overview of Blockchain. This story was placed under the community of Chain. Vocal describes this community as “First came Bitcoin, then came the blockchain; all about the myriad applications of blockchain technology and how decentralization is changing the world”. The selected topic was Blockchain.

My third best performing story was Digital Twins. This story was also placed in the 01 Media community under the topic of Tech News. I received several inquiries about this story from the community members.

The fourth best performing story “Robotics Process Automation” has a particular interest from the sub-community Future. Vocal describes this sub-community as “explore the next frontier of tech innovation, and imagine our society in the near and far future”. My story is now on the first page of the story list.

The fifth best performing story What is Edge Computing?. Edge Computing is an innovative extension to Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and the Big Data Analytics. Vocal placed this story on the Future sub-community of the 01 Media central community. The story is on the first page of the community.

The sixth best performing story was Big Data Lifecycle Management. I provided a simplified overview for beginners. This story was placed in the List topic of the 01 Media community. Vocal describes the list as “…for tech enthusiasts that go well beyond binary; the latest tech products, hot new startups, best inventions throughout history, new frontiers in computers and more”. I received several inquiries from aspiring startups who enjoyed and found this story valuable.

To conclude, I recommend writers to try new platforms and explore new communities to enhance their network and gain new readers. Growth requires risk-taking with progressive experimentation.

You can find my stories on Vocal by accessing my writer profile.

I also created a Quora Space, a LinkedIn Page, and a Facebook Page to share Vocal Media stories. You are welcome to join these resources and share links to your stories. All you need is a few minutes of investment for visibility. From my experience, this minimal investment pays the dividends.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

I wish you the best in your professional and entrepreneurship journey.

I am founder of ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, and Technology Hits publications on Medium serving around 6,500 writers and 65,000 readers. To collaborate with me, you can join my publications and professional network. Please send a request via this link. Please point out the name of the preferred publication in your request form.

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