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Recent submissions to ILLUMINATION-Curated

Melinda Blau

It’s Groundhog Day Everywhere — So Why Is Time Going So Fast?
We can experience time as fast or slow. We can also change how it feels by inviting the unfamiliar into our lives.medium.com

Sebastian Purcell, PhD

What Hannah Arendt Can Teach Us About The Capitol Hill Insurrection
When the Banality of Evil Meets Social Mediamedium.com

Piper Steele

10 Stupid Things I Used to Believe About Sex
We are born sexual beings, but we certainly aren’t born knowing everything there is to know about sex. It has taken me…medium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

How To Unclog Blocked Energy
And Regain Your Mojomedium.com

Crystal Jackson

My Secret Garden: Lessons on Love, Life, and Loss
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~Anais Ninmedium.com

Edward Robson, PhD

5 Reasons Dating is a Waste of Time
For single peoplemedium.com

Helen Cassidy Page

The Year of the Great Comeback Challenge
How a successful Medium writer kicked a former successful Medium writer in the rear to get her back on the bus.medium.com

Rebecca Stevens A.

In White Switzerland, Can We Make Black Lives Truly Matter?
So yeah, it’s taken them a while, but now they’re here. After about 8 months of writing about racism in Switzerland…medium.com

Steve QJ

The White People In The Comments
When do we finally look beyond colour?medium.com

Matt Ray

Ocean Shots From Around The World
Images From Circumnavigating The Globemedium.com


How to Fill Your Store-Cupboard of Ideas
9 Ways to Feed Your Creative Sparkmedium.com

Mike Pole

So Global Warming will Not cause more Bush-Fires in Australia?
Perhaps not — but fire danger will increasemedium.com

Rebecca Romanelli

Using Archetypes to Enhance Your Understanding of Self and Others
These characters determine our daily behavior and actions but often remain hidden in our unconscious.medium.com

Roger A. Reid, Ph.D.

10 Effective Ways to be Recognized as a Leader When You’re Not the Boss
Adopting a professional attitude and mindset is part of being successfulmedium.com

Bebe Nicholson

Science and Faith Don’t Have to Cancel Each Other Out
We can have bothmedium.com

Regina Clarke

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
We can feel genuine and deserved excitement at our achievements and yet the words of critics can sink our enthusiasm — …medium.com

Jennifer Friebely

A Lesson From Mister Rogers
A precious reminder from the best world evermedium.com

Remington Write

Are the Bad Old Days Back?
Magic Eight Ball says that the signs are not promisingmedium.com

Maria Cross

Raw Versus Cooked: Which Diet is the Most Nutritious?
A raw, plant-based diet is cleansing, detoxifying, energizing and purifying, if the Internet is anything to go by. You…medium.com

René Junge

No One Can Keep Up
You should not even try.medium.com

Stuart Englander

The Films That Award Ceremonies Forget
Are some of cinema’s finest works of artmedium.com

Riku Arikiri

Be Happy With What You Have While Working For What You Want in Life
A good sense of humor will amplify what you acquire.medium.com

Julia E Hubbel

Your Opinion is NOT Necessarily Fact. It’s Your Opinion.
And as such, that does not make it a fact for anyone else on the planet.medium.com

Jill Reid

Let the Joy and Wonder of the Season Into Your Heart
With all the changes in our lives this year resulting from the pandemic and a variety of social disruptions, the…medium.com

Britni Pepper

Sordid Secret Life of Beloved Children’s Author
Revealing find in weekend market exposes unlikely truthmedium.com

Holly Kellums

A Colorless White World
Segregation in modern society fueled by anti-racism — I will not silence myself because of my skin color.medium.com

Dr. Preeti Singh

Routine With Change In Style
A combination of routine and change makes my daymedium.com

Geetika Sethi

How to Know if You Are Soulmates?
When out of billions of people in the world your heart chooses a person… that’s your soulmate.medium.com

Agnes Louis

Loving Your Flesh and Blood Ain’t Easy
Would you still love your children if they are different?medium.com


Yer So Daggone Stupid, You Don’t Understand the Simple Math Behind Donald T.Rump’s Election!
i’ve pointed this out before, but who will read…medium.com

James Martin

Stop the Killing
I have a system that can identify aberrations in the Executive Center. This system identifies those individuals with…brightfuturenow.medium.com

Michael Burg, MD

These two stories were just “chosen for further distribution” but remain largely unloved.
I don’t want to come off as an intrusive bragging pest, but it seems like more than 131 readers should be interested in…medium.com

Paul Myers MBA

How To Make $1,000 From Your Existing Articles
For just 10 hours work in 2 weeksmedium.com

Dr Michael Heng

How I Unleashed my Inner Entrepreneur
You can Harvest your Entrepreneurship in 6 Easy Stepsmedium.com

Nathan Burriston

3 Dead Simple Ways To Make A New Habit Stick
A simple guide if you struggle to create lasting habitsmedium.com

Terry Mansfield

Do right by your employees, and they’ll do right by you.
The above meme was posted on LinkedIn. It poses some interesting questions. But based on my many years as a corporate…medium.com

Dr. Fatima Imam

Charismatic Qualities
A poemmedium.com

Ivette Cruz

Maybe Today
Keep onmedium.com

Agnes Laurens

Playing the Game
Is it a love game or a board game?medium.com

Aldric Chen

Why Is Achilles In A Hurry? Does He Know Something That We Don’t?
Short Answer: He knows his fate.medium.com

J.D. Harms

Trading Moments
A Poemmedium.com

Floyd Mori

Ordinary People Spoke Out About The Seven Republican Senators
They were brave enough to vote to convict Trumpmedium.com

Kiran Yasmin

This Website Pays Content Writers $100 Per Post
Feel free to write as much as you want…medium.com

Igor Chykalov

When Partners Find no More Consent…
Many democracies are now deteriorating because they are split from within.medium.com

Jean Carfantan

Spiral Learning
Knowledge use circles and layers : spiralsmedium.com

L.A. Strucke

9 Signs You’re A Strong Person
And how it helps you deal with lifemedium.com

Godofredo Rojas

The 5 Rules of Really Strong Couples
Time apart is essential.medium.com

Terry Trueman

Looking Around the Corner
The other morningmedium.com

Floyd Mori

The USA Climate When Japanese Americans Were Unjustly Incarcerated
World War II was very difficult for themmedium.com

Utpal Kumar

A Detailed Versus Minimal Timetable
What does it tell about us?medium.com

Leo Guinan

This is the Most Difficult Thing About Being a Startup Founder with ADHD
If You are Prepared For It, You Can Overcome Itmedium.com


How To Coach Yourself Into Living a More Productive Life
Gone are the days of wishing you had more time.medium.com

Amy Pierovich

Light Munificent
One lone soulmedium.com


What is it Going to Be?
A short poem on the duality of Life — to grow relentless or take a break and meditate?medium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

Sympathy for a Goddess
A retake of a Rolling Stones songmedium.com

Jonathan Isbill MS, RDN

How Much is Enough?
Making better decisions and overcoming information overloadmedium.com

Michele Thomas

I Live to Give Thanks

Dew Langrial

How Your Children Are Not Your Children — Khalil Jabran at His Best
A few verses of profound wisdommedium.com

Anne Bonfert

Paddling to the Edge of a Dam
When the dam is full this is what they mean by itmedium.com

Tree Langdon

A religious expert talks about their experimentation with drugs.
Silly Simon is what we used to call Psilocybin mushrooms.medium.com

Jan M Flynn

Finding Your Old Friend on Facebook
And discovering you don’t want her backmedium.com

Abena D

It Was a Baby
Let women grieve after miscarriage “get over it” is the worst thing you can say to a grieving womanmedium.com

Carolyn Hastings

My Red Spot 🔴
Crickets and the inner world of an anxious child in routine chaosmedium.com

Phil Truman

Cow Thieves and Outlaws Reunion
Quid pro quo among banditsmedium.com

Dr. Deborah M. Vereen

This Is Why Memory Brought Tears of Joy
Remembering my father on the first anniversary of his deathmedium.com

Gal Mux

11 Reasons Why We Love Insecure On HBO
Insecure is a show that has captivated and gathered the full attention of the millions that follow it. It is a show…medium.com

Kevin Farran

Searching the Shores of Writer’s Block
The freedom to confront that which I cannot see. A thought, a poemmedium.com

Suntonu Bhadra

A Mere Light In The Room
A forgotten story.medium.com

Don Karp

Some alternative viewsmedium.com

Lanu Pitan

The Nutritional Benefits Of Garlic
Garlic bulbs apart from its medicinal properties are used as a flavour enhancers around the worldmedium.com

Martine Weber

Behind The Veil
A Poetic Dreammedium.com

Wilson da Silva

The Birth of Sputnik: Korolev, von Braun and the Drunk Driver
In the milieu of the Cold War, a roadside accident three generations ago led to Sputnik 1, and the beginning of a new…medium.com

Robert Trakofler

I found it delishly ironic that this current pandemic is named “Corona”virus and how we are all now being eclipsed with…medium.com

Chelsea Mandler MAT

Children do not do this at homemedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Some of us may need bioidentical hormones
Here is why.medium.com

EP McKnight, MEd

The Life &Times of the Legendary Ms. Mary Wilson, Supremes Founder
A story about an innovator, champion and activist who never stoppedmedium.com

Daniella Mini

What Does It Even Mean to Be Wrong?
This book will show you just that, and how and why to embrace being wrongmedium.com

Melissa Raise

Am I Ready To Change?
There are multiple phases of readiness to change, and we can’t rush themmedium.com

Ana Dalen

An Unexpected Guest
Raina was never an ordinary girl. I’ve known her since elementary school, as kids, we were best friends. She would…medium.com

Mukundarajan V N

The Lure of The Number 10,000 is Irresistible
Two debunked theories with the number 10,000 continue to sway usmedium.com

Terry Mansfield

Lame Blame Tame Game
About taking responsibilitymedium.com

Adam Tabriz, MD

The American Presidential Election, Populism and the concept of Electoral College
The Instrument for igniting imminent Mainstream Movementmedium.com

KS Copeland

Is the F-Word the New N-Word?
Who Can We Alienate Next?medium.com

Randy Wolken

Do You Have Thinking Partners?
Successful people build great social networksmedium.com

Nicole Chardenet

How Will I Fight Racism?
A Medium writer threw down the gauntlet.medium.com

Vanessa Robinson

Picnic at the Pickrick in Atlanta, GA
Unless you were Black, of coursemedium.com

America Zed

Life Work

Simon Spichak

Are You Guilty of These Five Common Coffee Sins?
Make better coffee todaymedium.com

Kimberly Thomas

A poemmedium.com

Keira Fulton-Lees

Of What Have I Seen?
I have seen too much, and as such, I have had enough.medium.com

Julie Nyhus MSN, FNP-BC

How Much Do You Know About Viruses?
These biological zombies love humansmedium.com

Kate Lynch

How and Why to Return to Yoga During Covid-19
Connection and relaxation can happen online.medium.com

Deborah Barchi

Mid-Winter Morning
The bright sky is growing dimmedium.com

Orla Kenny

20 Things I Learned To Do That Changed My Life For The Better
When I decided to change — everything changed.medium.com

Darcy Thiel

Car Shopping with a Counselor
Avoid it if you canmedium.com

Desiree Driesenaar

Do You Use Your 3 Brains Effectively? Let’s Unleash Our Wisdom!
The brains in our head, our heart, and our gut are at our disposalmedium.com

Dr. Dion

A Dumb Reason Not To Support Student Loan Debt Cancellation
President Joe Biden and a host of Congressional leaders are engaged in a painfully polite war to the death over the…medium.com

Drama Llama

Matsukaze, The Longing That Goes Beyond Death
The Noh sentiment of poetry and lovemedium.com

Harold Finch

Free-will v/s Destiny
Understanding whether free will and destiny go hand in hand or against each other.medium.com

James G Brennan

Say what?
Free versemedium.com

Jeanette C. Espinoza

Let’s Talk About When Black People are Called Racists
Breaking down the myth of reverse racismmedium.com

Jennifer Geer

My Dog Swallowed a Plastic Squeaker From Her Toy This Morning
And I learned when something like this happens, time is of the essencemedium.com

Jessica Lynn

Jeff Bezos Could Learn a Thing or Two from His Ex-wife
Mackenzie Scott giving her Amazon billions away is pitch perfect for the times.medium.com


Change Manifesto: To make an impact, truely be it!
You have been executing projects for years, but when you decide to make big move, you fear failure. Why you can not…medium.com

John Teehan

How a Great Dungeon Master Can Be Even Greater
The payoff is a more enhanced roleplaying experience for everyone.medium.com

Jordan Mendiola

3 Bold Predictions on The Future of Entertainment
And how they’re going to affect each and every one of usmedium.com

Kara Summers

He Hired Me Because Of My “Sexy Facebook Picture”
But I succeeded because of my skillsmedium.com

Karen Madej

Karen’s Weekly Review of Technology Hits
AI, doctors and robots, penguins, WhatsApp, and Grammarlymedium.com

Kenny Rivaldi

4 Scientific Reasons of Why Telling People About Your Goals Might Be A Bad Idea
How you can avoid the psychological traps when it comes to pursuing your goals.medium.com

Kris Franklin

College Basketball and NHL Bets for 2/17
We went 3–2 with our Monday night bets. We’re back with 3 more free bets for tonight’s college basketball and NHL…medium.com

Levi Borba

Palmeiras? How Football Clubs Help You to Understand Brazil
From immigrant influences to regional differences, stadiums describe the entire country.medium.com

Liam Ireland

As many of my friends and followers might have noticed, I haven’t been posting very much this last…
The Opus Connection was an experiment in crashing five stories into one, a little like Tarrentino did with Pulp…medium.com

Liz Porter

My PTSD Triggers Live On — Confessions of a Survivor
But there’s also been a strong positive shift towards PTGmedium.com

Luke Beling

Opportunity Is Found in Adversity
I injured my wrist and it changed my life for the better.medium.com

Lynette Hew

Young Women behind Financial Literacy on Instagram
A new genre of self help gurus emerged on Instagram and goes candid about money matters. Carefully crafted charts…medium.com


Tanka for Meaningful Engagement
Claps are crapmedium.com

Marjorie J McDonald

Unleashing the Peace Within
Part 2medium.com

Mark Alden

When We Were Young
A poemmedium.com

Martin D. Hirsch

Aging White Boy Spends National Black History Month Pondering
His Lifetime of Race Relations

Coming closely on the heels of a horrific year when African-Americans have suffered so disproportionately and visibly…medium.com

Massùod Hemmat

An Ax, a Razor, a Scissor, and a Knife Taught Me Four Problem Solving Techniques
These analogies might help you toomedium.com

Melissa Raise

Make Fun a Part of Every Day — It’s Good For Your Health!
How To Keep Life Fun, For Busy Peoplemedium.com

Michael Papas

How To Be More Confident, No Quick-Fixes Included
Have the courage to say what you mean and mean what you say.medium.com

Moreno Zugaro

5 Fundamental Parts of Life You Need to Treat Differently If You Want to Be Successful
#3: Your friendships are a double-edged sword.medium.com

Myriam Ben Salem

With a friend of mine, we went to a cozy space offering different kinds and difficulty-levels of…
I had a blast flying in the air with almost everybody. Ice on the cake, we were granted a gift of 30 mins by the…medium.com

Neha Sandhir S

The Change
Adapting to this philosophymedium.com

Nick Wong

Could You Possibly Be Hurting Your Relationship?
Most people don’t even realize that they’re doing it.medium.com

Nkeonye Judith Izuka

3. IzukaThe Real Tales of an Intern Part 4
Death is the liberator of him whom freedom cannot release, the physician of him whom medicine cannot cure, and the…medium.com

Noorain Hassan, BMS

What if Someday Medium Had a Glitch and You Lose All Your Drafts?
Don’t predict the future — dodge your errors.medium.com

Øivind H. Solheim

How to Excel in Creative Writing
Writing coaching, mentoring, or writing coursemedium.com

Rosy Gee

How do you get 1.8K Followers Without Writing a Single Story?
By Creating a Name for Yourselfmedium.com

Sajjad Choudhury

How to Manage your Relationships in Quarantine
You’re not alone, and shouldn’t have to feel that waymedium.com

L. C. McLaughlin

Is waking up early without feeling tired possible?
Is waking up early without feeling tired possible? Yes, it’s completely possible. Because I’m a night owl when I…medium.com

Tim Ebl

20 Serious Headlines That Were Accidentally Hilarious
These writers weren’t going for laughs, but they got them.medium.com

Tim Maudlin

Your Story
What story are you writing?medium.com

Tina Viju

Dowry, The Rampant Cancer Which Continues To Kill In Civilized India.
Greed always destroys.medium.com

Tom Handy

3 Myths You Should Know on Writing About Money Articles that Makes it Sexy
Money articles are my top earners every single monthmedium.com

Toni Koraza

3 Common Misconceptions About the Laptop Lifestyle Debunked
I still have a location, home, and regular lifemedium.com

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

My Illumination-Curated Article, Distributed
A simple story of a Sunday morning drivemedium.com

Tree Langdon

Watch The U.S. ‘Perseverance’ land on Mars
Watch the live-stream using this link.medium.com

Dr. Preeti Singh

Health, Fitness & Spirituality, Life & Relationships and Self Improvement
Related Stories by Dr Preeti Singhmedium.com

Valerie Mercado

Call Center Circuit: How To Lose Your Sanity One Call At A Time.
Think twice about yelling at call center agents, they’ve been through enough.medium.com

Vynette Holliday

The Perpetual Pandemic
An Infection of the Mindmedium.com

Tina L. Smith

One Meaningful Thing White Folk Can Do for Black History Month
Listening and learningmedium.com

Dr John Rose

Digital Literacy and Climate Change
Overcoming our Disconnection with the Living Earthmedium.com

B. A. Cumberlidge.

The Weekend Content Spotlight.
Illumination-Curated’s weekend supplement. Issue №2.medium.com

Terry L. Cooper

The Worst-Case of Child Abuse That I Had Ever Seen
**Trigger Warning**medium.com

Warren Brown

Introduction to Lucid Dreams
The moment when you are aware that you are Dreaming is Lucid Dreamingmedium.com

Yve Laran

Max Out Your Library Card
It’s a tool for career renewalmedium.com

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