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How To Reframe Rejections
For Successful Relationshipsmedium.com


Editor’s Choice. Featured Articles About Women Across Illumination Publications
Today I would like to feature some excellent articles which have been published recently across the Illumination…medium.com

Dew Langrial

How Only a Reader’s Brain Can Handle the Challenge of Writing Well
Investigating the connection between reading and writing wellmedium.com

Terry L. Cooper

Write An Obituary Of Your Choosing
It’s time to process that grief, my friends.medium.com
Why I Write On Medium
Because it gives me purpose and a voicemedium.com

Liam Ireland

Happy Birthday Illumination
Hip Hip Hoorayyyyymedium.com

Bebe Nicholson

How My Husband’s Diet Helped Me Get Rid of My Covid Belly
I didn’t follow his diet, but the pounds melted awaymedium.com


Welcome New Writers
Onboarding new contributors joining ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR, SYNERGY, Technology Hitsmedium.com

Ashley Nicole

How to Overcome the Struggles of Pregnancy
Itchy belly, bloody noses, belly hair… oh my!medium.com

Jessica Lynn

Six Monthly Subscriptions I Can’t Live Without (for Now)
That I’m happy to pay for.medium.com

Tim Ebl

How To Make Your Writing Into a Gift the World Can’t Refuse
You need to provide value, or you might as well quit.medium.com

Bill Abbate

How Can Kindness Change Your Life and the Life of Someone Else?
Why it is important to give the gift that keeps on givingmedium.com

Geetika Sethi

You Have A New Message From God!
A notification in my mailbox read so and left me wondering — is that true and is that you — Lord Shiva?medium.com

Deepak Sethi

The Importance of Sufficient Sleep in our Daily Lives.
What can be done to get good sleep?medium.com

Juhi Kumar

what else is there but beauty to beholdmedium.com

Jonathan Thomas

I had another crying episode at my desk today.
The weird thing is, I was drawing when I just started sobbing to myself. I try to draw in-between calls, but something…medium.com

Federica A.

Progress Can Look Like So Many Things That Don´t Look Like It
A one-year anniversary of my socially acceptable pajama pantsmedium.com

Karen Madej

Forever Has No Options, So Live Life Now
What does forever mean to you?medium.com

Shaista Malik

One-Lined Poem: Happiness (#11)
A phrase about one simple pleasure in life.medium.com

Asha Foulkes

Over the Horizon
To all those left behindmedium.com

Marcel Badia

Cyber Attacks You Need to Know Asap to Protect Your Company
It’s your responsibility to be ready against technology threads that can ruin your businessmedium.com

Louis Petrik

Crypto-Index-Funds Are a Thing Now — Here’s Why You Might Want To Keep Your Hands off Them
5 issues with the new assetmedium.com

Yaqoob ahmad

Your Pain Can Either Make You or Break You
A guide to handling the shit life throws your waymedium.com

B. A. Cumberlidge.

The Midweek Content Spotlight.
Issue №20. SYNERGY.medium.com

Bob Jasper

Some are blessings in disguise.medium.com

Camille Allard

How a Women Can Feel Sexual Pleasure and Orgasm Only Through Physical Exercise
Exercise is vital for good sex and stronger orgasms.medium.com

Richard Armstrong

When You’re Getting All the Wrong Answers, Changing the Questions Will Help
I’m sure you want to move forward in your lifemedium.com

Andrew Brewerton

The Hidden Desire And Covert Late Night Fridge Raid For Tasty Cheese
Park the cheese up the table next to the Port for just one moment; this is more than simply cheese.medium.com

Anthony Fireman

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life — So I Imagine I Won The Lottery
Even dumb ideas can help.medium.com

Steve Kehler

Why Being Content With Failure Won’t Result In Success​
So why do we celebrate it?medium.com

Tim Sussmann

Mental, Physical, and Emotional health: It’s your business.
It is said that people that are self-employed are the hardest working lot out of all humans. I agree with this thought…medium.com

Sion Evans

The War of Being Yourself in 2021: Accessing Authenticity
‘‘That which is to give light must endure burning’’- Viktor Franklmedium.com

Raza Hussain, MD

One Powerful Habit Your Future Self Will Thank You For
I’ll give you a hint…look at the image below.medium.com

Josh Balerite Acol

A poetry prompt for day 3medium.com

Paul Abela, MSc

Why Viewing Life Like a Tree Will Help You Make Great Decisions
The shape of your tree will say much about your lifemedium.com

Midori by the Sea

What Can We Do to Heal After Hate and Blame
A critical response to Jessica Wildfire’s article about these bad, power peoplemedium.com

Son de Flor

Linen is fully biodegradable
Linen is a unique eco-friendly fabric. Almost no fertilizers are used in growing flax which is the plant used to make…medium.com

Floyd Mori

One Woman’s Quest To Bring Cherry Trees To Washington, D.C.
She loved Japan and the cherry blossomsmedium.com

Samedra Carter

4 Harmful Ways Anxiety Will Affect You and How to Get it Under Control.
Every human experience or will experience anxiety many occasions in their lives. It is an inevitable emotion that…medium.com

Brian Loo Soon Hua

A Linguist Explains the Historical Origins of the Word “Bitch”
Believe it or not, it’s related to the Hindi word for “cannabis” and the Old Norse word for “old horse”.medium.com

Jessie Hamilton

Are You Feeling Lonely?
There are several ways to beat the bluesmedium.com

Ephraim Champion

This Is Why You Don’t Succeed
But we all know this already, right?medium.com

Julia Marsiglio

A poemmedium.com

Randy Shingler

Thickening Veil Of Fog
Dark morning clouds, thickening veil of fog
Transition from night darkness with no sun
Damp feelings of fog felt…

Harry Hogg

Nowhere To Hide My Deepest Fears
The Lost Hour…where secrets hide.medium.com

Bhavna Narula

My Lover’s Poetry Was Filled With Emotions

Mary Beth Hazeldine

How to Improve Motivation the Easy Way
And make procrastination a thing of the past.medium.com

Carly Barrett

Want To Be a Successful Entrepreneur? Don’t Make This Mistake
If you feel burnt out, your business is probably out of alignment with your personality typemedium.com

George Lamptey

Do all the pieces of the Covid puzzle actually fit?
A serious article? It’s certainly not a poem.medium.com

Krishna V Chaudhary

Why Should Quality Matter over Quantity?
Every writer’s focus should be quality over quantity.medium.com

Simon Dillon

Spinner Part 1 of 4
A woman trapped in an abusive relationship during lockdown investigates a malevolent supernatural force in her…medium.com

Eric Peterson

When the Price of Going Fast Costs Too Much
Signs your team may be headed for a crashmedium.com

Zsófia Sáfár

The Most Valuable Lessons I Learnt from My Everest Base Camp Trek Adventure
It was exactly one year ago when I took my final steps on a 10-day long trekking adventure in the Everest region. So…medium.com

Philip Siddons

Look for God When God is Busiest
And hone your listening skillsmedium.com

Linda Kowalchek

The Three Types of Writers on Medium
Life can be easier when you decide which one you are going to be.medium.com

John Ross

I Love Coffee but There is More than Coffee to Coffee
Short Storymedium.com

Phil Rossi

The Dark Side of the Web
Online accusations, Internet assault, and trial by algorithms are here to staymedium.com

Noorain Hassan, BMS

How To Increase Story Time Without Re-Writing Anything
Don’t write: survive & trickmedium.com

Gregory Reece-Smith

Are You Here To Live A Happy, Rich And Complete Life?medium.com

Ephraim Champion

Not Everything Is Worth Your Attention
What’s important to you?medium.com

Suellen Wheless Estes

Are You In A Dip?
Mastering the middle is the hardest part…medium.com

Dr. Fatima Imam

Emotion: Detachment to Devotion
Poetry Prompt Day: -5medium.com

Maria Rattray

Cereal Killers…An Experiment That Surprised Even Young Medical Professionals
A documentary to touch your heart…medium.com
We Are All Perfectly Imperfect
But some ‘show resilience and innovation in navigating a world of inaccessibility, stigma, and discrimination.’medium.com

Myriam Ben Salem🦋

Why Do You Think Parenting Is Known to Be the Most Difficult Job in the World?
Parents are either creating servant leaders or insecure future adults unlikely to give back to the world!medium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: March 18
Across Town, Cross Country, and Out of This Worldmedium.com

Melanie J.

Hope in the Midst of Despair
Poetry Prompt: Hopemedium.com

Roberto C. Salvador

Lonely white sock
by Roberto C. Salvadormedium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

Towards the Light
When life is darkmedium.com

Shiraz Zafar Hussain

How to Fight
The Mental, Physical and Spiritual Basicsmedium.com

Anima Chatterjee

“Abba, he follows no religion. He says that Humanity is his religion, and that’s fine with me. I cannot change my mind…medium.com

Leo Sharp

Stop Building New Habits — First, Do ‘the Basics’
How four basic habits can help you lay a foundation for lifemedium.com

Ntathu Allen

Emotions: An Acrostic Poem
Poetry Prompt Day #5 in Celebration of World Poetry Daymedium.com

America Zed

You Don’t Have What I Need
A micro poem of lifemedium.com

Pennie Varvarides

Undo The Damage From Sitting All Day
This routine could off-set your day-jobmedium.com

Michael Adelizzi

How to Find Your Passion Without a Conviction of Love
A letter to my son for the year 2038medium.com

Thomas H. Brand

Where Was I, When She Was Walking Home?
It’s Past Time To Be A Better Allymedium.com

Darryl Brooks

How the Stars Aligned
It’s Not About What You Know; It’s About When You Were Bornmedium.com

Alan Lew

A Yin & Yang of Second Shot Experiences
The contrast in my wife’s and my second shot experiences could not have been greater!medium.com

Trapper Sherwood

Wonderful and Unstoppable Advantages of Passion for Entrepreneurs
Here’s the secret to transforming your dreams into realitymedium.com

Noah Nelson

Sure Feels Good Tonight
You know that feeling when the check is in the bankmedium.com

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