Blaming is Easy, Take Action


The rickshaw puller who wanted to earn money

Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary on Unsplash

Doctor funny allows me to think of something to write. Every day we all gone through unexpected incidents. Sometimes it comes to your mind and you don’t stop yourself to smile.

I am remembering the day when a weird incident happened to me. I should say funny too. I have never thought that a person will blame me for doing something usual like hiring a rickshaw.

For a moment, I also thought that maybe I am doing something wrong.

But I knew that I was doing nothing wrong. I had only hired a rickshaw.

This incident happened when I asked a 70-year-old rickshaw man to take me to a place. I asked because he was also waiting for a passenger. He was keen to make money and he was happy when I asked if he could drop me to a certain place. I asked him about his charges for his work.

He quoted Indian Rupees 50 and I agreed.

Suddenly, from within the traffic, I saw a good man coming towards us. When he came close I saw that he was a drunken man and not a good chap as I thought.

He started blaming me for something that I did not do.

Then he started shouting at me. This time the blame was something else. He said I should not take this rickshaw because the rickshaw puller was an old man. He was saying that this rickshaw man was of my father’s age and how can I hire him.

Then I told him, I was not doing wrong, I have hired him because he has agreed to go and he wanted to earn money not take alms as he is not a beggar.

Later, this drunken man tried to give some money to the Rickshaw puller but he didn’t take it. He told him that this was his job. Some people intervened and also told that drunken man if you are really serious then find all old rickshaw puller and help him.

The drunker man then ran away.

After that, I was thinking about both the person one of that old man, and the drunken man.

I learned a lesson that drunk people are not serious. They are funny, they don’t want to help, they only want to create disturbance between two-piece loving people.

Seeing him run away, all the spectators started laughing and clapping and saying oh! he was drunk.

I was thinking this strange incident is also possible and chatting with rickshaw puller I reach my destination happily paying him his fare.Common sense is like deodorant. The people who need it most never use it.

Blaming is Easy, Take Action was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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