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Dr Mehmet Yildiz

What I Learned After Publishing 1,010 And Reading 100,000 Stories on Medium
Intangible benefits exceeded tangible onesmedium.com

Tree Langdon

When Learning to Read is a Bad Thing
The spoken word is becoming a lost art.medium.com

Jennifer Friebely

You Get What You Need
I should have listened to my gut in the first placemedium.com

Chris Mooney-Singh

I Was a Bad Sleeper and How I Fixed the Problem
the road trip that saved my lifemedium.com

Claire Kelly

Edit Me Please?
What editing magic do you cast to increase the power of your own writing?medium.com

Noah Nelson

Your Medium Fans Will Find You
So quit writing for a certain reader.medium.com

Mira Khatib

And You Are Gone
I open my eyes and stare at the ceiling and just for a split second fool myself in believing that my life is as normal…medium.com

Aaron Mitchell

Burning Snow: False Prophets In The Heart Of America, Sublimation In The Southern States
Lack of meaning is fuelling conspiracy theoriesmedium.com

Tom Fenske

Stop Focusing on Motivating Employees in Office Culture
Avoiding demotivation has a much higher ROI.medium.com

Tonya S. Ware

A Bunch of Reasons to Appreciate Dr. Mehmet Yildiz
If you write for either of his publications or read any of the content, I’m sure you’re grateful for him too.medium.com

Asha Foulkes

A poem for thoughtmedium.com

Juliano Righetto

Poor Outside Flat!
When we get used to good things, it is difficult to lower the level.medium.com


Life is Not a Laundry List. Time for a cleanup?
Focusing on essentials. My learnings from G.McKeown ‘Essentialism’medium.com
Why “21 day habits” make no sense
When building habits, you need to look deeper than the numbersmedium.com

Shiraz Zafar Hussain

Nuclear Beat
A Poem about Powermedium.com
Land Mines in My Kingdom
A Poem about Positivitymedium.com

Jordan Mendiola

While Everyone Else is Stressing About Medium Payments, I Continue to Write for Pleasure
How blogging for pleasure is a much better approach than just the moneymedium.com

Iva Hotko

The Last Light Of Day
Tears at sunsetmedium.com

Vickie Trancho

3 Time-Proven Tips For Remembering Your Dreams
Especially helpful when you’re suffering from grief brain fogmedium.com
The Amazing Gift Of A Generous Heart
A not so cautionary tale for today’s worldmedium.com

Cheshta Mann

This Is How Much Medium Paid Me for A Story with 38,000 Views
What goes viral on this platform still continues to be a mysterymedium.com

John Ross

Life dootsrednusiM

Michael Adelizzi

How a Mindful Approach to Achieving Your Goals Could Best Your Current One
A tiny observation about your goals can influence a massive change in your strategy to reach them.medium.com

Chetna Jai

I Have a Conscience
But don’t assume the pandemic was the same for me as it was for youmedium.com

Jennifer M. Wilson

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination Is Killing Me
Oh sleep, I miss you babymedium.com

Bill Abbate

Why Autonomy, Leadership Influence, and Tradition Matter to a Business
A peek into how the personality of a company developsmedium.com
How to Know If You Are Competent or Incompetent at Anything in Your Life
Are you conscious or unconscious about your competence or incompetence?medium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

For Anthi Psomiadou
An acrostic sonnetmedium.com

Ed Ergenzinger

Susceptibility to “Fake News” Linked to Lower Emotional Intelligence
Higher EQ associated with greater ability to see through emotionally charged content of fabricated news stories.medium.com

Raza Hussain, MD

Surprising Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Owning a Porsche
“It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”-Ferris Buellermedium.com

Çiğdem Arca

Do Lemons Cure Cancer ?
Cancer & Social Mediamedium.com

David Andrew Wiebe

I Don’t Like Slack
More communication doesn’t = bettermedium.com

Sridhar Pai Tonse

An Untold Lockdown Story
There goes my second book on Amazon.medium.com

Y. Vue

Asian SJWs and Black Folks: So you’d rather call me racist than face the truth.
The inevitable return of Asian gangs in the ever present tension between Black Americans and Asian Americans.medium.com

Aldric Chen

Personal Best: The 5% Difference That Sets You Apart From The Remaining 95%.
Just being honest.medium.com

Neera Mahajan

Social Media Is A Double-Edged Sword
Walk on it like a ballerina.medium.com

Jupiter Grant

Using Reverse Psychology On The Universe
Does using reverse psychology and reactance theory against the forces of fate actually work? Meh. See if I care!medium.com

Geetika Sethi

This Story Has No Title
Do you know why it is so?medium.com

Bhavna Narula

Dear Dreams
A lot is at stakemedium.com

Jesse M. Gonzalez

So, Move
a poemmedium.com

Kathy Lum

Anti-Asian Racism up 700% in Canada
Real stories of hate crimes on the risemedium.com
You Know You’re a Writer When…
17 ridiculous facts that will no doubt prove you are the next Hemingwaymedium.com

Kira Dawn

Is it Just Me?medium.com

Mike Arnold

13 Things to Do Instead of Checking Your Phone the Moment You Wake Up
A note to selfmedium.com

Nikola Ojdanić, Ph.M.

Getting Up Early
The vampire hours or the ultimate productivity hack?medium.com

Aravind Balakrishnan

Forgiving is Damaging: 3 Popular Myths About Forgiveness You Need to Forget Now
Number three is a must-know for all people involved in a relationshipmedium.com


Runners Say ‘Cheers’ to Performance Beer
Craft brewers tap the $3.3 billion health and wellness marketmedium.com

Deepak Sethi

The Archaeologist discovers his true love in an ancient Civilization Site.
Love can happen at any age and place.medium.com

John Cunningham

It’s Not Too Late, Readjust Your Course With Affirmations
The power of self-talkmedium.com

Karen Madej

Belated Birthday Wishes ILLUMINATION
We’ve come a long, long way togethermedium.com

Dr. Preeti Singh

Inviting Esteemed Authors: Share your Work with us
We love to learn from your stories.medium.com

Hazem Wahb

Depression Is Stealing Your Identity
“Who you are?”, you may have no clue if you are depressed!medium.com

Dalibor Országh

You don’t know what is the Target of your Life!
How are your targets affecting your life? Is it necessary to have them? And how to choose the right one?medium.com

Esse Letters

The First Abuser
Overcoming abuse doesn’t just happen It takes positive steps every day. Let today be the day you start to move forward…medium.com

Mary Beth Hazeldine

4 Easy Ways to Get in Touch With Your Spiritual Self
Remember that you’re a spiritual being having a human experience.medium.com

Robert Trakofler

They’ll Know you
Subconscious conversations from the musemedium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: March 23
Lifts, Lofts, and Loony tunesmedium.com

Liam Sturt

The Quest for Perfection
The goal isn’t to be perfect. The goal is to be happy.medium.com


Blaming is Easy, Take Action
The rickshaw puller who wanted to earn moneymedium.com

Louis Petrik

5 Reasons Why Intermitting Fasting Is Improving My Life
And how you can also get started easilymedium.com
How Your Smartphone Might Damage Your Romantic Relationship
And what digital visibility says about your relationshipmedium.com

Samantha Drobac

Pinning Down Some Thoughts.
The diary of a double personality.medium.com


I wrote a feature of some of our writers turning on this phrase:
and followed it up with this call upon the Eckhart Tolle to walk the walk that he talksmedium.com
There is nothing accidental about a serendipity — serendipity is the result of being aware of and…
Synchronicity and coincidence are synonyms and neither connotes happenstance. They each imply cause-and-effect.medium.com

Andrew Brewerton

Covid 19 News To Lighten The Soul
However, it might also add a little to your waist!medium.com

Jeff Herring

The Video Experience — 3 Secrets for Profitable Course Creation
Another “WorkShop-It Video”medium.com

Josie Elbiry

I Graduated College with the Wrong Degree
but learned that I am a capable studentmedium.com
Spanish Broom
a twittle for Lebanon’s mountains in springmedium.com

Claire Kelly

Do You Want To Write About Lawnmowers?
Trying to find your place in the world of writing? Sometimes it’s murky out there…medium.com

Jacques-A. Gerber

Becoming An Ally — Part 4
A few challengesmedium.com


Chamber Music
what does yours sound like?medium.com

Sheryll James

Forever in Blue Jeans — 
Finding freedom from a life of envymedium.com

Pakang Senosha

Carbon capturing technology. The key to a greener world?
Would carbon-capturing reverse the effects of climate change?medium.com

Katrina Bos

Sharing Our Passions with Children
A whole new way to choose teachersmedium.com

Sion Evans

The Less Wrong Guide on How to Live The Best Life
An amalgamation of Tony Robbins, and Mark Manson’s Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.medium.com

Faron Sage

My Inner State’s In A State Of Emergency
Modern societies are creating an internal ‘state of emergency’ in their citizensmedium.com

Michael Hollifield

Your Boos Mean Nothing, I’ve Seen What Makes You Cheer
Rick Sanchez teaches me how not to be a people-pleaser.medium.com

Floyd Mori

The Scenes Of Nature From Most Homes Bring Enjoyment
Looking out the window is a pleasuremedium.com

Andy Dumitrescu

Dealing With Burnout. What I Learned After Quitting the Job I Loved
Even if you love what you do, eventually it will leave marks all over your life.medium.com

Noorain Hassan, BMS

I Left the Film Industry Because I Wasn’t the Fake Writer
Then I came across something that changed my life.medium.com


4 Simple Project Management Skills That Can Improve Everyday Life
4 skills learned over a 14 year career that you can start using todaymedium.com

Shaista Malik

One-Lined Poem: Happiness (#12)
A phrase about one simple pleasure in life.medium.com

Josh Balerite Acol

Who Am I
A poetry prompt for day 7medium.com

Ms Fischer

My Third Month on Medium
Mixed feelingsmedium.com

Jo Ann Harris

What If Weed Could Prevent or cure Covid!
How fast would it become legal then?medium.com

Eileen Vorbach Collins

Pandemic Diaries.
What’s changed in a year?medium.com

Noah Nelson

I’m Not Going to Tell You How to Write a Medium Article
But you’ll want to read this anyway.medium.com

Daniele D’Alessio

The Pandemic Taught Me How To Be Happy
Lockdown was a blessing rather than a cursemedium.com

Anna Klawitter

Steve Job’s Secret to Living a Memorable Life
Your mindset is everything.medium.com

Sumera Rizwan

A Year Since the First Covid-19 Lockdown in United Kingdom
A day of reflectionmedium.com

Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

Hello Good Times
a poemmedium.com

Warren Brown

The Ultimate Product- Your Writing
Write a literary piece that always delivers entertainment to your readermedium.com

Eric Sutherland

Conflict Management
Contract Terms and Conditionsmedium.com
Business Credit Scores
How are they trackedmedium.com

Ahmed Khan

A guide for beginners: 5 easy steps to plan a Blog post
In this ever-growing world where knowledge has become easily accessible every one wishes to learn and find a way to…medium.com

Maria Rattray

There’s A New Kid On The Block
ILLUMINATION Book Chapters…And It’s A Wonderful Opportunity, For You!medium.com

Shawn Jr

A frequency of truthmedium.com

Dr. Fatima Imam

Broken but Beautiful
Poetry prompt Day:-9medium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: March 24
Man Power, Man-Up, and Man Made Messmedium.com

Alexa Baczak

You Will Never Regret Writing
What to remember on the days you feel like giving up.medium.com

Liam Ireland

Great News For Writers And Readers of Illumination
The world is your lobster. Read all about it here!medium.com

Aldric Chen

Arguments — There Is A Lot To Be Said On Both Sides.
Beneath an argument is a complex issue. This is my reflection.medium.com

Joy B

Rich English
Writing is an artmedium.com

Maria Rattray

Are You Planning To Be A Writer Any Time Soon?
If so, let me present to you a golden opportunity, and a framework to help you when you feel lost!medium.com

Mustafa Pekcandanoğlu

US-Turkey: The Ottoman Empire is the only state that collected taxes from the USA
The USA was one once of the tributaries of the Ottoman Empiremedium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

Ode to Greek Flowers
Για τον Άνθηmedium.com

Chandrani Anantharaman

Six Simple Reasons Why Writing Is So Hard
Writing need not be a hard thing to do, but it is so difficult to write.medium.com

John C. Davis

I Have No Words
Maybe someday I will find themmedium.com

Steven Gallagher

You shouldn’t link your Time to your Money if you want to be Wealthy
Don’t sell yourself shortmedium.com

Saugat Menon

Do You Love Your Partner?
A chronicle of lovemedium.com

Brad Creech

Some Thoughts on the Eternality of God
And why it is a useful truth for our livesmedium.com

Carmelo San Paolo

The Myth of the Slavery-Capitalism Connection
A clever lie which must be lied to restmedium.com

Ivette Cruz

Poetry about uncertain timesmedium.com

Domagoj Patrick Vidovic

The Now Was Never An Option
Meet the non-present mindsetmedium.com

Laura Mohsene

Watch These Three Movies
My Advice: Take It or Leave Itmedium.com

Courtney K, LSW

A Human’s Guide to Surviving the Pandemic: 4-Steps to Shift from Surviving to Thriving
I wake up moments before my two young children after sleeping a solid 12 hours the night of Thanksgiving. I’m exhausted…medium.com

Upen Singh

Why I Laugh Every Morning for 15 minutes
Because fake laughter is much more powerful!medium.com

Josh Getman

You Are the Product — Start Marketing Yourself
Stop doing things that don’t matter, and start understanding your own valuemedium.com

Emre Gürbüz

Could a Philosopher Be the Cure for Those Who Want to Commit Suicide?
Immanuel Kant’s correspondence with the woman who wanted to commit suicide out of her lovemedium.com

Caryn Leach-Smith

What happened When I got the AstraZeneca Vaccine
So You Think You Are Strong?medium.com

Prince Verma

Why Comparing Covid-19 Vaccines Based on Efficacies Is Wrong
The best vaccine is the one available to youmedium.com

Gippolito Ndp

Voter Suppression to Inspire Confidence in Elections? That’s B.S.
The single most important thing that can be done to increase confidence in elections is to STOP BLOODY LYING ABOUT ITmedium.com

Eric Peterson

Maximize Your Talent
Grow your career by embracing your storymedium.com

Sonja Wendt

Why Welcome Weeds Into Your Garden of Life?
Weed Appreciation Day Holidaymedium.com

Matthew Prince

Billions of Dollars Are Being Wasted in the Prison System
We are losing on all sidesmedium.com

Freda Savahl

Yes! I Talk to My Kitties,
You Can’t Train Your Kitties if you don’t talk to them.medium.com

William J Spirdione

Winding and Unwinding
A sonnetmedium.com

Khadejah Jones

Criticism And Hating Are Not The Same
Here’s the difference between them.medium.com

Dr Sachin pandit

Addiction to the Internet causes Psychiatric Disorders
What are the effects of Psychiatric Symptoms on the Addiction to the Internet?medium.com

Paco Cantero

8 Profound Thoughts to Find Your Deepest Inner Self if You Really Want to Transform Your Life
An impressive mindset shift that changed my life and can revolutionize yours toomedium.com

Patricia Rosa

What to Do After the Project is Complete?
Remember the Journeymedium.com

Lucia Landini

The 7 Emotional Ingredients Of A Perfect Day
In time my expectations of a perfect life or a perfect day have changed a lot and have become less general and more…medium.com


If You Want to Be My Ally Learn to Say My Name
The daily microaggression you can change todaymedium.com


Tough Love
The rise in domestic abusemedium.com

Naf Beltran

Writing for Medium Is a Side Hustle That’s All
Even Stephen King kept his day job before he made a full-time career out of writing.medium.com

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