Internet Of Things Simplified

The purpose of this article is to introduce IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem based on a model that I developed as part of my solution architecture engagements in multiple successful projects in large business organizations.

I set the IoT solution context at a high level. Understanding the solution context can help us delve into architectural and design topics in a methodical way. Every solution requires following a method to leverage prior experience in the field. The methodical approach also can ensure that nothing falls into cracks during the solution lifecycle.

From a contextual perspective, IoT solutions require consideration of several designs and implementation factors. I introduce these factors in component formats. Using a component model can help architects and designers to see the big picture and understand the underlying details.

The key factors that I introduce in this article are Things (devices) with sensors, gateways, the Internet, the Cloud, the Edge, communications, patterns, processes, applications, APIs, tools, and end-users.

You can read the article free on Vocal Media.

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