Innovative lifestyle choices can significantly impact health, fitness, and well-being when they turn into a life philosophy.

Whatever gets focus and attention can grow, sustain, and dominate, whether good or bad. The brain does not distinguish excellent or lousy input unless we intentionally filter with a mindful approach. Instead, it creates neural pathways based on the intensity and frequency of information from various senses, whether good or bad. So, our focus and attention determine the position and quality of these paths.

Inspiring Life Lessons from Remarkable Friends

Algor’s Story

What I Learned about Longevity from a 105-Year-Old Centenarian
Moderation, balance, altruism, and a curious mind are Algor’s

Maggie’s Story

How a Single-Mum Reversed Her Obesity and Built up a Unicorn Business
Health, finance, and life lessons from a 71-year-old wealthy

Alberto’s Story

How Alberto Melted His Potbelly & Doubled Testosterone in a Year
A health coach can make a transformational impact on men’s well-being by acting a catalyst for fat loss, hormonal, &…

Jennifer’s story

How Jennifer Healed Her Brain Fog
A 64 year old breast cancer survivor naturally cured mental fatigue with simple lifestyle changes orchestrated by…

Eliza’s Story Part 1

Eliza Shed 30 Pounds In Six Months With Two Tips
And Never Gained Them

Eliza’s Story Part 2

Why & How Eliza Lost 30 Pounds of Fat in Six Months?
She fired her nutritionist and hired a qualified fat-loss

I-C’s Story

Eliza Inspired Me to Shed 50 Pounds in 5 Months
Here is what I learned about losing stubborn belly fat with five easy and actionable

Michael’s Story

Impact of Testosterone Replacement Therapy on Mature Men
A story of 73 year old friend who feels and acts like a

Dr Madan Kataria’s Story

Laughter Therapy for Wiring the Brain for Joy & Happiness
How a laughter therapist could reduce anxiety and chronic stress for people suffering from mental health

Larry King’ s Story

Larry King’s Death Touched Me Deeply
Larry King was a special and spiritual mentor to me for many

Trump & Biden’s Story

Agreeing With Both Biden And Trump On Alcohol
Did you know that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are teetotalers?

Dwayne John’s Story

Truth over Facts
A winning proposition for relationships and

Kim Kardashian’s Story

How to Become the Kim Kardashian of Life-Hacks
Sharing top 5 simple yet very effective life-hacks that transformed my

The story of Joyful Centenarian Friends

Why Centenarians Love Dancing
An overview of the longevity aspects of dancing with perspectives from science and lives of exemplary

I share more on Transhumanism Leadership publication.Transhumanism Leadership
As a transhumanist, I share my knowledge, thoughts, & experience of transformational activities, transhumanism…

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