An interview with Dr. Mehmet Yildiz, Chief Editor of Illumination Integrated Publications, who provides insights to writers from his observations and experience

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Purpose of the Interview

Inspired by a recent post by ILLUMINATION editors, we decided to interview Dr Mehmet Yildiz to obtain his guidance on transitioning freelance writers and bloggers to become published authors either via traditional or independent publishing approaches.

Dr. Yildiz, founder of Illumination Integrated Publications on Medium, supports around 16,500 writers at different levels, including beginners and accomplished writers.

He has guided new writers since the inception of his publications and constantly creates new opportunities for them.

One of his innovative achievements is establishing Illumination Book Chapters, allowing published and independent authors to post their own book chapters in story format.

After establishing this publication on the first anniversary of Illumination in 2021, many authors joined the publication and shared hundreds of book chapters.

I recently featured some of them in a collection titled Curated Book Chapters of Illumination #01: Introduction to published authors and sample book chapters on Illumination Book Chapters publication on Medium.

I enjoyed one of his posts on Synergy giving voice to freelance writers. His story inspired many published authors and me. The article’s title attracted my attention, and the takeaway points inspired me to take action.

Unfortunately, like many of us, he neglected marketing his books, giving the responsibility and accountability to his publishers.

However, when he took responsibility for marketing, he produced remarkable results, as he generously shared his experience in the article titled The Joy of Selling 1,000+ Books In A Month With Minimal Investment: Practical and unique marketing techniques for creative freelancers leading to profitable sales with concrete examples.

I hope you find this short interview valuable.

Here’s the Interview Transcript with Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Thank you for reading my perspectives. I wish you a healthy and happy life. If you enjoyed this story, you might also check out another remarkable writer, Mark Sanford, Ph.D., whom I featured.

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