Join Medium, Vocal Media, and Newsbreak as a Writer and Earn Income from Your Content

Practical Tips for Freelance Writers

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Writing is fun. However, monetizing your writing can be even more joyful and bring passive income when you create digital assets. By using these platforms, you can reach out to a broader audience and share your personal and professional experience with many readers.

In this post, I briefly introduce three platforms to join as a writer and start earning income from your content. I am an author with multiple books and a content developer on multiple platforms. I write about content strategy, leadership, technology, health, fitness, and personal improvement.

1 – How To Start With Medium As A writer and Become Successful

Based on the starting criteria, Medium is the first one and the easiest to enter. To start with Medium, you need to create an account with an email on

I consider Medium the easiest among these three platforms as you can start publishing immediately. Yes, you can self-publish on Medium without the intervention of moderators or editors. However, if you plan to add your content to publications, you must submit your drafts and wait for editors to publish them.

To create more visibility, you can consider submitting your stories to publications. Most of the publications accept only draft copies. My publications accept self-published stories to give them more visibility. Based on reviews by editors, they may accept or reject your stories. By the way, articles or blogs are called stories on Medium.

I run multiple successful publications contributed by 18,000+ writers and 50,000+ visitors daily. If you join Medium, I can help you boost your profile and gain visibility. Medium is a large platform. Your content can reach a broad audience.

The secret to success on Medium is collaboration. You need to find creative ways for your stories to be read by paid members. Reading on Medium is through a paywall, $5 per month or $50 annually for unlimited access to the stories of all writers. Free subscribers can read a limited number of stories. Here’s my referral link if you want free access to my 2000+ stories and the content of all other writers.

Your stories earn income from the reading times of only paying members of Medium. This means that if your stories go viral from external readers, they cannot bring in any income.

Upgrading your free subscription to paid one ($5 per month) gives you full access to read articles and helps your content gain better visibility. From my observations, readers are inclined to read more content from paid members.

You can find me on Medium, follow my profile and connect with me through my website.

I created a virtual platform to bring Medium writers using a Slack workspace. We already have 14,500 members successfully collaborating. If you join Medium, I’d be glad to provide you access to our collaboration workspace on Slack.

You can join my six publications on Medium, contributed by 18K+ writers, as a writer requesting access via this weblink.

2 – How To Start With Vocal Media As A writer and Become Successful

Vocal Media is the second more comfortable platform to enter.

You need to register with Vocal Media either as free or paid. There are more benefits to a paid subscription. Paid membership to Vocal is $9.99 per month. Reading articles from Vocal Media is free, with no paid wall.

You cannot self-publish on Vocal Media. When you submit an article, it will be reviewed and approved by moderators for publishing. You can earn income on Vocal from both internal and external viewers.

The secret to earning a good income from Vocal Media is using your social networks. It is easy to share your Vocal articles on social media and your other networks.

You can find my profile on Vocal, sharing stories and reflecting on my personal and professional experience. You are welcome to join my Vocal Quora Space, Vocal LinkedIn Group, and Vocal Facebook page to share your Vocal Stories to gain more visibility and earn money.

3 – How To Start With Vocal Media As A writer and Become Successful

NewsBreak is different from the other two platforms. You must meet specific criteria, and News Break must approve your application. You can use this link to apply for the News Break Creators program.

NewsBreak can be read from the web browser, but the best reading experience is using the app. You can download the News Break app free of charge, start reading thousands of stories based on your city and quickly share stories using your social media tools.

News Break has a different compensation program. I cannot disclose the details but to give you an idea, my stories on News Break earned three times more than those on Medium. They also offer Ad Revenue Share, Referral Bonuses, and Break Out Awards.

You can learn more about News Break Creators program from this link.

I write about eclectic topics on News Break. You can follow my News Break profile to gain insights on content strategy, writing, leadership, technology, health, fitness, and personal improvement. Reading articles is free on News Break, with no paid wall.


Writing is not only for fun but also for earning income. Some consider this passive income, but in my view, making money from writing requires a lot of work. You need to write and market your content.

The more high-quality and attractive content you write, the more your chance to earn.

The size of your network is essential on all platforms. The secret to success as a writer, apart from producing quality content, is enhancing your network. The more followers you gain, the more followers you turn into fans, and the more your earning capacity can increase.

Here is How to Write Content Guaranteed to Get Views and Reads.

Here’s What I Learned by Reviewing 100+ Viral Articles

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

Invitation to New Writers

If you are a writer, you can join MediumVocal Media, and NewsBreak as a writer and monetize your content while inspiring a large audience. Repurposing your content on these platforms can save you time and increase your income.

You can join my six publications on Medium, contributed by 18K+ writers, as a writer requesting access via this weblink.

As a content developer and reader, you might join MediumVocal MediaNewsBreakMedium Writing SuperstarsWriting PaychecksWordPress, and Thinkers360 with my referral links. This post includes affiliate links.

I publish my lifestyle, health, and well-being stories on EUPHORIA. My focus is on metabolic, cellular, mitochondrial, and mental health. Here is my collection of Insightful Life Lessons from Personal Stories.

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