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Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Checklist for Quality Submissions
Improve quality and readability of your

Brian E. Wish, PhD

Why The Detroit Vote Was Legit
At least probably, mostly

Stuart Grant

In Support of Newcomer Start Ups
Opportunities for friendship and awkwardness


Editor’s Pick: Spotlight on One of Illuminations Brightest Poets
The Poetry of Ivette

Younes Henni, PhD

How to Unstuck When Problems Seem Too Difficult for You
A rule to overcome your most challenging

Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.

Common Ground
Where is the ground we can all say is ‘common’?

Jeff Herring

3 List Building Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs
And what to do instead…

Esther George

You Are A Relentless Force Of Courage That Is Made To Win In The Battle Of Life
Don’t let life beat you

Garry Lee

Why Career Coaching Won’t Work For You
Because traditional approaches don’t work in our modern

Thomas-Matthew Elijah Shands

The Leaf
Outside the rustling winds
I fear the sight of what will happen
To the trees growth as seasons pass
I expect a…

Sean Myers

A Quick Experiment on How Medium Determines Your Earnings
Earnings do not seem to increase exponentially with viewers. Cents per minute of member reading time seems to be a…

Rochelle Silva

Creativity Begins With “Oh, Snap!”
Can frustration lead to creativity?

Eviona aminda

Envy is also related to depression, anxiety, the development of prejudice, and personal…
We must, maintain mental

Davy Plutarq

Spending More than You Earn Will Make You wealthy
But you’ve got to do it in the right way with the proper mental

Mayank Pamnani

What I Learnt After Gaining 2000 Followers On Medium
Few takeaways for

Pene Hodge

I Forgive You
Forgiveness is for

Derek Oxley

How to Move From Stuck to Unstuck
7 steps to unstick yourself and write your way to the life you

Dr. Ming

Why I Am No Longer Obsessed with Eating Healthy
Yes, it was a different type of eating

Oliver Brunchmann

Do you fear being a failure at work?
Do less, to do

Erin King

These 5 Five-Minute Emotional Game Changers Can Improve Your Life Today
Take 5 minutes to move your life forward, heal old wounds and create space for more

Tree Langdon

Illuminated Poets — A Trilogy
A Magical

Sachin Mishra

These are The Mistakes That Increase Your Depression (Part -1)
Every Action has A Reaction. In this Part will Talk about

David Rudder

Lingers in my

Trista Ainsworth

A Wish Granted with Sourdough
A simple musing in my head brought

Christina M. Ward

I Tested My Own SEO Poetry Post Theory and Here’s What Happened
From the SEO tips article I wrote last week to the results of this week; here’s the proof!

Lindsay Brown

Why My Attempts at Organizing My Writing Career Will Fail Every Time
And what I do

Floyd Mori

Knowing Your Why is Important For Success
Keep your goals in

Geetika Sethi

The Kingdom of Green’s
Built with love to make all its residents stay clean and

Naomi Leilani Acosta

Cheer up, Young Man
Life isn’t the

Zahra Ali

Tustin Police Were Looking For Me
What happened next had me more

Harry Seitz

10 Quick Writing Tips
Stop in the

Amy Culberg

From Zoom to In-Person!
What Happens Next?

Kat Morris

Happy Poem
If you wanted a happy poem, you should have treated me

Faron Sage

Ideas That Can Change The World
I am currently working on an article exploring practical things that we can actually do that will make a positive…

Adelia Ritchie

One Hell of a Villanelle

Amanze Collins

Positive Changes Also Hurt In Iife
A leap into the

Geetika Sethi

It’s A Wonderful Wednesday World
Or is this a wonderful weekly write-up? Whatever the case just take your drink, slouch in your reading chair and

Annelise Lords

The Power in The Sun, Moon, and Stars
A story of the power of

Jolie Downs

How the Psychology of Body Language led a Little League Baseball Team to the Championship Game.
Turning Self Doubt into

Terry Trueman

What if Life . . .
In Scotland, in ancient lands and places, a question about life is asked and answered . .

Josh “υя_ωιѕємαη* “ Lessie

What Can We Learn From Napoleon’s Quote About Good People’s Silence?

Harry Hogg

Nowhere Man 5
Finding a place to be away from

Adebola Alabi

Ten Powerful Ways to Invest in Yourself
The most significant investment you can make is in

John Ross

Long Distance Love

Larry Nowicki

It’s a new day
Make of it what you

Nick Keehler

I’m a Tea Sniffer and I’m Proud
How your body will tell you what it

Bill Abbate

How to Easily Predict the Future
Forecasting outcomes in your

Ntathu Allen

Poem About my House and Home
A Haiku about “home”

Lori Lamothe

A very red rose with enormous

Emily Wilcox

The Power of a Bookmark
A poem about bookmarks,

Ntathu Allen

a poem for unity in a divided

Phil Rossi

AC/DC’s “Back In Black”: For Bon Scott, or By Bon Scott?
The collaboration between Bon Scott and AC/DC on their epic album, “Back In Black”, remains an intriguing riddle. Still…

Jen McGahan

Want to Be a Writing Prodigy?
Releasing your full creative potential is risky

Erin King

New Research Shows How You Can Defeat Fake News
This mental adjustment can help defend you against the lies and deceit on Social

Michael Wilkins

How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life
Rereading THE classic 1973 time management book by Alan Lakein. The most important lessons that stuck for 35

Patrick M. Ohana

The Door
An unclosed

Adam Winstanley

Art, Science & survival
I believe when we look at the fundamentals of what it means to survive and thrive in the human condiution, we must…

Vijay S Paul

Should I Blog Consistently or Wait for Inspiration to Strike?
Short answer — blog

Rose Bak

Pandemic Hiring: How to Stay Safe and Still Find the Best Candidates
Being open to trying new ideas is the key to successful hiring during

Breanna Lowman

Tiger Stripes
Marks of the Motherhood


I’m Not Sure I Want to Stay Married to You!
Clear communication is only part of achieving forgiveness and moving

Lily Dune

Get Naked in a Forest at Night
It deserves a spot on your bucket

Dr. Preeti Singh

Spinach the Queen of Greens
Good health and nutrition for the body and

Aldric Chen

If You Are Sick and Tired of Working — Take a Break
I guarantee you are not

Agnes Laurens

Home Run
Tanka about a home run, or running at home?

Jim McAulay🍁

Just Joking
My recent attempts at

René Junge

Are You Ready for the Post-Pandemic Wave of Hedonism?
The next roaring twenties could be ahead of us. Here’s

M. Mollenthiel

On Critical Race Theory and Its Ontologies
Is This the Origin of the Culture Wars?

Neera Mahajan

How A Simple Story Of A Grandmother Lead To The Invention Of Crockpots
Irving Naxon, the inventor of the crockpot, once revealed the inspiration behind his

Kyle Chastain

How to Overcome the Six-Month Writing Slump
Because all Medium writers have to learn how to deal with the ups and downs of online

Ivette Cruz

Caring for My Needs
I have needs as

Kevin Farran

The birth of American foreign policy : Couldna´ Wouldna´ Shouldna’.
3 aspects how the barnyard policies of the current outgoing administration are perceived by someone outside

Fakhar Shabir Malik

We are not that overwhelmed at All
We have a

Bambzi Ellis

Thief In The Knight
Underneath a sunless sky, a boy became a thief and a

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

Too Many Porn Stars — Too Little Time
Don’t look now but that girl you’re so hot for might have a history!

Vuk Ivanovic

How to discuss Hannibal Lecter’s being a serial killer at his dinner without him noticing it
Or, a very curious NLP

Karyin Ow

10 Simple Way To Help You To Stay Mentally Stronger
The brain is a muscle we need to build to have a healthier

Bhavna Narula

The Captivating Coriander
This little one is always captivates my

America Zed

Inspiration Station ~/Part One
Snippets of wisdom to re-charge your

Robert Trakofler

Living in a Chroma
Experimental free verse poem self image, self esteem, rape,

Greg Longoria

How to Be More Stable, Flexible and in Control of Your Life
Cultivate your sense of

Matt Stevenson

Why You Can’t Stop Checking Your Phone
How to adopt a new philosophy towards

Indra Raj Pathak

Hard Promises

Buse Umur

She Refused to Wear a Mask During the Flight
The passenger on the airplane caused fear and panic to everyone in three

Yousuf Rafi

Buried 6-feet Under: 5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For the Other Side
You have 6 months to live. Are you prepared to die?

Holly Kellums

Woke People Problems
The Danger Of Being ‘Woke’

Jacopo Pagni, MSc.

You achieved your goal! What is next?
How to maintain a goal-attained behavior using the metaphor

Hari Sudhan

7 Things We Should Let Our Kids Know To Make Them a Better Person In Future
Our experiences are the guiding memories for our

Ephraim Champion

Yes, Self-help is Useless
And that’s exactly why you don’t get anywhere…

Bernadette DeCarlo

No Man’s land


Humanity Needs Autumn
Observe autumn in a better

Tca Venkatesan PhD

Seed of Life

Jo Ann Harris

How The “Sore” Subject of The Stimulus Check Is Effecting Us All.
Trump says, “ go”, Biden says, “go”, Pelosi says, “go”, McConnell says, “Whoa!”

Jessica Donahue, PHR

The Real Reasons People Resist Change (But Won’t Tell You)
And 3 change management whiteboard exercises to

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