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Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Publication Conduct Guidelines
Rules of engagement and cross-pollination at three

Christian Soschner

A Brief, Economic History of the Pharmaceutical Industry
From Reactive Over Disruptive to

Hunter Eskew

My Fiction Bio — Hunter Eskew
Illumination Fiction

Fabian Bock

How Impactful are My Actions to Reduce My Carbon Footprint?
A detailed collection of measures and their CO2 impact around nutrition, mobility, and

The Maverick Files

Learnings and Observations From My First 1,000-Views & $25 Story
Separating the replicable factors from the chance

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

Mining For Gold
Finding the precious ore in them thar hills!

Shivendra Misra

Why Consciousness Is the Ultimate Frontier of Human Evolution
The world desperately needs to move towards

Katie Weisz

5 Simple Strategies to Make Conscious, Thoughtful Decisions
Because having it all figured out simply isn’t an

Tom Handy

Why 7 Million Views on Quora isn’t as Good as it Used to Be
The good, the bad, and the ugly for a paid

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.; J.D.

Who Are You?
and what are you doing in my dream?

Hunter Eskew

The Widow’s Tattered Book
A short horror story. Her favorite book is her favorite

Oliver Brunchmann

4 Master Tactics That Make You Stand out at Your Job Interview
How to Ace your job interview with the right

Viraj Acharya

Can We Put A Price On Our Mental Health
The one thing we won’t invest

Denise G

A World Not My Own
A poem about last night’s

Lori Lamothe

on the beauty of

Tree Langdon

Electricity Inside Us
Sparks in our

Patrick M. Ohana

I Need a Longer

Vee Goldman

Delivery Drivers

Kira Dawn

Exposition Expose.
Picture Perfect. Bitch

Bill Abbate

What VUCA Is and Why It Is Important in Your Life
The volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of today’s

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Welcome New Writers
Confirmation of new writers joined to ILLUMINATION and ILLUMINATION-Curated

Alice Vuong

Biden Is Not The Answer To America’s Deep-Rooted Problems
There’s a reason why Trump won in 2016 and Biden barely won in

Trista Ainsworth

Faith in an African Violet
A mixture of consistency and love brings

Ananya Ashok

Like uprooted plants we are… Trying to find soil in an ocean –

David Rudder

The Orchestra
Joined in


With every movement,
a song came to

Emily Wilcox

There is No Ledge
A poem about

Sofia Isabel Kavlin

Quantum Leap
A Poem About Last Minute

Naf Beltran

A Medium Publication Is Not the Only Way to Be Chosen for Further Distribution
It starts with your

Chad Raybourne

When Will We Get Fed Up With Our Data Being Used And Abused
How privacy policies have taken over too much of

Jeff Langley

In free verse…

Vanilla Being

Collective Grief
This two-part non-fiction/poetry piece is my tribute to the lives lost and souls wounded in the fight for a Better…

Ivette Cruz


Michael Grimes

We Don’t Need To Save The Planet
We need to save

Jack Burt

Check Your Inbox, It’s More Than Licking

Rob Cyrier

Is Your Marriage in a Rut? Be the First to Show More Affection
How the simple act of holding hands can ignite a spark back into your

Zahra Ali

I Almost Got Buried Alive
You were born to make a

Anggun Bawinur

Make Long-Distance Relationship Fun Again with These 7 Activities
Don’t lose hope yet. There is always something you can do together to make it less frustrating and

Dayton Parks

How I Manage Depression to Stop The Hurt
Happiness is better than living with

Patricia Joseph

The Problem Isn’t Trump—It’s the White Americans Who Voted for Him
What a relief — the damn election is over!

Lori Lamothe

My Post-Apocalyptic Poets
Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the

Jordan Munson

What Joe Biden’s victory means for America.
Today on November 7th, 2020 Joe Biden has been predicted as the new president of the United States Of

Erin Gage

Focus on What You Can Control
Leave What You Can’

Rachel Avery Conley

Conscious Communication Before, During, and After COVID-19
Choosing Quality over Quantity in Methods of

Floyd Mori

Look For The Good In People
Don’t bully and

Mandi Gunningham

Stop Planning. Just Do It.
Yes, I mean it — put down the lists and the outlines and the brainstorms and just do

Abhishek Verma

When You Die…

Raphael Paul

5 Easy Ways You Can Become a More Likeable Person
Through basic understanding of human

Terry Trueman

The job of an editor is one thing, the heart and soul something else altogether . .

Joseph Anwana

When Quitting Could Be A Bad Idea
Between cutting your losses and playing to the final

Maria Barros

About Me
A glimpse of my story through Mariana’s

Sachin Mishra

Why Taking a Long Break is Hazardous for a Writer
I am Back from a Break that led to losses, yet I am happy about

Hunter Eskew

Her Late Sister’s Husband’s Hoodie
A horror story. An unsolved murder, an old sweatshirt, and a

Kristina Segarra

America Hit Rock Bottom With the Number of Covid-19 Infections
Many states across the country are reporting new

Keith R Wilson

Death Cat
The death cat of my father’s nursing home approached me directly, sat just out of my reach, and studied me. The cat was…

Alvin Ang

Why I Don’t Gamble
Success shouldn’t be a game of

Emily Wilcox

Use These Four Little Words to Transform Your Life
And no it’s not “large portion of fries”

Mayank Pamnani

How to Create Viral Content That Generates 1,000 Visitors Per Day
Simple yet powerful

Guy D. McCardle, Jr.

How Cap’n Crunch Helped Give Rise to Apple Computers
The story of a toy, a teen prank, and a trillion-dollar

Shaheen Hashmi

3 Ways To Decolonise Your Bookshelf
Decolonising The Self One Radical Book At A

conny manero

Gone In 60 Seconds
Cats and their

Eric Peterson

4 Leadership Tactics that Increase Leadership Capacity Naturally
Taking the toil out of the leadership

Marcus Franke

The Crash is Here, Everything You Need to Know to Finally Benefit From It
The Financial Markets Around the World are Turning Red, Don’t

Dr Mudassir Hussain

Is she safe in the Hospital?
How harassment unfolds for female health care

Karen Madej

Weekly Wisdom from Karen
A mighty mixed bag of

Remy Awika

Ancient Wisdom and the Language of the All
Hidden knowledge that can help you understand the

Liam Ireland

The Beauty And The Beast Of Modern Technology
A love hate relationship with my

Emily Wilcox

Desk Lamp
A poem about the

Robert Trakofler

States of Matter
Or State of Matters, States of Matters, Mind over Matters or Matters of State. A poem By Robert

Ephraim Champion

Thoughts on Dreaming Big…
…and why you

Bassey Elimian

Sexless Marriage Can Ruin Your Happiness
Marriage can’t give you happiness, but unhappiness thrives in a sexless marriage. Try to think, study, and practice sex…

Kit L.


Caroline de Braganza

Practical Tips and Tricks That Will Help New Writers
Things I didn’t know as a novice on

Harry Hogg

Nowhere Man 4
Practicalities, Place, and

Amanze Collins

One Cannot Be Efficient Without Self-Confidence
If you don’t trust yourself, no one else will have it in your

EP McKnight, MEd

How to Find Beauty in the Midst of Mild Dementia
A conversation where love and wisdom triumphs memory loss with my

Derek Oxley

The Art of Failure
How to fail

Dr. Preeti Singh

A Rose is a Beauty of Nature
It gives joy and happiness to one and

Jeff Herring

How to Become a Content Creation Machine
4 Quick & Easy

Luqman Abdi

Learning To Find The Time To Invest
Making your finances a

Sridhar Pai Tonse

How an Angry River destroyed Nirmala’s home, family and Life
A river’s bounty is not always a good

Derek Oxley

Take Your Job and Love It
Assuming an owners mentality while you’re an employee prepares you to be a

Joseph Lieungh

Illusory or Indubitable
Perceived reality through past, present, and future

Jesse J Rogers

Becoming an Artist — Part 1
I’m still very much an amateur, but here’s a gallery of my journey so

Rashmi Royale

Getting Back Into Writing!
Happy to be here & Writing…

Khadejah Jones

The Danger of Looking at Stats As A Content Creator
and the beauty of being

Kyle Chastain

5 Ways Being Too Nice Hurts You
Being a people-pleaser doesn’t make you more

Venessa Tj

How to Stop Living Like a Zombie

Alyssa Di Grazia

The key to happiness
I know you already heard of it, but this time is different. I’ll change your

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