Imagine How It Feels To Be Black Or Brown In A White Country

Perhaps it is hard for some of us to comprehend my point; for others can be more manageable. But if you look inside yourself, you will indeed find something poignant in you that society disapproves of. What I refer to here are not the shallow things but things deep inside you that define who you are.

If you can see that particular spot, you can notice the debilitating soreness society’s disapproval causes. Then you can imagine what it would be like to experience that agony every day of your life.

We all have ethnic roots coming from different cultural backgrounds. There is not a single superior race on this earth. Each culture is unique and brings its own values to global society. We all share this tiny planet in the vast universe.

Living and working in 30 plus different countries, my ethnicity has always been an issue. Personal questions made me uncomfortable sometimes. When I gave honest answers, the body language of the natives depicted disapproval.

You can read the story free on Vocal Media.

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