We are designed to grow continuously. But we stop growing due to physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

After this background, in this post, I want to introduce a concept called transhumanism. What does transhumanism mean?

The purpose of transhumanism is to transition from being ordinary and transform into an enhanced human being, without eugenics.

Transhumanism touches almost every discipline and topic. Anything related to human beings can be part of transhumanism.

One of the most common concerns of humanity is death. Therefore, there has been a significant focus on expanding our lifespan and living as long as possible. Thus, longevity became a popular topic in science and technology.

No one wants to die younger. We desire to live longer with a higher quality of life. Longevity and high-quality living are the main goals of transhumanism.

Some radical thoughts on transhumanism even touch on eradicating death. Currently, this does not seem possible. These are, of course, aspirations, but with the speed of technology and scientific breakthroughs, we see some potentials. We also know from nature that some creatures and plants live incredibly long. Some scientific studies even claim that some plants don’t die.

Considering what life was a thousand years ago, contemplate how the next thousand years can broaden our horizons. Imagination and aspiration with an open mind and growth mindset are critical for our growth. Heroic people understand this, and they live with passion.

Technology and science make substantial progress. We are now capable of adding microchips and even nanochips to biological entities. We can collect data from these entities, analyze them, and produce actions with the help of these microchips and nanochips.

Transhumanism aims to go above and beyond our capabilities. Possibilities endlessly abound. Focusing on possibilities, creating new options, and growing with them can create miracles.


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Thank you for reading my stories.

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