Invitation to Freelance Writers to Join SYNERGY Publication on Medium

How to publish stories on SYNERGY

image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz —
image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz —

Even though we have a significant publication like ILLUMINATION, I identified a need for writers to share stories about writing. ILLUMINATION is a large publication covering hundreds of topics. SYNERGY is powered by ILLUMINATION.

The purpose of SYNERGY is specific. It is simply dedicated to freelance writers and bloggers who want to convert their blogs to Medium stories. This publication has a strategic and entrepreneurial focus. It aims to empower writers by creating synergy with collaboration.

The primary goal of SYNERGY is to give voice to all levels of writers. We will publish stories articulating the concerns, aspirations, achievements, and progress of writers on Medium.

To create synergy on SYNERGY, we invite writers from other platforms such as News Break, Vocal Media, Hub Pages, Patreon, and Substack. The publication serves as a collaboration tool among writers coming from multiple platforms.

With collaboration, the stories of writers can gain better visibility. Each writer brings new readers, and new readers can explore new writers.

In addition, the publication enables writers to engage in a community extended by external sources. With more and meaningful engagement, writers can be more creative and productive.

Considering the value propositions for writers and readers, I expect SYNERGY will grow rapidly and become a significant publication shortly.

Now, let me provide some specific publishing guidelines for this publication.

How to publish stories on SYNERGY

image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz —

Once you have writer access, you will be eligible to submit your drafts. To obtain writer access, you can send a request using this webform. Please point out the name of the publication in the application form.

You can also submit your previously published stories if they are relevant to our purpose. I recommend submitting previously published curated articles to give them a second life. SYNERGY can make an ideal home for those stories if your curated articles are related to writing and freelancing topics.

Even though we prefer drafts, we accept both drafts and published content. Transferring from other publications are welcome.

As we are writers, and many of the readers of the publication are also writers, your stories must be very high quality. If you are a new writer and want to improve your skills, I can help you find volunteering mentors from our community. Our volunteers can be contacted in our Slack workspace. Use of Slack is a free service to our writers.

I highly recommend new writers to use this checklist before submitting stories to SYNERGY. We don’t want to waste our time with fundamentals like captioning photos and citing copyright references.

You can submit both long-form and short-form stories. I recommend you publish the long-form story on SYNERGY and post the short-form story on ILLUMINATION to gain new readers. You can submit a maximum of three long-form stories to SYNERGY in a day.

The most important criteria for the selection of stories is to ensure you adhere to Medium rules and policies. We don’t censor content, but if your content is about topics restricted by Medium, we cannot publish them.

My publications have strict rules about plagiarism. We have a zero-tolerance policy. We do not accept plagiarized content. And when our editors find them, they reject your story and remove them from our publications. The same applies to SYNERGY. Your stories must belong to you.

To speed up the publishing process and meet Medium rules, you must include links to previously published content in other platforms. We don’t accept duplicated content. It is against Medium rules. You are welcome to re-purpose materials from other platforms as long as you provide a link to the original.

Photos are essential to Medium stories, especially on publications. Therefore, please ensure your stories have at least one photo. All photos must be copyright free and clearly captioned, pointing out the image sources. If the photo belongs to you, please point out “photo by author”.

It is difficult for us to verify the copyright of photos from different sources. Therefore, we accept photos only from free stock sites such as,, There are several more, and I will provide them in another post. Dealing with photos is the biggest challenge for us. Our editors waste too much precious time on this issue. I will solve this problem radically in the upcoming days.

As I do with ILLUMINATION and ILLUMINATION-Curated, you can also remove your stories from SYNERGY when you need and want to. There is no penalty for withdrawing your articles from publishing them in other publications. My goal is the success of every writer on this platform. Publications are only tools.

Since the primary goal of the publication is collaboration, you need to introduce yourself. I recommend you to submit a bio by introducing your writing practice. You can make it an excellent presentation of your background, goals, aspirations, and anything else you want to share. There is no size limit for writer bios. I use them to promote our writers to our readers.

I know writers may have affiliate links for books and writing services. You are welcome to share affiliate links, but you must disclose them.

Ensure your stories are engaging. Many readers don’t like boring text-book style descriptive narration. SYNERGY is not a scholarly publication. You may discuss scholarly topics if they suit your content, but they need to be engaging.

How to apply

Please send your Medium ID via this weblink.

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