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Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Shivendra Misra

Why Consciousness Is the Ultimate Frontier of Human Evolution
The world desperately needs to move towards

Margherita Gilley

Book Review: The Children’s Train (Il Treno Dei Bambini) by Viola Ardone
The gift of a great

Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.

We are all the culprits and the fixers
One more time we see Facebook being exclusively blamed for all our actions on this platform. Is it true our bad, good…

Keith McBride

What is Bitcoin and How Does it Work?
Bitcoin explained simply for 2021 and

Aurora Eliam, CMP

30 Random and Offbeat Things About Me
From the weird to the (somewhat)

Joe Luca

Spinach- Not Just Popeye’s Favorite Veg
An Acrostic Poem

Tree Langdon

Walking With Millie the Wonder Dog
There Is Nothing Like A Dog’s

Bobby Dubey

Why You Can’t Plan Life is Garbage Advice.
There’s a Confession at the

Jax Hudur

Why You Need to Avoid These Mistakes at Work
How best to deal with narcissists colleagues who think your woes are their

Shao Zhou

Wait but Why?
Questions I ask myself when

Trista Ainsworth

Marketing to Share Your Gifts
When we come from a place of abundance, everything is

Abhishek Verma

I Have Not Known

Amanze Collins

Situational Awareness: Understanding What Is Happening to take Action
When we are forced to face particularly stressful situations, we are victims of a very evident phenomenon: our…

Mr.M (Muthu Raja)

Strong Tears
Sometimes the right thing and the hardest thing are the

Geetika Sethi

A Hot Chocolate Fudge with double the sauce and lots of extra nuts, this lip-smacking ice cream sundae is by far my…

Floyd Mori

Take Care Of Yourself And Stay Healthy
Avoid the COVID-19


Editor’s Pick: Highlighting One of Illumination’s Brilliant Poets
The Poetry of Emily

Dr John Rose

The Watering Cans
How My Watering Cans Dominate My

Agnes Laurens

Hairy Legs

John Ross

I’ve Lost the Feels

Stuart Englander

I Have To Give Up Fiction Writing
And it’s all because of one guy!

Fleurine Tideman

How to Find Insight in Your Negativity
Use other people as your

Michele Grieve

Life Cycle

Nasar Karim

So far above you
A poem about proving them

Kit L.

Hidden Potential

Zahra Ali

I wish…
If I could transfer my two mountain Everest
sitting on my chest 
to my drowsy husband, who says, I should bear patience…

Annine Teresa Raffaella Massaro

Evenings Generous Call

Mayank Pamnani

What I Learnt After Writing 45 Stories On Medium In 2 Months
Simple takeaways for

Terry Trueman

Expiration Dates
If only we had a bit more warning . .

Lotta Bernstein

7 Reasons Why You Should Walk the Camino de Santiago
An attempt to explain the European hype of walking ‘The Way’

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

How Opioids Cured My Drinking Problem
Just have a bike accident and that’ll do the trick!

Adelia Ritchie

Outside the Lines
Diary of an


Original Omens

Charlene Marron

Cranberry Walnut Pie
An acrostic haiku about Thanksgiving

Dr. Preeti Singh

Always Ready For More Icecream
Choices galore and my favorite

Aldric Chen

How To Understand And Use Attention To Your Advantage.
For our life, work, and

David Rudder

To sepia the



René Junge

355 Articles and Counting — I Can Hardly Believe It
I have never considered myself a blogger. Even today, I am still primarily a book author. And yet today, I look back on…


Editor’s Pick: Shining a Light on Another Illumination Poet
The Poetry of Terry

Tree Langdon

Don’t Create a Monster Debt
You don’t have to be rich, you have to be

Randy Wolken

Can Everyone Be A Change Leader?
Organizations that think so create amazing

Khadejah Jones

3 Lessons From Gordon Ramsay That Explain Why He’s So Successful
He’s always three steps

Lester Golden

Climate Change Sceptics: Visit Latvia, Climate Change Paradise
I like global warming, since I’m blessed by early birth and living as a beachfront trophy husband in Jurmala, Latvia…

Kyle Chastain

It’s Time to Stop Beating Yourself Up Over Your Failures
Overthinking your screw-ups won’t make them go

America Zed

People To Fall In Love With
Poetry ~

Emily Wilcox

Hands On
A poem about our greatest

Anggun Bawinur

5 Things Jen Sincero Can Teach Us About Making More Money
Stop saying you are broke and start attracting more money into your

Ivette Cruz

Will Never Fade

Koko Wolfe

Breathe With Me

Rebecca LeBard

This Small Change to Your Workday Will Improve Creative Thinking
Plan ahead to walk away and still remain

Louise Moulin

Unflappable joy and

Stephen J. Lalla

Rejection Is So Beautiful
The 9th Wonder Of The

Mario Lopez-Goicoechea

Of Literature and Other Abstract Thoughts
When meals tell a story,

Jess Tam

How Writing Microfiction Can Get Your Creative Juices Rapidly Flowing
Join me for a 30-day Microfiction Challenge!

Robert W. Locke

AI Model Used by MIT Researchers to Detect a COVID-19 Cough
How soon will an app be available?

Kate Cohen

Why is TikTok is so Addicting?
10 Simple

Anne Varvel

5 Quotes on Gratitude This Thanksgiving & for Every Day
My blog is heavily focused on the technical and practical sides of blogging, but I want to take a break from that this…

Rhys Burton

Some Damn Good News
I’m a very optimistic person. It’s kind of an essential trait when you work in healthcare and elite sport. Sometimes…

Roxana Bouwer

10 Loud Signs It’s Time You Hire A Life Coach
Your dull life won’t change if you don’t make new, active

Harry Hogg

The Buzz of Life and Love
Even in old

Alexa V.S.

Improve Your Chances of Getting Into a Big Publication By Editing Like a Cambridge Exam Student
Consider content, communicative achievement, organization, and language to increase your

Janice Arenofsky

Observations of Retail Shoppers with Pooches
Aisle see you

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