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Featured Stories of ILLUMINATION-Curated on Medium
Outstanding Stories — Volume 77 Selected stories from top writers of ILLUMINATION-Curated ILLUMINATION Blogs…digitalmehmet.com

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Outstanding Stories — Volume 77
Selected stories from top writers of ILLUMINATION-Curatedmedium.com

Edward Robson, PhD

Amy and the Shrink
A scene from my unpublished novel, Follow Your Fearmedium.com

Dew Langrial

Editor Picks — Top 10: How to Balance Quality and Quantity of Your Content
What is the magical formula that these top 10 writers know and you don’tmedium.com

Lindsay Brown

6 Reasons For Thanks, I’ve Encountered From 2020
Because when all else fails we have to appreciate the small momentsmedium.com

Rebecca Stevens A.

When White Privilege Shows You White Lives Matter More
I once worked for a company that regularly sent me on missions to Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Both…medium.com

Martine Weber

Gaia’s Heart
Including Nature Poetic Video Movie ‘Gaia’s Heart’ (original composition)medium.com

Hunter Eskew

The Final Stand at the Rainbow Bridge
A story of unending courage and a million heroes. How to Slay the Trolls Under the Rainbow Bridge, Part 2.medium.com

Jennifer Friebely

For glioblastoma patients and spouses — ten key things to consider
My husband died of a brain tumor nearly seven years ago. It was a glioblastoma — which is a miserable, and the most…medium.com

Anita Durairaj

5 Most Entertaining Books I Read in 2020
All of these books were published in 2020 and include different genresmedium.com

Mark C Watney

Under a Tree during Apartheid
Some Zulus Shared their Bread and Wine with Memedium.com

Dayton Parks

The 3 Rules of Writing Engaging Articles That Attract an Audience
How to suck people into your stories and have them begging for moremedium.com

Liam Ireland

The Beginning Of A New Dawn
But, like the sun rising, some things never changemedium.com

Andrew Jazprose Hill

Why the Girl with the Grammy-winning Vagina Is Dangerous
To some, Cardi B is a symbol of decline. To others a champion of pussy power. But she’s also become a lesson in the…medium.com


How To Reclaim The Joy Of The Holidays
Do you remember the elation and joy you felt as a child during the holidays? As kids all we saw was the magic and fun…medium.com

John Teehan

Further Observations On My First Year On Medium
There’s a lot to unpack with the Medium experience.medium.com

Øivind H. Solheim

Magic Summit Trip — Thoughts, Ideas and Feelings
— From Idea to Writing. A summit trip with thoughts, ideas and feelings. How is it on the road from idea and thought to…medium.com

Denise Scholander

A short poem on surviving with someone’s mental illnessmedium.com

Mac Daniels

VMF 422 — Lost in a Typhoon
Corsair pilot “Jake” Wilson recalls the Flintlock Disastermedium.com

Suntonu Bhadra


Rich Sobel

How Did Amazing Tiny Structures Called Plastids Help Make Plants and People Possible?
Evolution is rarely straightforward and the selection for symbiotic plastids is a big part of the reason why plants and…medium.com

EP McKnight, MEd

Three Simple Tips on How to Live Longer with Vitamin K
Yes, Vegetables Do Matter Storymedium.com

Ria Tagulinao

Don’t Forget That Your Idol is Human, Too
Learnings from my F1 virtual autograph sessionmedium.com

Eugenio Cibruscola

The 10 Things I Would Tell My 19-Year-Old Self
Spoiler alert: jumping in a cold lake/fjord isn’t one of them.medium.com

Bill Abbate

The 4 Types of People in the World
How to better understand people by their behavioral stylemedium.com

Floyd Mori

Racism When I Was A Kid
It didn’t seem so badmedium.com

Daryl Mowat

Our Immortality
Our immortality is our infinite worth, value, or importance because we are equal to God in this respect.medium.com

Desiree Driesenaar

Gratitude to Our Soil, Let’s Kiss and Make Up
5 December is World Soil Day. Time to give her some gratitudemedium.com

Myriam Ben Salem

Shall We Be Completely Transparent About The Real Racism Problem?
“Black Lives Matter” Movement is probably not enough.medium.com

Neha Sandhir S

The Smile
Makes every moment in life a beautiful poetic coincidencemedium.com

Andrew Jazprose Hill

When Sanity Comes Down to Choice
Sometimes old stories and a single memory can help you keep your head when everyone else seems to be losing theirs.medium.com

Douglas Pilarski

Namibia Sending 170 Wild Elephants to Auction
Elephants are at risk of extinction due to poaching and ecological factorsmedium.com

Randy Wolken

What Are You Grateful For Today?
Giving thanks changes your outlook on lifemedium.com

Rebecca Stevens A.

If You Want To Do Something About Racism, Take Concrete Actions
We go out there and we speak for the underprivileged. We do so because we can no longer tolerate racism and…medium.com

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.; J.D.

A Poemmedium.com

Desiree Driesenaar

6 Strategies to Make the New Profile Work for Us All
Portfolios and self-created topics will do the trick. And what Medium can do to help.medium.com

Ruby Melone

Calling Time of Death is Hard
Someone Died on Our Watch Todaymedium.com

Lynda Coker

Make Better Decisions in life Using This Three-Way Conversation Method
The conversation we need the most is often the last one we think aboutmedium.com

Tim Ebl

6 Reasons Why Hiking is So Good For You That You’re Crazy Not To Hike More
What a walk in nature does for youmedium.com

Steve Beller, PhD

A Definition of MINDSET
The Foundation of our Perceptions and Thoughtsmedium.com

Jennifer Friebely

Feeling Compassion For Another: “You Cannot Give What You Do Not Have”
Resolving feelings of abandonment using energy workmedium.com

Kenneth Silvestri

Changing the noun “ time” into a verb:
action is louder than wordsmedium.com

Floyd Mori

Trump’s Republican Followers Completely Support Him
No matter what he doesmedium.com

Keith R Wilson

Blood Stirred
I didn’t think she’d be likely to bite. So, when I felt the dancer slip next to me, I spoke up even though I wasn’t…medium.com

Phil Rossi

As Trump Contests the Election, He’s Abdicating the Presidency
Our systems do work — they’re playing a playermedium.com

Amy Pierovich

If Only

Dr. Dion

Trump Tries to Destroy the Country on His Way Out
Before the 2020 presidential election, many feared that there would be violent clashes between the people who were…medium.com

Adebola Alabi

Why don’t Quit is a bad advice.
Quitting may sometimes be the only way to move forward.medium.com

Jamie Golob

Activating The Solar Plexus Chakra to Harness Inner Strength
Transformation begins from withinmedium.com

Rebecca Stevens A.

Do You Want To Rent Out Your White Privilege For A Day?
So here’s the deal, I’ve got a lot of stuff that I need to do today, but I am a black woman. I don’t want to go to…medium.com

Bill Nicholov

“Human Rights Day” is a Celebration of Hypocrisy
“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”. Unless they’re Macedonian. Every December 10th, the…medium.com

Adam Tabriz, MD

Should High-quality Care Cost more when in Reality, Shouldn’t
The Connection between Quality and Price in Healthcare is “counterintuitive” as higher Quality Care leads to fewer…medium.com

Erwin Leonardy

Do call me Erwin
cout << “Hello World!” << endl;medium.com

Harun Güneş

Not Taking Marketing Seriously Taught Me a Bitter Lesson in my Entrepreneur Journey
If there was one thing I could tell my early entrepreneur self…medium.com

Luke Beling

What I Learned From a Year Dedicated to Writing a Novel
The joy is in the journey.medium.com

Desiree Driesenaar

Scaling business needs to be done with wisdom and in local hubs.
Systemic design means we involve all connections. We can do it. But we have to be aware of the limited resources on our…medium.com

Nihan Kucukural

7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Scammers
It happens to anybody!medium.com

Eizza Misa

#MeToo Received a Backlash
But the movement isn’t overmedium.com

Katherine G. MacRae

World of One
Connection as a Lifelinemedium.com

Tom Handy

5 Ways to Say How Can I Afford it, Instead of it’s Too Expensive
These are simple ways you can change your mindsetmedium.com

Darcy Thiel

Pit Bulls and Hockey Moms
I’m mostly just the mom part.medium.com

Isaiah McCall

Alexander McQueen Inspired Millions With This One Epic Show
Unparalleled genius — a generational talent ahead of his timemedium.com

Piyush Kamal🎖

Love, Hate & Everything Worth in Between
Once in a while, I indulge in writing a short story to pull something interesting out of my imaginationmedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

A New Star is Born on Medium
10,000+ Followers in 75 Daysmedium.com

Dew Langrial

Editor’s Picks — Top 10: Writing Is a Habit, Not an Art
Follow these top 10 writers who can’t quit the habit of writing wellmedium.com

Sebastian Purcell, PhD

Why Derren Brown’s Stoicism Is The Solution to Happiness You Didn’t Know You Were Looking For
How pessimistic thoughts lead to rich livesmedium.com

Rebecca Stevens A.

Why Is It Important To Dismantle White Supremacy To Save The Planet?
White supremacist values, beliefs, and culture have ruled the world for centuries. I know that whenever one refers to…medium.com

Jennifer Friebely

Could Trump Have Rigged The Election And Still Lost?
John Dean thinks somedium.com

Zul Bal

A Japanese Mother Hires a Father for Her Daughter
A complicated story of love and longingmedium.com

Haucem Sadki

The Stupid Art of Job Interviews That Needs a Serious Shake-Down
We could write books and books about job interviews. Always the same questions, (almost) always the same answers.medium.com

Leo Guinan

Do You Use Data To Understand Your User Or To Control Them?
Both Are Possible. One Is Bad.medium.com

Darcy Thiel

My sister Janet is eight years older than me. I have some memories of her as a kid, but mostly there was a big enough…medium.com

Christian Soschner

Perfectionism Is an Excuse for Hiding in the Shade
Get out there and domedium.com

John Teehan

Running In the Medium Marathon — Year One
What I’ve learned by writing for complete strangers and the chance to make a few bucks.medium.com

James G Brennan

Warehouse Party Degradation
Warning to readers you may find some content disturbingmedium.com

Eizza Misa

Do Motivational Quotes Work?
Yes, to a certain degreemedium.com

Julia E Hubbel

How To Trash Your Business With One Decision
Two cautionary tales for our timesmedium.com

Kris Franklin

College Football Bets for 12/5
We went 2–1 last week and we’re back with 3 more college football bets for Saturday 12/5.medium.com

Hunter Eskew

How to Slay the Trolls Under the Rainbow Bridge
A short story of braverymedium.com

Jeff Herring

How to Become a Content Creation Machine
4 Quick & Easy Stepsmedium.com

John Emmerling

Anatomy of a Political Cartoon
A brief analysis of how creative ideas happenmedium.com

Jennifer Friebely

How I Tamed A Wild Cat
All odds were against success, but we prevailed.medium.com

Floyd Mori

The Sad Story Of Danny Chen
He died of suicide after being harrassed because of racismmedium.com

Daryl Mowat

Are We Brains or are We Psyches?
We are the invisible psyches who inhabit our visible brains.medium.com

Jill Reid

6 Plain and Simple Reasons Why I Choose to be “Not Fancy”
Maintaining subjective ideals of perfection is exhausting.medium.com

Mitch Moore

The Devil Went Down to Georgia (and met his match)
Who is Sidney Powell?medium.com

Drama Llama

Michael, AIDS and Video Art
A dialogue between life and deathmedium.com


Those employed in essential services put on a brave face but are fearful of what it will mean for…
The manager texted me asking my availability to work this week at a mental health program. Is it worth possibly…medium.com

janny’s heart

Touch Starved
How does it really feel?medium.com


Can We Take A Minute To Celebrate
The moment a sista owned her successmedium.com

Dr. Deborah M. Vereen

Parent Engagement In Education During the Pandemic
This is what it looks likemedium.com

Liam Ireland

Nights in White Satin
A song it has taken over fifty years to mean somethingmedium.com

Dr Michael Heng

6 Most Important Things to Regain Competitive Advantage
Key Success Factors for Post-pandemic Victorymedium.com

Jessica Cote

Life Is One Hell of a Roller-Coaster
Says the Man Before He Diesmedium.com

Nicole Linke

Amidst The Chaos
Amidst the chaos
You came to find

Florian Hoffmann

Just Be More Relaxed!?
More serenity is something that many people desire. Read here what is important and what you can do concretely.medium.com

Alice Floris

What Lockdown Teaches us
Acceptance is the keymedium.com

Aditya Gupta

Making Recreational Activities Possible In COVID-19
Everything is possible, you just need to do it.medium.com

Tina Viju

To Tag Or Not To Tag Other Writers In Your Story?
Balance is keymedium.com


Last Night I Dreamt the Weirdest Dream
Retrain, the Government Said. But Not Like This.medium.com

Dr. Preeti Singh

Patience is a virtue
Why one has to learn to be patientmedium.com

J.D. Harms

A Poemmedium.com

Martine Weber

Gaia’s Heart
Including Nature Poetic Video Movie ‘Gaia’s Heart’ (original composition)medium.com

Anita Durairaj

5 Most Entertaining Books I Read in 2020
All of these books were published in 2020 and include different genresmedium.com

Dew Langrial

Editor’s Picks — Top 10: The Worst Enemy to Creativity Is Self-Doubt
Read these top 10 writers and help them fight their self-doubtmedium.com

Roger A. Reid, Ph.D.

Your Career Success May Depend on What You Don’t Say
7 topics of conversation to keep out of the workplacemedium.com

Victoria Ichizli-Bartels, Ph.D.

Why Should You Turn Household Chores into Fun Games?
A short piece about simple but vital reasonsmedium.com

Helen Cassidy Page

The Flaw In The Pandemic
We didn’t prepare for enough waves.medium.com

Dayton Parks

How to Write a Great Story Even if Your Idea Sucks
Ignore the voices in your headmedium.com

Ahsan Chaudhry

Why You Will Never Become a Legend
We have all had our fair share of bad lucks, unwanted situations. I know I had.medium.com

Stuart Englander

You Don’t Have To Be A Professional
But it sure helps to act like onemedium.com

Liz Porter

Merry Christmas — Hope You’re Not Offended!
Call me crazy, but I’m offended that people are offendedmedium.com

Valerie Mercado

I Make More Money on Mturk than I do on Medium
Penny hits you say? Sign me up.medium.com

Floyd Mori

Tamir Rice Was Just A Boy When He Was Killed
A police shooting in Ohiomedium.com

Mark Alden

Messages from Sedonamedium.com

Dr. Deborah M. Vereen

Snow Days At School May Become A Thing of the Past
Parents must understand how beneficial virtual learning programs really aremedium.com

Daniel Hopper

10 Ways to Market Your Business Online for Free (or Very Low Cost)
In 2020, being visible online is key to attracting customersmedium.com

Julia E Hubbel

Why I Give Where I Give
Giving Tuesday felt like a massive imposition, but there’s a way to think about this.medium.com

Daryl Mowat

God and Energy
God is the No-thingness of Space; Energy is the Thingness of the Ethermedium.com

Shweta L

7 Critical Mistakes To Avoid As a Small Business Owner
Cheaper prices mean more customers, right? Wrong!medium.com

Debbie’s Reflection

Enjoy the Free Gifts Life Has to Offer
I Never Appreciated It As I Shouldmedium.com

Liam Ireland

Cheats Seldom Prosper…..
……is nothing but a liemedium.com

Desiree Driesenaar

Gratitude Is a Great Cure for Self-Doubt
You can help and be helped to cure it in yourselfmedium.com

Dr Michael Heng

You can Create the New People Experience in your Company
The Role of the Digital HRBPmedium.com


How Wisdom & Compassion Can Help You With Marketing Your Services
Be authentic and reach more people at the same time — here’s howmedium.com

Payal Koul

Power of Breath
Control your breathing, control your lifemedium.com

Betsy Ramser Jaime

A Day in the Life of an Editor
What It REALLY Looks Like to Work for Yourself Full Time as an Editormedium.com

Eira Braun-Labossiere 🌻

How to Cancel Christmas Without Feeling Scrooged
Celebrating the holidays 2020 stylemedium.com

Neha Sandhir S

Santa’s Rudolf
A Christmas haikumedium.com


Post-COVID reflectionsmedium.com

Zachary Minott

A Powerful Metaphor to Remember When You Need to Regain Focus
Keep the main thing, the main thingmedium.com

Isaiah McCall

Ethereum 2.0 is Out Now, But Can It Beat Bitcoin?
The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency has a few tricks up its sleevemedium.com

Phil Rossi

Lost Altitude
Flash Fictionmedium.com

Kris Franklin

College Basketball Bets for 12/2
We found the best 3 opportunities to bet the underdogs in tonight’s slate of college basketball.medium.com

Fleur Sauvage

What Am I?
A Puzzle Poemmedium.com

The Secret Aspirant

Front-line Nurses Deserve A Lot More
How can they be expected to soldier on under such despicable conditions?medium.com

Valerie Mercado

The Happiest Season, Experienced In Real-time.
Experience the gayest season, I mean happiest season with me.medium.com

Dew Langrial

Editor’s Picks — Top 10: If You Are a Writer, Act Like One
Reading, highlighting, and appreciating these top 10 writers is going to make you a better writermedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

How About Templates and Wizards?
Two easy profile improvement ideas for Medium. We need urgent solution.medium.com


What Would a Bright Future Look Like?
It’s Difficult to Knowmedium.com

Britni Pepper

The Poison of Conspiracy
“They” aren’t telling us the truthmedium.com

Emily Kingsley

I Traded My Car for A Plane Ticket To Alaska
It was a great car, but sometimes you’medium.com

Dr Michael Heng

What if This Day Be Your Last?
A Reflection on Mortalitymedium.com

Payal Koul

Can we be happy always rather than pursue happiness?
My experiment to prove that it is possible to be happy….…perpetually!medium.com

Remington Write

No, Princess, You Don’t Deserve Anything
What evil copywriting idiot came up with that one?medium.com

Vanessa Robinson

I Want My Shot
The scientists can’t get the COVID19 vaccine to me and mine fast enoughmedium.com

Boateng Sekyere

Way Too Many Writers Make It Too Easy for Readers to Click Out of Their Articles
Because they ignore these simple truthsmedium.com

Jordan Mendiola

Why Gary Vaynerchuk is Impacting Every 17 to 24-Year-Old
Young, driven adults are drawn to the brutally honest motivation Gary gives themmedium.com

Tom Handy

I wrote every day for 183 days. This is what I learned.
Do you really need to write every single day?medium.com

Jean Carfantan

A Card Deck Landscape Triggers Stories
How cards expose some souvenirs from the folds of an unknown dimensionmedium.com

Helen Cassidy Page

Readers like stories about old lady sex.
Need proof? Read the comments on the very first article I wrote for Medium.medium.com

Harry Seitz

What is Freedom?
Is it even possible?medium.com

Darcy Thiel

Happy Thanksgiving!
It’s easy to be thankful when people are kindmedium.com

Mukundarajan V N

Find Your Passion Through Self-Exploration
Take detours to find work that most fits youmedium.com

Dr. Deborah M. Vereen

Holiday Cookie Making Brings the Family Together
I would love to share my favorite recipe called “Cookie Crunch”medium.com

Haucem Sadki

Discover Your Personality in 4 Questions Thanks to The MBTI Test
The MBTI test — “Myers Briggs type indicator” — is one of the most popular personality tests according to specialistsmedium.com

Floyd Mori

How Can We Change The World?
There is too much divisionmedium.com

Daryl Mowat

The Meaning of Heaven
Heaven is not a perfect paradise.medium.com

Zachary Minott

Embracing Tsundoku — How a Library of Unread Books Can Expand Your Mind
How the books you don’t consume provides more value to your life than the books you do consume.medium.com

Harry Hogg

A Dark Comedy
Cybil chews on a green chili peppermedium.com

Kris Franklin

College Basketball Bets for 12/1
Yesterday we went 2–0 with our college basketball bets. Today we have 3 more plays as we find the best opportunities to…medium.com

Jessica Lynn

The More a Person Practices Self-awareness the More Attractive They Are
Three skills to work on to be more self-aware.medium.com

Robert Trakofler

I Am off to the Poles
A short poem by Robert Trakoflermedium.com

Liam Ireland

How To Avoid A Fatal Car Crash
The importance of having regular health checks.medium.com

Kaz Matsune

What You Can Learn from This Biggest Catering Disaster About Leadership
When you see a problem, solve it. ASAPmedium.com

Mayank Pamnani

Law Of Attraction Is Not Working For You(Here’s What You Can Do)?
Learn the right application.medium.com

Daniel Hövermann

9 Quotes You Can Use in Team Meetings for Bullshit Bingo
#2 Borrow a hammer to a child, and everything looks like a nail.medium.com

David Mokotoff

The Problem With How We Identify the True Covid-19 Death Rate
The infection rate is much greater than the case rate, and which one is used to calculate fatality rates makes a huge…medium.com

J.D. Harms

A Poemmedium.com


A quick guide for creating a startup
No one can make money for you In any event, when you love your work and imagine that it’s fulfilling, the fulfillment…medium.com

Randy Wolken

Who’s Really On Your Team?
Your team could be much bigger, or small, than you thinkmedium.com

Vishnu Aravindhan

Complexities Of Cyclone Forecasting In India
This article basically looks at what are the different tools and options that India currently has to identify when a…medium.com

Aditya Gupta

The Art Of Self-Love
Love Whether With Someone Or Ourselves Can’t Be Forced.medium.com

Dew Langrial

Editor’s Picks — Top 10: Express Yourself, Don’t Depress Yourself
Supporting 10 different writers daily is easy — Illumination-Curatedmedium.com

Jason Ward

OneCoin — The $4 Billion Scam
The story of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in historymedium.com

Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers

What’s Next for the Tourist Industry? Is This the End of Mickey Mouse?
The financial impact of tourism in a pandemicmedium.com

Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.

The Bombed Out Ivory Towers of our Minds
Beware. This is harsh.medium.com

Dr. Deborah M. Vereen

Your Child Must Embrace Their Own Passion
As parents, we must give them the space to discover it no matter how old they aremedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

My Belated Writer Bio for ILLUMINATION
I encouraged hundreds of writers to submit a bio story but neglected it myself. This is the hardest story for me to…medium.com

Pene Hodge

A Mother — A Nurse
Is there really a difference?medium.com

Cocoa Griot

Black Pearl Beauty
The black pearl is formed in an oyster called the Pinctada margaritifera. The pearl’s value is enhanced, not diminished…medium.com

Liam Ireland

The Life And Times Of A Producer 1
More than once bitten, forever shymedium.com

Melissa Raise

Age Comes, But So Does Wisdom
Learning to love yourself can be a painful process, but worth itmedium.com

Julia E Hubbel

I Have to Ask, What is the Point?
You’re not alone, if you’re in this boat with me.medium.com

Petr Swedock

A Quixotic Stalemate of Their Own Devising.
Cervantes in America.medium.com

Jan M Flynn

9 Headlines for Articles I Will Drop Everything to Read
Seriously, I can’t wait for someone to write thesemedium.com

Jake Mura

The Buddha Answer: Why Not Everyone Is Enlightened
the answer is useful in all life areasmedium.com

Lily Dune

The only man who ever sexually assaulted me was a Liberal card-carrying Feminist
Why your political beliefs tell me nothing about youmedium.com

janny’s heart

Ode to Joy: Undying Love
The Story of Maggie Maemedium.com

Lev Janashvili

New Religions at War
Techno-humanism vs. Dataismmedium.com

Floyd Mori

Kindness, Luck, and Timing Influenced My Life
They are essential for everyonemedium.com

Rebecca Sealfon

Lessons from NaNoWriMo
From coming up quite short in NaNoWriMo, what I learned about myself.medium.com

Geri Shumer

Why You Should Never Let A Boy Come Between You And Your Pie
Boyfriends come and go but your relationship with pecan pie is forevermedium.com

Dr Michael Heng

Snowfall in Luoyang City
Beginning the Winter of Hopemedium.com

Jameel Randeree

Can Therapy Help Those Who Often Suffer From Creative Burnout?
The Short answer is YES, but there are a few things you should consider.medium.com

J.D. Harms

A Poemmedium.com

Sean Zhai

A haikumedium.com

Amy Pierovich

For John
Your gentle gracemedium.com

Karen Madej

Why Are We So Willing to Make the 1% Richer?
Are workers benefitting by working harder, faster and in a quality manner for minimum wages?medium.com

Mighty Knowledge

Diamonds Are Forever: The Greatest Marketing Campaign Ever
Marketing is a crucial component of any successful business. The phrase “the product will sell itself” isn’t smart…medium.com

Kris Franklin

College Basketball Bets for 11/30
We’re looking for the best opportunities to take advantage of large point spreads in college basketball to win some…medium.com

Lester Golden

Lady Liberty’s Me Too Moment: the Trump Dump
But her reality TV ex still stalks hermedium.com

Drama Llama

Loneliness and Isolation in a Materialistic World
The anxiety to conform to contemporary expectationsmedium.com

Robert Trakofler

Slow Walking Man (A true story)
Poetry and spoken word by Robert Trakoflermedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Checklist for Quality Submissions
Improve quality and readability of your storiesmedium.com

Mukundarajan V N

We Can Create Our Own Smart Luck
How to harness the power of serendipitymedium.com

Alexandra Forsyth

To That One Guy:
A Haikumedium.com

Jamie Golob

Activating the Power of the Root Chakra
Energy, awakening, grounding, and evolutionmedium.com

Kiranjeet Kaur

7 ways to be Eco-Friendly
Being Eco-friendlymedium.com

Melissa Raise

How To Get Out Of Pain
What do you do when you have an itch? You scratch it, of course. It’s a knee-jerk reaction that you don’t even have to…medium.com

Deborah Barchi

Lament For a Meadow
Sadness and gratitude for a vanishing field of dreamsmedium.com

Amy Hartsough

4 Helpful Coping Skills for This Terrible Pandemic Fatigue
This is hard, but there is a way through it.medium.com

Thomas Oppong

Struggle to Wake Up in The Morning? You Don’t Have to be a Morning Person to be Successful
Tap your energy cycle to boost your productivitymedium.com

Sebastian Purcell, PhD

Why The Buddhists and Aztecs Insist That Happiness Follows The Words You Say
What Crosses Your Lips Pre-Frames Your Mindmedium.com

Daniella Mini

Dear President-elect and Vice President-elect: The Bar Has Been Set High
Please, don’t let the voters downmedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

I Published Six Articles on Vocal
This is what I learned.medium.com

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

Fish-bone in Her Gums
It wasn’t bad enough to make her become vegetarianmedium.com

Victoria Ichizli-Bartels, Ph.D.

10 Reasons Why it Makes Sense to Write on Medium
#2 and #3 are my favorite.medium.com

Crystal Jackson

The Things We Learned This Year We May Too Soon Forget
When 2020 is over, I hope we’ll remember what we learnedmedium.com

Adam Tabriz, MD

The Rise of Industrial America and the Dawn of Individual Liberty
A Chronological Glance at the Inverse Relationship between Corporate Personification and the Individual…medium.com

Douglas Pilarski

Can’t Buy a Hat
-blues lyricmedium.com

Rich Sobel

When is the Last Time You Talked About Axolotls?
Heck, do you even know what they are? I didn’t!medium.com

Charles Roast

I Had A Great Day Saturday
What’s wrong with me?medium.com

Regina Clarke

Apartheid In America: The Demon of White Privilege
We reap now our own desperate heritage as white people who have yet to come to terms with the darkness of our ancestors…medium.com

Julie Nyhus MSN, FNP-BC

The progress of negativity may be destroying youmedium.com

Bhavna Narula

My Heart Is Bleeding
I wonder if spilling words will help stop itmedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Imagine Sheldon On Medium
Reflections from the inner world of rowdy writers, editors, curators, publishers, and platform ownersmedium.com

Dr. Manishi Pallavi

Happy Diwali
Diwali is a festival of lights over darkness, so fill your heart with the light on this auspicious occasion.medium.com

Piyush Kamal🎖

The Subtle But Practical Art of Meaningful Detachment
The perfect man employs his mind as a mirror; it grasps nothing; it refuses nothing; it receives, but doesn’t keep…medium.com

Suntonu Bhadra

5 TED Talks To Watch Today
covering diverse ideas, worth spreadingmedium.com

Henery X

Every Move That’s Made Should Be Meant To Elevate Us Highermedium.com

CR Mandler MAT

The Day I Screened My Calls
A poemmedium.com

Edward Robson, PhD

5 Reasons Dating is a Waste of Time
For single peoplemedium.com

Helen Cassidy Page

Where Did All My Average Reading Time Go?
Did I become a cr*p writer overnight or is Medium messing with the algorithm again?medium.com

Yve Laran

Voluntary Confinement
Grateful to remain safe and soundmedium.com

Mark Alden

5 Reasons Donald Trump Will Run For President In 2024
Don’t say goodbye to the maga hats just yetmedium.com

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