The Joy of Selling 1,000+ Books In A Month With Minimal Investment

Practical and unique marketing techniques for creative freelancers leading to profitable sales with concrete examples

This post is not bragging about selling a certain number of books as no one cares how many books a person sells and how much they earn.

However, people care about the methods, techniques, and lessons learned in the process. This post is about using the hidden power of social media, undermined marketers, word of mouth, and other simple marketing techniques leading to tangible sales.

My aim is to share unique approaches and specific techniques that helped me sell over 1,000 books in a month. This experience is full of lessons learned as this happened to be the first time in my life, so the approach and techniques are worth sharing.

Probably my weakest muscles are the selling one in my entrepreneurship skills and capabilities. So my point is if I can do this, anyone can.

Inevitably, every entrepreneur and freelancer must know about selling. Knowing and doing are two different things. Knowing is only one part of the equation. The other part is the hands-on skills in trading.

This is a story about what I learned by selling over 1,000 books for the first time in my life using elementary techniques that made a big difference. More than the income, the actual feeling from the experience substantially impacted my confidence, which led to joy and satisfaction.

Selling a thousand books is a small achievement compared to those best sellers selling millions of copies. Considering no substantial sales experience and putting minimal effort into marketing, this small success meant a lot to me.

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