A Lucrative Contract, a New Client, and a Soulmate Were Born Out of a Simple Story on Medium.

It’s possible to create serendipity by pouring our hearts and souls into our stories.

Last year one of my health articles went semi-viral on Medium. It received thousands of views and was one of the excellent performing stories. However, a few months later, a content development officer of a health insurance company approached me after reading the article and seeing the number of claps on it.

She mentioned they planned to create a 100-page e-book to include less-known ways of making the body insulin sensitive with practical tips. She asked whether I would be interested in writing a proposal for the initiative urgently.

When I asked about the audience, she said the target audience would be their clients with metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes, prediabetes, and others with cardiovascular and neurodegenerative health risks.

This was music to my ears. I did not even think about the compensation. I wrote a proposal of about 1000 words for the scope of the e-book and the key points I planned to include for reasons. I sent it after two hours.

After submitting the proposal via email, the next day, the officer called me, saying their content management team liked the proposal, but they wanted to make it available for their campaign by the end of the month. She wanted to know whether I could make it ready in 20 days as they will publish and distribute it on the last day of the month.

At first, I was a little hesitant, but I did not decline it. After a few seconds of pause, she said, “other people might do it, but they asked for a figure beyond our budget.” She confirmed that their budget was limited.

I did not ask about the figure as my concern was not money. I thought about what projects I might move to next month to squeeze this exciting initiative into my busy schedule in my new semi-retired professional life.

Since I was silent for a few seconds, she directly asked me whether there was any chance I could do it for 50K in 20 days. This was an unexpected figure for a small e-book, as the best I earned from my similar size e-books was under 15K.

She said, “I know our budget is very tight. But if you could do this favor for us, we will ask you to create more content at a higher rate in the future.”

When I told her this figure was not low, it was higher than I expected, and I’d be delighted to make it available by the deadline, she got surprised and asked me whether I was serious about it with an exclamation in her voice.

After a few minutes of chit-chat, I learned that other people asked for 100K or more, which doubled their budget; therefore, she thought that this amount could be very low for me, considering my research and writing background.

I remained honest with her and told her that 50K for a 100-page e-book was a relatively high fee in the market. Her confidence increased, and she called me daily for a few minutes to get an update to ensure the product would be ready by the 20th day of the month.

You can read the details of this story on Medium.

The key takeaway of this story for writers is to write our stories always keeping our readers in mind.

Thank you for reading my perspectives. I wish you a healthy and happy life.

I write about health as it matters to me. New readers might find out relevant stories from the attached links.

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