Here’s how Alan gained a sharper mind in his sixties.

The earlier we invest in cognitive reserves, the better for long-term health, but it is never too late at any age.

I introduced Alan last year in a story about detoxifying his body naturally. He is now 66, and like his body, his mental abilities are sharper than before, thanks to his healthy lifestyle choices, optimism, emotional maturity, and growth mindset.

Alan was born a healthy kid. His parent paid supreme importance to his health and fitness development. However, as he got older, he experienced severe autoimmune conditions, unbearable bloating, abdominal distension, heartburn, and eczema, causing intense itching and inflammation in his forties.

The physical conditions also affected his mental health as his brain got foggy, and his mood fluctuated with unpleasant feelings. He knew something was wrong with his body and mind. Natural detox opened a new window to his health journey and allowed him to sharpen his mind.

As norms did not reflect the truth, he had to unlearn and relearn to make sense of perceived reality, especially related to his health and fitness.

He didn’t blame anyone or his circumstances even though his problems were caused due to misinformation given to him by societal norms and pressures. He took personal responsibility for his health by adjusting his condition and leveraging the power of his newly gained information.

In this story, I summarize critical points of Alan’s inspiring routine, which improved his cognitive health as he aged. He feels younger than before. First, I give a brief background about cognitive health performance so that his adjustments can make sense to you. Then, I explain his routines.

I hope this story inspires and motivates you to take ownership of your cognitive health. I wrote similar stories compiled in my collection.

Here’s How Alan Gained a Better Cognitive Health as He Aged.

I publish my lifestyle, health, and well-being stories on EUPHORIA. My focus is on cellular, mitochondrial, metabolic, and mental health. Here is my collection of Insightful Life Lessons from Personal Stories.

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