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Jessica Donahue, PHR

The Real Reasons People Resist Change (But Won’t Tell You)
And 3 change management whiteboard exercises to

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

I Published Six Articles on Vocal
This is what I

Michael Patanella

The Reality Of Vulnerability
A look at where it

Phil Truman

Skins Game, Part 2

Younes Henni, PhD

7 Tips to Convert Your Endless, Nerve-Wracking Todo List into a Mighty Productivity Tool
According to a LinkedIn survey, nine out of ten workers never finish their todo

Vanilla Being

Give love words
the name of a lover
of a brother and a sister
they give love words

Michele Grieve

Droning Domesticity
A poem of single parenthood…

Adelia Ritchie

I Remember Tomorrow

EP McKnight, MEd

How One Man Dream Change the Game in Hollywood -The Iconic Tyler Perry’s Studios
When hitting rock bottom, you can go from rags to

Caroline de Braganza

All Hail to the Whole Leaf Kale
Natural health growing in my

Jake Mura

Don’t Waste Your Life on Silly Expectations
giving up the expectations can be so liberating (on personal experience)

Terry L. Cooper

The Traditional Thanksgiving
From my

Lori Lamothe

Beautiful Blueberries
last entry in the diary of Chris

Vivek Naskar

The 4 Habits Taught By Buddhist Monks That Will Transform Your Life Forever
The important but basic habits you need to lead a creative, productive and peaceful

Floyd Mori

Being Gay Is Not Always Easy
Although it is better than it

Father Matt

Force Yourself To Hit Publish
Your Life Will Change for the

Agnes Laurens

Violin Strength
Acrostic Poem about your favorite

The Maverick Files

Cream Wafers
My favorite

Derek Oxley

Shared Workspaces in 2020
Five flexible workspace

Francine Fallara

You Left Me There, Hanging, Trapped on Your Living Wall

Dawn Bevier

The Truth About Our Own Ignorance, the Lies We Tell Ourselves, and the Meaning of Real Wisdom
We’re not really as smart as we think we are, and here’s

Oskar Tokarski

10 Types of Toxic People Online
Why are they so annoying?

Aamir Kamal 🚀🚀🚀

How To Publish 2 or 3 Stories A Day On Medium?
Strategies to use to publish more content on

Amanze Collins

How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Without Getting It Under
Leaving the comfort zone? When I started (years ago) my first internship at an Agricultural Institute(because I studied…

Joe Luca

Blueberry, Blueberry — Where For Art Thou?
In a Pie of

Tree Langdon

A Summoning

Rajesh Vairapandian

21 Things to Do for Yourself in 2021
Focus on these 21 key things and shift your life towards

Vee Goldman

Mental Illness. Has The Stigma Gone?
Not far it hasn’

K Ann

Staring at a Blank Canvas
Ways to Increase Your Creativity When You Don’t Feel

Geetika Sethi

Strumming The Blues Away
That is exactly what every string instrument player

Louis Dennis


Janet Pennington

My Mom Sat in the Back of the Bus
She was colorblind. Are you?

Trista Ainsworth

Making Accounting Fun
Creating abundance starts with a

Koko Wolfe

Between the Worlds
in a

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

The Citizenship Test
Could any of the MAGA crew pass one?

Prajakta unKNown

How to Bring Your Children Onboard for Unschooling
By helping them expand their identities beyond

Jess Tam

The Captive Apartment of Dreams
Day 1 — Microfiction; 100-word

Ntathu Allen

Yoga for Beginners — 3 Core Yoga Techniques You Can Do In Bed To Ease You Into Your Day
start your day

Patrick M. Ohana

The Guests
A forsaken

Jeff Herring

Discover the Crucial Mindset For Long Term Product Creation Profits
You don’t have to make it up as you go along…

Nicole Linke

Please Don’t Leave My Life
I texted you
That night not

Nasar Karim

Just Another Pretty Face
A poem about beautiful

Aurellia T. Elisha

I Turn Black When I Think About The Future
A poem about

Melissa Raise

Fit People Are Not “Lucky”
Why Labeling People As Lucky Is A

Zed Bee

Why a Quarter-Life Crisis Is a Time to Take Control
How to avoid the trap of doing

Not So Smart
A little humility goes a long

Agnes Laurens

Music Coins
Episode #1. When you have talent as a beginner

Dr. Preeti Singh

Smile Awhile Music makes you happy
The melodious Indian instrument ‘Sitar’

Ivette Cruz

A haiku for

Robert Trakofler

Roughly Roughage
Something to chew

Raphael Paul

Are Some People Just Born to Be Unhappy?
When “change your mindset, change your life” becomes an insensible thing to

Cosmin Angheluta

How to solve life challenges and make the right decision
Use the traffic light metaphor to diagnose your

Aldric Chen

I Saved $8 And Lost $192.
There is a difference between FEELING intelligent and ACTUALLY being

Harry Hogg

I forgot about the Pandemic
A visit to a London

Louis Dennis

Your Good News for the Week
And why it is more important than

Harry Seitz

So I’m Writing, With the Hope That Someone’s Reading
It’s been a long year for all of

Devin Arrigo

The News Break Creator Program: Here’s Everything You Need to Know
Can you really make $1,000 per month? Here’s my experience so

Patrick M. Ohana

AI Intervention
An atheistic

Bryce Godfrey

Why “Make a Good First Impression” is Bad Advice
First Impressions are

Kristina Segarra

6 Proven Ways to Generate Article Ideas
I use these methods and never run out of

Louie Rahil, MBA

4 Strategies for Leading Through Crisis
They are not all about

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