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Tree Langdon

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Wonderful Words From Illumination Writers
Editor’s Choice From Recently Published

Dew Langrial

Editor’s Choice — Top 10
Selecting and presenting the best from Illumination

Alison Tennent

What Is Medium Good For?
A writer’s

Michael Patanella

The Value Found In Vulnerability
A hidden gem in what we often

Mia Verita

My Life Is A Leaning Tower

Kathryn Staublin

3 Ways Gender Inequality is Being Reinforced in Schools
Not all forms of oppression are obvious to the

Rose Bak

Are You Hitting the Stores for Black Friday This Year?
How this holiday shopping frenzy came to be — and how it will be different this

Vee Goldman

When the mind

Rob Cyrier

Why Writing Letters to Your Spouse Will Change Your Relationship Forever
10 ideas that can help you find the voice of your feelings through

Charlotte Brown

The Most Liked Person I Know Just Shared His Secrets With Me
This Is What He Told

Vinita Ramtri

Give It A Try
A Poem For Inposter

Tca Venkatesan PhD

Silence For Its Sake

Simon Spichak

Seven Myths and Misconceptions About Your Brain
Can you tell fact from fiction?

J.A. Becker

How To Be An Effective Product Manager When Your Puppy is Eating Your Feet
8 Things you can do to keep focused and effective while working from home, as a little Dachie nibbles at

Markus Scorelius

Corporate America has gone Nuts. We are Shooting Ourselves in the Foot
Across multiple industries, insane hiring, work, and promotion requirements must be

Jim McAulay🍁

Putting An End To Scams
That target the vulnerable

Najwa Helyer

Telling Someone They Lost Weight Is Not Always A Compliment
Neither is gaining weight an

Terry Trueman

Upon Being Accepted for Publication on
Some things in the writing biz never change . .


Time Does Not Apologize For Us
A Thanksgiving

Bill Abbate

The Power of Imagination in the World
How your imagination benefits

Dew Langrial

How to Use the Energy of Stories to Make or Break Your Life
My stories keep me

Vixen Lea

I don’t mean to complain, but…
Vulnerability as raw

Dr John Rose

Paranoia and my UPS.
Uninterruptable Power Supply for the

Trista Ainsworth

The Keeper of the Things
Being the caretaker of your

Emily Wilcox

A Particle of Birds
A poem about nature at its

Nuno Fabiao

6 Years As a Single Father- A Nontypical Case Study
How some men are empowered by their abundance of

Cornelia Alice Audie

Why the Words We Use to Define Ourselves Matter
Just who do you think you are?

Terry Mansfield

Color Her Melancholy
About the colors of

Kevin Lee

You Don’t Have To Be Original But Wouldn’t You Rather Be?
You don’t have to be like everyone

Joe Luca

I Miss My Hugs, Don’t You?
Sending you all a Virtual

Agnes Laurens

Hit Me Hard
Poem about my panic attack


Want to Spread Some Happiness? Go for a Drive
And you might learn about your own level of

Chas Wyatt

Light at the End of the Tunnel
This is a Thank You Note to the people of the United States of America

Galit Birk, PhD

Follow Through

Lena Le

Blank Stares
A poem for the pained and

Jim McAulay🍁

My Python Biography In Illumination
Sometimes I write about

Ntathu Allen

I Am A Writer
An acrostic poem inspired by the first sentence when you woke up this

Viktor Marchev

Do Dishonest People Lead Better Lives Than People Who Do Good?
What we can learn about living a better, more merit life from the ancient Greek

The Dozen

The Coronavirus Conversation Has Shifted
It’s No Longer “If” but “When” Will The Vaccine Be

Floyd Mori

Death Comes Without Warning
Even to the

Brian E. Wish, PhD

Twelve Star Trek Characters We Need To See Again
For Star Trek fans, we’re living in a new age of glory. There are no less than four series in production: Discovery…

Deepak Sethi

Converting Dreams to Reality in Four Actionable Steps.
Success comes to those who work according to a proper

Patrick M. Ohana

AI Attended
An educational

David Rudder

Whose Shoes
It’s a weird

Ivette Cruz

The Kisses I Lost

Maria Rattray

Have Your Integrity Front And Center
Your conscience will thank you for

John Ross

So What If I Don’t Want To Be Thankful?
When you don’t want to be


Extra Reasons to be Thankful this Thanksgiving
Today, we celebrate Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for, even during this, “new normal”, that we currently…

Akarsh Nalawade

Curb Your Instincts: It’s All Gravy
Actionable takeaways from a whistle-stop tour of Hans Rosling’s “Factfulness: Ten Reasons Why We’re Wrong About The…


What Is B4U Global?
Now you can save your digital future by using B4U Wallet

Marty de Jonge

Centum — A 100-Word Story
Her kitchen appears unused. No plantain peels huddled in the corner. No orphan mustard seeds — until she wanders in…

John Cunningham

Want a Brighter Future, Release Your Past
Poor Milena, it seems she is always worried that things won’t go well for her because she had this or that unpleasant…

Alper Çakır

7 Perspective-Changing Quotes from Atatürk
“Peace at Home, Peace in the World”

Tobou Egbekun

What you didn’t know about the “fakeit, till you make it” mantra
Im sure you’ve heard the quote “fake it, till you make it” from a motivational speaker or perhaps a good movie but what…

Jennifer Marie

The Unfortunate Reality of How a Child Can Lose Hope and Never Get it Back
With each failing — the light dims a little

Aldric Chen

How Many Publications Do You Really Need?
I guess the question is … what really matters?

GFC: Grown Folk Conversations

Top 10 All-Inclusive Holiday Hosting Tips
Just in time for the New

Shashidhar Sastry

The Quality of Small Things
To care is the sign of

Enne Baker

Fake Smile

Liam Ireland

The Art Of The Deal, Or Sharp Practice ?
They do say that all buyers are

Enzo M. Battista-Dowds PhD. RD.

Going for alcohol-free beer: A silly experience
Always read the label —

Allen D

12 Pet Friendly Flower Plants to Have at Home
I love flowers and my Dog loves to chew them, so I decided to get flower plants which wouldn’t upset my dog’s

Randy Wolken

Let Yourself Be Playful
If your too serious, you will neither be effective or


How to buy nice presents when you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck
Interest-free installment plans that you can get, even if you have bad

Tom Matsuda

Three Japanese Habits That The World Could Benefit From Right Now
How inherent cultural qualities allowed Japan to emerge from the pandemic relatively

Samantha Scott

From Couch Potatoes To Productivity Rockstars
How to successfully manage your remote workers by getting the best out of your

Amy Culberg

How Sex Leads To Literature.
Crushes Gets Books

EP McKnight, MEd

Seven Simple Tips Living Your Fullest
Enjoying life at any age is the key to quality over

M. Mollenthiel

Sitting on a putrefying bench,
Of which stories before laid bare
Each year, layers removed from clench;

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