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Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today


New Writers Bulletin
Welcome 110 writers joined to ILLUMINATION
Fiction and Poetry Bios of ILLUMINATION Writers
Introducing fiction and poetry writers from their

Dew Langrial

Editor’s Choice — Top 10: If You Read Only One Story Today, Read One of These
All writers have to be voracious

Cristo Lopez, PhD

A very quick response to Tom Kuegler’s “Should You Quit Medium For Newsbreak?”
Yes, at least for

Kristina Segarra

5 Easy Ways to Relieve Your Holiday Stress
These tips will help you stay grounded and make the most out of your

Hunter Eskew

The Final Stand at the Rainbow Bridge
A story of unending courage and a million heroes. How to Slay the Trolls Under the Rainbow Bridge, Part

Bill Abbate

Working on the Most Important Communication Skill in Life
How to improve your speaking

Andriani Carolina

How Yoga Keep Me Sane During Quarantine
And changing my life for the

zainab hudha

Practise Gratitude: Start with Your Hands
Let’s take a few minutes to appreciate something that we don’t give enough credit

Adelia Ritchie

Crappy Thanksgiving
A love

Christopher Harvey

Stephen Crane — The Poet And The Writer
Bio — Stephen Crane is an American novelist, poet, and short-story

Floyd Mori

FDR Was Responsible For The Incarceration Of Japanese Americans
It happened in World War

Tree Langdon

A Three-Way Conflict
Robber Baron Landlords

Jacqueline Rich

Eternal Purple Elephant — I See You…
A poem of

Mr.M (Muthu Raja)

Black Rain
A Girl and 1000 Paper

Ivette Cruz

The Sun Shines

Obsidian Eagle

Poetic Twins
Prequels &

Maria Rattray

What Do You Do When Death Comes Calling?
Five ways to embrace gratitude…

Riku Arikiri

7 Things You Should Do Every Day To Be A Better You
#5 Watch the

Christina M. Ward

In Medium News — There’s Now a Fierce Competitor Content Site
This morning I forewent my Medium writing time for a competitor’s site. Many are doing the

Vishnu*s Virtues

What Does It Feel Like Living In a Country That Takes The Pandemic Seriously?
Practical steps that other countries outside the U.S. are taking to keep their people

Ryan Porter

3 Meaningful Ways to Begin Your Business While Working a Full-Time Job
#2 Create an unbreakable process that keeps you

Annelise Lords

The Nutrients In Mangoes
A Tanka on the nutritional values in

Kit L.


Deena Thomson

Grandma’s Garden
An Acrostic Vegetable

Steve Dalton

How To Make A WordPress Website or Blog in Easy Steps
How To Make A WordPress Website or Blog in Easy

Paul Myers MBA

Emotional Intelligence For Leaders During a Crisis
A story about the importance of

Patrick M. Ohana

A poetic

Joseph Mills

The Woman From The Mountain
A story of deceit and

Christie Li

I Mistakenly Published 3 Articles Within 24 hours By Accident And This Is What It Taught Me
Dear readers, I’m so sorry for

Emily Wilcox

The Deepest Blue
A poem about

Rose Butcher

Something That’s Not a Drum
A Short Poem — Creative Minds Design Their Own

Bob Jasper

Thinking of all the blessings received
 Having some time to think
 About all I have
 Knowing that life is…

Camille Cordova

I Was Losing Myself, So I Wrote A Book
How writing became my escape shelter for calm


How to Embrace Self-Love Without Being a Narcissist
The true meaning of self-love is accepting who we are and acting

Aurellia T. Elisha

Why Dumping Your Hand-Me-Down Clothes Will Change Your Life Forever
How hand-me-down clothes are stopping you from finding your true

Denise Garratt

Not Every Thanksgiving is Happy
There’s a common reason

Annine Teresa Raffaella Massaro

Dreams of You

Walter Pop Matthews IV

Rise in Love
A poem about grabbing a hold of love and then the love of someone so that we both can elevate

Alison Tennent

The Besom and Bletherskite is a Garrulous Glaswegian
A New Illumination Goodreads Group, and broken

Viraj Acharya

Silencing your Inner Critic
To become your biggest

Jim McAulay🍁

Interesting Words
Some recent

Dr John Rose

Hair Dryer Adventures.
Uses and Abuses of Stormtrooper

K Ann

I’m Thankful for Dog Poop
And Other Thoughts From a Loving Dog

Eric Peterson

Moving Your Team Effectively
Helping your team navigate

Adebayo Ijidakinro

How to Stay Positive When Dealing With Negativity
3 things to keep in mind that will help

Trista Ainsworth

Thank you To My Brothers
Abundant connections are all around


Are You Ready To Admit That Your Story Is Pathetic?
It happens to writers all the

Nikola Ojdanić, Ph.M.

Being Thankful: A Lot of BS?
Or is there something to it?

Georgia Dimitrious

Grand Conjunction 2020: End of the World or Human Evolution
An astrological phenomenon is happening on December 21st that everyone should be talking about. An enormous shift in…

Keith Hill

Searching for the Miraculous
How The Animals’ We Gotta Get Out of This Place led to baffling perceptions of a separate

Shea Hulse

The Number One Mistake You’re Probably Making In Your Business.
The mistake I repeatedly

Marcus Franke

All You Need To Know To Become A Top Writer Too
It’s NOT about daily writing and curations. Here are the 18 lessons I

Joseph Mills

Morning Coffee
Two cups — Four cups— Six

Christopher Madsen

The Beggar’s Tale
Part 3: A Wanderer’s

Nathan White

I am starting to hate the word “PIVOT.”

Jeff Herring

Easy Info Product Creation 1–2- 3
…and then

Zishanul Haque Hussain

The Lady
Who knows when the lady might show up

Hunter Eskew

Under Mount Suribachi
NYC Midnight’s 250-word Microfiction Challenge 2020, Round

Tyler Fountain

3 Ways You Can Provide Value Even if You’re Not an Expert
Don’t Wait Until You Think You’re Ready. Start

Masha Merkuriva

Mass Extinction Threatening Startups Due to COVID 19
Even The most heavily funded startups are shuttering operations due to COVID19. How the pandemic is threatening…

Amanze Collins

Fighting Sadness
Push your

Keith R Wilson

Why 2020 is the Year to Observe Advent
You don’t even need to be

Chad Raybourne

Why You Are Having Those Bad Times
Its for a reason, but it’s not as bad as you

Cornelia Alice Audie

How Working From Home Has Impacted My Life So Far
It’s not all sunshine and

Naf Beltran

One Empty Chair Too Many

Holly Kellums

A Thanksgiving Wish
Not Thankful Enough For Thanksgiving This Year?

Alex Markham

The Office Cyborg
Fiction: His new manager’s corporate speak was

David Rudder

Sketching the sky in

Michael Ranjitsingh

Popeye’s Secret
An acrostic

Ivette Cruz

A Moment in Nature

Christian Muriel

“Death is an illusion”: A Philosophical Exploration
What does Asian philosophy say about the nature of who we are?

Dr. Fatima Imam

Heaven under their Feet

Khadejah Jones

3 Lessons From Beyoncé That Explain Why She’s so Successful
She makes good art

Aamir Kamal 🚀🚀🚀

How To Consistently Make $200 A Month On Medium (Passively)
Some strategies that could make money passively on

Marilyn Flower

In Honor of Water
A poem of love and

Anna Klawitter

A Dummies Guide to Making Money on Medium
Tips and Tricks To be Successful on this

Alexandru Vasai

How Jordi Sierra i Fabra Inspired Me to Write
Valuable life lessons from a spectacular interview with a writing

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