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Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

What Am I Missing, Really?
I attempted to design my profile but couldn’t find any

Dew Langrial

Editor’s Choice — Top 10: Well-Written Stories Take Less Time to Read
You must support 10 writers


My Poetry Biography — The Writeyard
Illumination Poetry

Tree Langdon

Infinity Is Minus Time
A Poem and


4 Sectors That Have Boomed During Lockdown
Whilst many businesses struggle some are enjoying record

Patrick M. Ohana

Didn’t Care
A tragic

Omkar Ranveerkar

No Matter How Beautiful
A poem about journey and

Vee Goldman

Every Woman Needs One

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

I Wanna Be a Vice Cop
So I can Date Escorts and Steal Their

The Dozen

Birthdays Are Different in 2020
Let’s celebrate what

Klaus Wagner

After more than hundred years: Does the statutory health insurance make Germany a socialistic…
In Germany almost everyone has a health insurance. In 2019 there were only 143.000 people without a health insurance…

I. Trudie Palmer

It’s Time to Replace Your Rotting Floor Boards
The termites

Emily Jennings

Five Ways Meditation Removed Toxicity From My Life
The love lasts past the opening of the

Dr. Preeti Singh

The Famous Indian Spice Turmeric.
Half a spoon every day keeps the doctor

Caroline de Braganza

Missing My Guitar — an Old Friend I Can No Longer Play
An acrostic poem with no

Aldric Chen

How We Should Think About The Leaders We Love Or Hate?
The sentiment of the people

Markus Scorelius

Dear Dad. I Hope You are Miserable and have a Horrible Christmas
Your only

Dr. Shiza Mumtaz

Royalty In Disguise: Chapter 6
Why are you saying like that? I’m not sick right now you do not have to pretend to love me or care about my

Eshan Samaranayake

Apply the Concept of Return on Investment for Time to Get the Most Out of It
What’s your ROI on how you invest your time? And what’s your time investment strategy?

David Cenicola, M.Ed.

Have a Little Faith
Up, Down, and Across Slopes of Mud and Rock Through a Rainy Forest… A Petition for Christians, and for All, no Matter…

Gal Mux

5 Admirable Qualities In Donald Trump
Well, I know he is not the best example of a human

Biswanath Datta

A Maid’s Tale: Poverty, Kindness and Dignity
Story of a poor maid to whom life was unkind. Yet she was profoundly human, kind, honest, dignified and above all she…

Yousuf Rafi

13 Simple Ways to Control Your Anger & Master Your Emotion
Relax your mind, ease your body, take control of your anger with these simple yet effective anger management

Camille Grady

When We Feel Overwhelmed We Have an Opportunity
More Than One Opportunity

Rose Bak

Your Yawning Makes Me Want to Punch You
Why some people get irrationally angry at minor noises — and what you can do if you are one of

Jessica Lynn

The More a Person Practices Self-awareness the More Attractive They Are
Three skills to work on to be more

Frank Larkin

A Different Kind of Art Gallery
The Meditative Power of Boxcar

Christopher Madsen

The Beggar’s Tale
Part 4 of a Poetic Sestina Story: Ice Cream

Joe Luca

My Poetry Biography — Joe Luca
Illumination Poetry

Jennifer Friebely

My Migraines Led To A Near-Fatal Overdose On Prescription Medicine
Please do not ever make my mistake — a shared

Gurpreet Dhariwal

I Am on ETSY
My ETSY Shop is

Judy J Lutz

Building Your Reservoir of Belief
How to connect with your strength and allow the Universe to support

Jeff Herring

My “Repurposing Rules”​ Secret Weapon
A little thing that makes a huge difference…

Floyd Mori

So Much Loss For A Counterfeit $20 Bill
George Floyd should be remembered as a symbol that racism needs to

Zachary Seda

Beautiful Dream in a Nightmare
Life flashes before your eyes, what would you see?

John Ross

Why Commitment Doesn’t Suck
It’s better than

Terry Trueman

Birthday . . .
“You say it’s yer birthday . . . Hope you have a good one . . .”

Jazz Parks

Uplifting Quotes From The Buddha On Life, Love, And Wisdom
These quotes (if applied) will change your

Ema Dumitru

A Death in Oslo
Poem inspired by the Unsolved Mystery Episode — Jennifer Fairgate’s

Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.

Thankful, this pande
So, because I was alone on Thanksgiving,

David Rudder

A moment of

J.D. Ranade

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back — A Poem in


Trade-Off Between Efficiency And Accuracy In Decision Process
Are you basing your decisions on ease of recall?

Nancy Huang

Unpack Your Brain
How to combat self-defeating thought patterns for


Dear Mom,
A Thanksgiving

Nasar Karim

And then when you’re dead
A poem when about

Emily Wilcox

A World On Fire
A poem about

Annelise Lords

Do You Add to The Solution or The Problem?
A story on the power of

Trista Ainsworth

Your Miracles Can Happen if You Ask
An abundance of good things can come your

Adeola Adeko

The Novice Investor Cheat Sheet
7 Terms You Need to Understand Before You Start

Dr John Rose

Mind in a Rut.
Is There Life After Breakfast?

Tree Langdon

Stop Chasing A Moving Goal Post
Be In the

Dr. Fatima Imam

A Dream

Jack Burt

Here’s Fine

Jazz Parks

Read This If You Want To Be Happy Again
The key to happiness is knowing what to accept and what to let go of. In stoic philosophy, many believe that the path…

Jim McAulay🍁

How To Delete Everything In Python
Everything is a

Valerie King

Why You Haven’t Found “The One” on Tinder
And, what you can do to finally find

Filip Van Roy

Here We Go, Just Another Day In Paradise
If I don’t have Covid by now I will never get

Lori Lamothe

Kirlian Effect
Look at energy’s

Joseph Mills

Not Everyone Needs Help
Some people are just…

Eizza Misa

I Write Because I Have a Voice
I’m here because I want to find

Deena Thomson

Poppies — Chapter 5
Chapter 5 —

Ede Ijjasz

Who takes care of the managers working from home?
There is lots of advice to take care of teams during the pandemic, but how can companies and leaders take care of…

Enne Baker

Drugs and Potions

Terry L. Cooper

Things That I Forgot That I Knew
A series of true stories from my life thus far. (V2)

M. Mollenthiel

Morning — Poem#4
The morning was like any other. It began with an inconsolable urge to wake up. He never quite understood what consists…

Esther George

Stop Draining The Energy Out Of Yourself By Constant Complaining
If it’s not worth making a change, it’s not worth your time

Isaiah McCall

Why Do So Many Love Vaporwave Music?
Vaporwave is Dead, Long Live

Rob Janicke

The Results From My First Colonoscopy Helped Put Some Perspective On Life
We all want good news from our doctors but what do we do when we don’t get the news we’re looking for?

Shankar Narayan

Microsoft is Lonely at The Top
The Transition from Windows is Full and

Fahim Chughtai

6 indicators you are in a toxic relationship
Psychology of toxic


Having Trouble Getting Into Big-Time Publications?
Have No Fear — They Can Find

Marijke McCandless

The Joy of Actully Passing On Awesome and Unusual Customs
Hot and Soup Soup for Thanksgiving

Agnes Laurens

Joshua’s New Home?

The Aspiring Doyen

Why Your Perfectionism is Killing The Team’s Problem Solving Ability
— and no, your “good intentions” don’t absolve

Ivette Cruz

I Will Never Quit
A free-verse

Derek Oxley

Gucci Mane and Jezzy Verzuz Battle
5 Lessons from The 48 Laws of

Cody Collins

Why the NFL Will Soon Play Games Every Night of the Week?
“The NFL owns a day of the week. The same day the Church used to own. Now it’s theirs.” — Dr. Cyril

Lisa Wathen

Writing Roots
The transformative experience of writing by

Jade Scarfone

Can Too Much Positivity Be Toxic?
And why I’ve learnt to embrace all emotions this


Tips for Improving Life During the Pandemic Crisis
Dealing with reduced

Janice Arenofsky

Be Healthy Damn-it!
The magic of three

Lisa Hanson

6 Steps to Connect with Your Purpose and Transform Your Life
Follow this roadmap to turn planning into action and shape your contribution to changing the

Dean Middleburgh

What is a Life Coach?
A guide to what a Life Coach is and what a Life Coach isn’

Roger Himes Esq.

Short Gospel Realities: Snapshot 1
God’s practical gospel: brief, short messages establishing us, elevating us, and enabling us to help others in the same…

Pene Hodge

A View From Up High
Playing with

Christian Soschner

Customer Focus
Three reasons why I love traveling by

Sonam Lama

Take The Long Way, It’s Shorter
Who the hell wants to take the long way? Not me I thought. But taking the long way often gets you to your goal or dream…

Patty Latham

An Early Spring Ride to Chimney Rock National Monument
Visiting the sacred site of Ancient Puebloan culture without the discord of tourist season allows quiet contemplation…

Harry Seitz

How to Be a More Productive Writer
Remember your


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