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Welcome to my blog where I syndicate my stories for your enjoyment.

I write about leadership, technology, self-improvement, life lessons, transformation, science, philosophy, health, mental heal, content development and marketing.

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I am a writer with four decades of experience. My ultimate goal is to delight my readers. My content aims to inform and…

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My Recent Stories Published on News Break

In The End, Life Turns To Be A Dream. I Prefer Pleasant Dreams. | News Break
We all know that we will die one day. Some of us live with this awareness. Some of us afraid of death. My life…

A New Way Of Thinking For Tasting Delicious Novelty | News Break
Photo by Kazi Mizan on Unsplash I earn my life by thinking and taste joy with novelty that I create each day with…

Sugar Was Killing Me But I Found Smart Ways to Beat It | News Break
This is a personal story. I want to share my findings and personal learning. Learning about the detrimental effect of…

How I Trapped Toxins In My Gut And Stopped Bloating Naturally | News Break
Photo by Jacqueline Day on Unsplash Photo by Žygimantas Dukauskas on Unsp One day I heard about a miraculous element…

How I Lost Heaps of Fat, Gained Lean Muscle, Got Happier | News Break
How I Lost Heaps of Fat, Gained Lean Muscle, Got

I Simplified Prominent Adult Learning Theories For You | News Break
I prepared a condensed literature review for adult learners based on my leadership and cognitive science studies so…

The Secret Is Action: How 3 Simple Points Can Get You Started | News Break
I want to share a useful learning construct from my leadership experience, which may be a useful tool for writers. My…

WWhat Real Leaders Don’t Do | News Break
This is a unique leadership and business post coming from mind, heart, and soul. I usually write about what leaders do…

Think Like An Inventor For Your Leadership Growth | News Break
I am a technology leader and an inventor with multiple patents in technology published in the US Patent Office. One of…

Negative Criticism Will Not Kill You But Help You Grow | News Break
Learning how to benefit from negative criticism made me an inventor and a leader. I reveal the secret of using negative…

How to Recognize Distinguished Leaders | News Break
Innovative Leadership is my research interest. I studied prominent traits that attract us to exceptional leaders. I…

Sustain Your Motivation and Produce Like A Boss In These Challenging Times | News Break
Photo by Peter Dlhy on Unsplash In this story, I want to share my personal experience on how I sustained my motivation…

How To Effectively Deal With Anxiety in Difficult Times | News Break
We notice that the level of anxiety is growing globally due to current situations caused by public health concerns. As…

How To Deal With Big Data For Artificial Intelligence? | News Break
An architectural approach and informed perspective to Big Data Management by an expert in the field. Image by Gerd…

How To Be An Ethical Hacker? | News Break
This article unfolds the critical role and responsibilities of Ethical Hackers particularly in Digital Transformation…

Remarkable Leadership Traits for Technology Executives | News Break
Image designed by the author In this story, I want to provide an overview of the key characteristics of excellent…

How Did I Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss? | News Break
Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash Background Many people after substantial weight loss can have difficulty in losing…

Wish I Had My DNA Tests Earlier | News Break
In this story, I want to share key points on my DNA test experience and my personal viewpoints based on several years…

How I Increased My Energy Naturally And Performed Like A Boss | News Break
I am a leader in my field and need substantial energy to perform. Critical awareness for mitochondria health helped me…

Wonders of Dry Sauna | News Break
I am very much into health and fitness for a lifetime. Health, fitness, and wellness are my hobbies. Whenever I come…

Instant Mental Boost With Many Health Benefits for Everyone | News Break
This simple and natural health-hack made a tremendous impact on my success. You too can try and reap the benefits of…

How I Improved My Immunity With Wondorous Epsom Salts | News Break
In this story, I want to share my experience with Epsom Salts which is an incredible substance for posting immunity…

How I Got Fitter, Stronger, and Healthier | News Break
Let me introduce you to my dramatic transformation of my fitness and how I gained excellent health with flexible…

Simple And Powerful Sleep Hacks Based on Experience | News Break
Sleep is essential in our lives, both short term, and long term. It plays a critical role in every aspect of our…

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I’m a writer with three decades of content development experience in business, technology, leadership, and health. I am…

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