Re-Examine Deep Fake Technologies with Firmer Measures

A viewpoint & informed approach to deal with a double-edged sword posing critical risks for individuals & society.

Imagine your friends call you one day for a viral video showing your face, your naked body, including your voice, in a malicious post. You don’t remember posting such a video. And you cannot believe your shocking behavior and the appalling words you say. You pinch yourself thinking it is a nightmare, but you are wide awake and find yourself victimized in cyberspace. Welcome to the deep fake world!

This is not a hypothetical situation anymore as it happened to several people who found themselves as victims in porn sites and popular social media sites. Thus, concerns of deep fake technologies are not trivial matters and certainly require serious considerations and corrective actions.

As deep fake videos use sophisticated artificial intelligence tools and processes, they can be persuasive to experienced journalists, informed consumers, and even to technologists. Therefore, we need to educate all types of consumers, create policies, develop sustainable solutions, and constantly monitor activities to prevent harm from deep fake technologies.

About the Author

I am a technologist, postdoctoral researcher in cognitive science, author of several books, editor of publications, and digital marketing strategist with four decades of industry experience.

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