Stories Selected from ILLUMINATION

Compiled by Dr Mehmet Yildiz – Editor in Chief

Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Vocal vs Medium for Freelancers
A preliminary assessment of Vocal compared to Medium based on recent experience in both

Tree Langdon

Squeegee and Carlybob
Robber Baron Landlords

Phil Truman

Skins Game
From the e-book Skins Game, and other short

Bill Abbate

How a Strong Work Ethic Helps You in Life
“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” — Alexander

Brenda Mahler

Foster Parents are Heroic — Until They Aren’t
Parenting is a commitment not to be taken

Terry L. Cooper

Is Medium bRoKeN?

Bob Jasper

$5 Per Month — A Bargain!
We Get So Much For So

Agnes Laurens

The Mystery Letter: Over The Moon

Britni Pepper

Home Coming
Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Patrick M. Ohana

Our Relationship
Follows a winding

Caroline de Braganza

When Silence Fails to Soothe

Gwen Irwin

Feeling Worried About the Future?
Try becoming curious

Emmanuel Yerumoh

The conflict in your soul is man-made
But Its Also A Sign That What You Truly Want to Achieve Is

Vivek Naskar

Life Hack To Stop Apologizing
A simple trick that will change your life

Terry Trueman

Exits and Entrances, not an apology exactly, but . . .
When an artist friend talking to me about her work suggests that, “There’s always an exit in my work . . . a place to…

Keith R Wilson

The Weather-Beaten Man in a Cowboy Hat Aspires to be the Town Drunk
But he does get appointed as this year’s

Robert Bacal

The Best Reason To Go To University…
…and it’s not about the future

Joanna Myles

Don’t Let Problem Solving Get in The Way
Because who doesn’t want fewer problems?

Clément Bourcart

How To Make Habits Stick In 3 Simple Steps
Taking up a new habit is one thing. Making it stick is

Floyd Mori

People Vote For Party Affiliation And Not For Qualifications
Maybe people should study the candidates

David Rudder

Ebbs and Flows
Signatures written in the

Trista Ainsworth

Fits of Laughter from a Box of Cereal
A mysterious flavor from a land far

Kemi Bateye

A Tree’s Message
Musings of Mother Earth amidst the COVID-19

Lady Foxx

Things I Need To Do
And So Do You!

Geetika Sethi

Hey Homey!
Happy living in the heart, where all

Matan Valdman

The question is not where, or how, but when
Millennials vs Generation X — Different fans, and not in a bad

Father Matt

How to Capitalize as an Entrepreneur on the Future Economy
The Future of Learning Has

Dr. Alessandro Crimi

Bacteria producing energy… also from your guts
Harnessing the electricity produced by (even yours)

Deepak Sethi

Eternal Love in Heaven and Earth.
True love transcends all the

Yousuf Rafi

5 Things I’ve learned surviving the Tough times of my life
Don’t let these tough times stop you from achieving your grand

Aristoteles Finda

Should You Forgive a Betrayal?
The right attitude to have when your spouse cheats on

Boateng Sekyere

80% of Your Writing Success Could Rest on These 5 Golden Keys
Stop wasting time on the other

Aurellia T. Elisha

Too Much of These 3 Remarkable Traits Might Leave You Charmless
In a social

Josh “υя_ωιѕємαη* “ Lessie

Give Me Time
Poem About

Michael Patanella

When Loved Ones Are Depressed
We can often feel the struggle when a family member or good friend is suffering with mental health diseases like Major…

Vishnu*s Virtues

The Best Part About Trump Losing
Although we are not quite there yet, we are getting

Brian Feutz

Stop Telling Me How to Make Money Writing
The road to help is paved with good intentions, but some things are more valuable than

Aldric Chen

Is It Possible To Write For The Big Money?
Why not? With

Jim McAulay🍁

Why I Like To Play E3
As an opening move in

Harry Seitz

I’m Cursed
Just like the rest of

Larry Nowicki

Just thinking about it makes it

Shekhar Dewan

Live Your Best Life — Without Being the Best at Everything
The easy way to

Harry Hogg

The Smell of Seaweed
A visit to the

John Emmerling

Still Planning Your Big Thanksgiving Dinner? Please Rethink
Covid-19 is a runaway

Shakthi and Sanjay

I’m 13-Year-Old — And Here Is Why I Started Writing On Medium
Even though most kids my age are playing


Learning From Creatures, Written by Illumination and Illumination-Curated Writers
Some Surprising

Rachele Alvarado

How to Be Outstanding on LinkedIn With This Feature
Learn how to stand out from the

Joanne Troppello🌻👑

Be a Creator
Don’t Waste

Devin Arrigo

Perfectionism is Killing Your Progress
A poem about letting go of your

Erik Ruof

How John Lennon Writes A Song Versus How Elton John Does It
What comes first: the music or the lyrics?

Terry Mansfield

Deepest Secrets
Some secrets are meant to be left

Ryan Porter

Start Your Side-Hustle as Soon as Possible
The longer you wait, the longer it’ll be until you reach your

Naf Beltran

Medium Is a Social Media Platform

Jacopo Pagni, MSc.

Back to the Future: the calm leadership of Doc Emmett Brown
What Doc can teach all of

Ojita Mishra

Making the Big Switch
I’m pretty sure, you all must have felt the heat and that societal pressure of being in trend with the latest…

Giorgos Pantsios

9 Tips From a Beginner for Beginners on Medium.
Ruling out those meaningless

Danell teNyenhuis Black

Don’t Delay, Get A Bidet!
Who knew it would be my favorite wedding gift?

Manas Bhardwaj

3 Marketing Lessons to 10X Boost Your Website Conversion Rate
Shocking outcomes from eye-tracking

Agnes Laurens

Joshua And The Leaves

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Interview with Jith
Featuring creative writers of

Aiyanah Rose

One Human Race
We Are All the

Dr. Preeti Singh

The Peacock is a Proud Champion
The beauty of the

Desiree Driesenaar

The Witch Hunt Is On Again
Can we please understand Illumination and show some compassion for a change?


One Day

Ivette Cruz

I Did My Best

René Junge

Use This One Superpower to Change Your Life
Ignore your mood for just one day, and you will see what is

Gary McBrine

How to Be a Great Writer — Learn from Great Musicians
It’s a remarkably similar

Clément Bourcart

Feeling Stuck? All You Need Is This One Decision To Move Forward
A simple choice made today can take you far into the

Vee Goldman

“You Have A Private Note”
Read and


Looking for My Bundle of Joy

Vicky Prokopi

The lessons I learned from miss-behaving my love interests
I always considered myself a good pal. I still am I believe; However, there were some scratches on my innocence wall…

Nasar Karim

The Land of Towers and Reflections
A poem about

Khadejah Jones

Nothing to Write About
The frustration of no

Haimish Mead

No pearls — Just fish ’n’ chips
How lockdown gave us the opportunity to re-connect and appreciate everything we

Kevin Alexander

We Need to Talk
We’ve given a lot of oxygen to our differences

Randy Wolken

Who’s Really On Your Team?
Your team could be much bigger, or small, than you

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