A Modern Enterprise Architecture Approach - Chapter 1

This chapter covers the fundamentals of enterprise architecture. In any business venture, fundamentals must be met first so that further progress goes on. For this reason, I start with the definition of enterprise architecture within the modernization context and introduce the fundamental techniques to deal with enterprise complexity. In consecutive chapters, as another fundamental aspect, […]


Deep Neural Network for cancer Research

Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases causing suffering and mortality to millions of people globally. While humanity finds reasonable solutions for other diseases, minimal improvement has been achieved on cancer. Yet, many scientists work hard on finding solutions. When you check, you may come across over four million papers related to cancer. […]


Why To Join Technology Hits

Value Propositions Technology Hits brings many values to tech storytellers and readers. It is synergistic and has a pragmatic approach. Besides, as a technology consultant, I enjoy curating articles from this publication and sharing them with tech readers in my circles. This is not a fussy publication. We don’t reject articles for trivial reasons. As […]