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In this post, I share my selected 100 articles published on Vocal Media.

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Design Thinking for Writers

10 Critical Leadership Traits

Amplify Your Vocal Stories In a Quora Space

Critical Traits of Distinguished Leaders

How to Become an Ethical Hacker

How Did I Get Rid of Loose Skin?

Digital Twins

A Technical Overview of Internet of Things (IoT)

How I Thrived With Simple Hacks

Dealing With Anxiety At Difficult Times

Sustain Your Motivation

How Did I Become Fitter, Stronger, and Healthier

What Do Followers Expect from Leaders?

How to Benefit of Negative Criticism

What I learned from DNA Tests

Share Your Vocal Stories on a LinkedIn Group

What Can A $1 Tip Do To A Writer?

Technical Overview of Blockchain

Energy for High Performers

Why Epsom Salts Are Magical?

Why Should You Walk Barefoot?

What Is Business Architecture?

Why Every Writer Needs A Bio

Robotics Process Automation

How To Sleep Better

How To Sleep Better

An Inventor’s Perspective to Leadership Growth

Big Data Lifecycle Management

What is Edge Computing?

My Initial Perspectives to News Break

How I Reduced My Abdominal Fat

How To Write Viral Stories in 7 Steps

9 Tips To Make Mitochondria Denser

Why Cross-Pollination Is Important At Work

I Was Thrown Out of An Airbnb House

How To Prevent Gum Disease With A Simple Hack

How Did I Free From Arthritis?

How I Fixed Severe Brain Fog

I Used To Feel Lonely; It Was Unbearable

Calories Don’t Determine Fat Loss

Digital Intelligence

How To Trick Brain To Stop Smoking

Dear Mehmet, I’m Stuck. Please Help.

Life Is C Between B And D

TikTok Concerned Me

A 73 Year Old Man Like A Teenager

Staying Fit While Travelling

How To Make A Six-Figure Income From Blogging and Writing

How To Turn Off Hunger Switch

10 Critical Tips To Unfold Digital Intelligence

What Does Digitally Intelligent Mean?

Reviewing Inflammation From Different Angles

Why Designs And Specifications Require Diligent Simplicity in Digital Ventures

Smart Simplification For Business And Market Competition

Effective Use of Innovative And Inventive Thinking For Digital Ventures

3 Productive And Creative Tools For Mental Fitness

A Simplified Guide To Big Data Lifecycle Management

Hormones Can Cause Fat Gain

How To Orchestrate Your Life For Success And Satisfaction

Emotional Stress In Energy Deficiency

Imagine How It Feels To Be Black Or Brown In A White Country

Revealing Mystery Behind Affiliate Marketing

Principles and Influence For Inspiring Leaders

Content Platforms Started Rewarding Creators

How Can We Deal With Ransomware Effectively And Prevent Them From Occurring?

Why Such A Great Interest In Business Partnerships And Digital Affiliates

What Does It Take To Live Above And Beyond?

The Power of Digital Affiliate Marketing — Chapter 1

What Do You Mean By Agile? Is it A Thing?

The Power of Digital Affiliate Marketing — Chapter 2

Cost-Effectiveness For High-Performance IoT Solutions

Impact of Hidden IoT Data On Performance of Digital Venture Production Systems

The Power of Digital Affiliate Marketing — Chapter 3

The Power of Digital Affiliate Marketing -Chapter 4

IoT Professionals

The Power of Digital Affiliate Marketing -Chapter 5

The Power of Digital Affiliate Marketing — Chapter 6

What NFTs Mean To Artists

Big Time Might Be Bigger Than What NFT Gamers Can Imagine

On the Cusp of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution — Preface

On the Cusp of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution — Chapter 1

Why Fat Loss Has Nothing to Do With Calories

Losing 30 Pounds of Fat in Six Months

On the Cusp of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution — Chapter 3

On the Cusp of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution — Chapter 2

On the Cusp of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution -Chapter 4

Quantum Computing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence

The Interdisciplinary Aspects of Transhumanism

Mastering Pattern Interruption & Brain Stimulation for Mental Health

Thoughts and Feelings After Janine’s Departure of the Earth

Tech Shocks within Economic Disruption Context

Why Artificial Super-Intelligence Concerns Me

A Noteworthy Fiction Contest on Vocal Media — $125,000 Prizes

My Stolen Car with Laptop and Passport Taught Me Valuable Lessons

Ending Dislike Attacks on YouTube

Quick Tips to Initiate Autophagy

How I Replaced Envy with Admiration

How I Defeated Fatigue

How I Melted My Chronic Stress

How to Manifest Dreams Leveraging Reticular Activating System

Talking to Myself Was Not Crazy

How to Become Resilient for a Meaningful Life

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I am a technologist, postdoctoral researcher, author of several books, editor, and digital marketing strategist with four decades of industry experience.

I write articles on Medium, NewsBreak, and Vocal Media. On Medium, I established ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’ S MIRROR, ILLUMINATION Book Chapters, Technology Hits, SYNERGY, and Readers Hope publications supporting 12,800+ writers on Medium. You can join my publications requesting access here. You may subscribe to my account to be notified when I post on Medium. I share my health and well-being stories in my publication, Euphoria.

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