Top 50 Digital Influencers You can Follow on Twitter

By Dr Mehmet Yildiz

I discussed the set of criteria and the tracking mechanism to select digital influencers in an article titled “Top 50 Selected Digital Influencers in 2019” on Medium. The article received a good exposure from the community. Some of my contacts requested information on how to connect with these digital influencers on Twitter.

To make it easy to follow these influential leaders in digital transformation domain, I am attaching the details in a table format for you.

Why should we follow and connect with influential leaders?

These influential leaders have sizable network, share valuable insights on industry trends in their expertise fields, and vast array of resources that you can leverage from their posts, articles, and other content they share in the social media. I noticed that some of these leaders are actively participating in Linkedin and Medium platforms demonstrating vision, innovation, and fusion.

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